Jaguars re-issue statement on Chris Doyle, adding Trent Baalke’s name


The Jaguars are rattled.

In the ultimate Friday-night news dump, the Jaguars issued at statement after 11:00 p.m. ET on Friday announcing the resignation of Chris Doyle, the team’s director of sports performance (for a day). The email from the Jaguars announced that it was a “statement from Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer.”

The Jaguars re-issued the statement on Saturday morning. The Jaguars re-issued the statement because, as explained in the email re-issuing the statement, the first version “inadvertently” omitted the game of Jaguars G.M. Trent Baalke.

So the exact same statement has been issued again this morning, with this title: “Statement from Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer and General Manager Trent Baalke.”

Why bother with that at this point? The email re-introduced an embarrassing subject in the light of day, and it creates the impression (frankly) that Meyer was bothered by the perception that he alone was taking the heat for hiring Doyle.

On Thursday, Meyer said that he, Baalke, and owner Shad Khan were involved in the vetting and hiring of Doyle. (Maybe Khan’s name also was “inadvertently” omitted from the statement. Or maybe it wasn’t.) Thus, the re-issuance creates the impression that Meyer doesn’t want these first-month misadventures to attach only to him.

Given Baalke’s shattered relationship with coach Jim Harbaugh when they worked together in San Francisco, it also bears watching whether the honeymoon between Meyer and his hand-picked G.M. already has ended.

15 responses to “Jaguars re-issue statement on Chris Doyle, adding Trent Baalke’s name

  1. When the head coach brings you in as a GM, maybe your just his puppet.
    Controversy always follows Meyer wherever he goes.

  2. I bet Khan is twirling those handlebar stashes like crazy this morning, thinking, “Oh oh, #@$!”

  3. Baalke is a horrible GM and a lousy person. I have no idea why he would ever get another chance. Niners fans know this all too well. Get rid of Baalke now.

  4. You know what? If you’re too stupid to leave your racism at home, you don’t deserve a gig making nearly 7 figures. And if you support a guy playing the Big Man by treating kids like crap, you need to re-examine your life.

  5. As a Niners fan, and a guy who despises the corruption and coddling in college football, I am going to sit back a watch with pleasure as this whole thing implodes. Terrible GM and terrible human being of a coach. They deserve each other. That said, I fell a bit bad for the players; some of them probably deserve better.

  6. Just a continuation of the “Meyer sleaze” syndrome. But no surprise. All one has to do is look at what transpired in Florida. Good luck, Jags. Urbie is off to a wonderful start… NOT!

  7. Seems that the vetting was not “the best of the best” although from Meyer’s perspective and comments, he was vetted, well vetted and it would seem that their vetting process lead them to the conclusion that the vetting was good. Sounds like ol Urb has a good handle on things. Good luck Jags fans.

  8. I’m glad I’m not a Houston fan or a Jacksonville fan. Seeing how poorly these teams are run boggles the mind. Pay me a couple hundred grand, I could make better decisions, so could all of us.

  9. I Just Wanna know where all the ” Fritz Pollard Alliance has ZERO POWER ” posts are Now??? Looks like the ” Ole Boy Network ” TOOK AN L !!!

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