Mets invite Tim Tebow to spring training

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Some have wondered whether Urban Meyer’s arrival in the NFL could prompt a return by Tim Tebow to pro football. Instead, the 33-year-old former quarterback is still pursuing his baseball dreams.

The New York Mets have announced the Tebow has been invited to spring training.

Tebow spent 2020 in the Arizona Fall League. In 2019, he batted .163 for Syracuse of the AAA International League.

There may not be great baseball reasons for continuing the flirtation with Tebow, but there are very good business reasons. He attracts interest. He moves merchandise. And if he ever makes it to the MLB roster, he’ll sell tickets.

Tebow, to his credit, isn’t giving up on his desire to play baseball. Even though he surely knows that his persona has enhanced an opportunity that his raw talent alone would be hard to justify, he continuously tries to get the absolute most out of the skills he has been given. It’s hard not to respect that level of effort and desire.

33 responses to “Mets invite Tim Tebow to spring training

  1. So tired of hearing about a guy chasing a dream that has no relevance to football. It’s no longer inspiring, it’s just a hobby…

  2. To quote Clint Eastwood: “A man needs to know his limitations”. Tebow needs to realize he’s not skilled enough to be a legitimate big league baseball player. It’s just not going to happen. He could be promoted solely for PR reasons, but surely he wouldn’t want to take a major league roster spot without earning it on the field.

  3. Hard not to love a guy who doesn’t play the victim when he’s benched in the NFL and actually works hard to keep pursuing other dreams.

  4. In spite of all the “Tebow hate.” I’m not a fan btw. But, how many of us if given the chance because of ANY reason. Wouldn’t keep (trying) playing baseball for money if given the chance? Yes, he isn’t very good but all of us would keep playing till told not to.

  5. He doesn’t need the money and doesn’t need to get his body destroyed playing football. Why not play baseball if they’ll let him? It’s not great money but I bet it’s a lot more fun and a lot less painful at the end of the day.

  6. Well, he’s only 33. If he doesn’t make it in baseball, he’s still got 10 good years of football in him.

  7. Tim isn’t the problem. There’s nothing wrong with him pursuing his baseball dream.

    The problem is the sycophants who worship him.

  8. By all accounts Tebow is a great guy, just didn’t have the tools to be an NFL quarterback. Always thought that someone along the way should have tried to convert him to linebacker.

  9. I was rooting him for him a few years ago. But man Tim you gotta swallow your pride sometimes, if you couldn’t keep the QB job you should have been a TE or whatever they wanted to try you at. This man could have been the original Taysom Hill but better. He’d probably have been a huge playmaker on a contender if he checked his ego. Especially in his time with the Patriots, imagine Brady to Tebow redzone TDs lol.

  10. He is taking the spot of a more deserving prospect, Tebow always about himself. Self righteous clown

  11. Why not invite diehard Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld as well while we’re at it? Same logic- not about improving the team- all about merchandise and media attention. His post game press conferences could feature some “What’s the deal with the infield fly rule” type gems.

  12. Probably 3/4 of the people hating on him have motivational gym stuff on their phone that talks about never giving up, not listening to haters, believing in yourself, etc.

  13. he’s clown supreme…33 years old, batting .168 after all these years, all he is is a fading name, kids 18 and under have no clue who he is and here he is taking a AAA spot from someone who actually deserves it…pathetic

  14. The hatred for this guy never fails to astound me.
    With all the mush mouthed, bragging, loud mouthed urban gangster, woman abusing, self promoting idiots in the NFL that you same morons idolize… A guy who spends his money building an organization that fights human trafficking is who you call “self righteous”

    Guess I can tell where your values lay…

  15. A guy who hits .163 in the minors is not going to get better if he ever plays in the majors. I am not hating him, I am just not going to act like something great is happening here. He reached his peak in college sports, just like some people peak in high school. He is not a good pro athlete.

  16. Still making a living playing the game he loves. Its not his fault there are people who obsess over his College career. Dude probably just wants to be left alone.

  17. Arguably the GOAT college QB, 1st round pick, winning record as NFL starter, won a playoff game, earned a promotion to AAA by playing relatively well in the minors, not to mention he’s a strong man of faith. I’d say he’s lived a life most of us (including bloggers) can only dream of, regardless of if he makes the MLB or not.

  18. Pretty obvious the spring training invite is merely to sell tix in the Grapefruit League to the retired diehard fans that think Tebow walks on water.

  19. I really wish that Tebow had made it in the NFL. If nothing else,things were always interesting when he was there.

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