NFL veteran Chris Hogan going back to lacrosse

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
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During his career as an NFL wide receiver, fans watching games on TV were often reminded that Chris Hogan had been a lacrosse player — not a football player — at Penn State. Now Hogan is becoming a lacrosse player again.

Hogan has declared for the Premier Lacrosse League draft, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The decision to play lacrosse again may be a result of a realization that at age 33, he’s out of NFL chances. Last year he played for the Jets until a sprained ankle in October. He was waived from injured reserve in December and has been a free agent since.

After finishing his lacrosse career at Penn State, Hogan played one season of football at Monmouth in New Jersey and did well enough to sign with the 49ers as an undrafted free agent in 2011. He then spent time with the Giants and Dolphins before breaking out with the Bills in 2012. He signed with the Patriots in 2016 and won two Super Bowl rings before finishing his career with the Panthers in 2019 and the Jets in 2020.

21 responses to “NFL veteran Chris Hogan going back to lacrosse

  1. Made his money, now go have some fun. He will find out a lot of lacrosse players have day jobs.

  2. Hogan’s story is a good one. Was arguably the top receiver in N.J. as a HS senior at Chris Simms’s alma mater but was under-recruited by D1 colleges. Supposedly Rutgers came in with a late offer just around signing day but he decided to stick with his commitment to LAX at Penn State. Great job, and nice career 7-11 when no one thought it possible

  3. There is always time in life to pursue your passions. Hope Chris has a good run playing the game that is his first love.

  4. Playing for the Jets will make you think it’s fun to get hit in the head with lacrosse sticks.

  5. Never heard of him with the Dolphins, Loved him with the Bills, HATED him with the Patriots, didn’t care about him with the Jets!

  6. Hogan made 1 ridiculous 1 handed catch on a 3rd and 7 in the ’18 afc chip. I think the pats were down at that time

  7. Pretty damn good football career for a lacrosse player.

    There are bunch of first round picks who played college football and never saw the playoffs or a tenure that long.

    God bless him!

  8. Tough player loved him with the Pats. The last year with them he seemed to have lost a step and the ability to get separation much. Glad he hung on a little long. Made several million dollars in the NFL should be set for life.

    Now he can afford to have fun as a lacrosse player and will go into that league as a 2x NFL champion. I expect he’ll be a big inspiration to those around him

  9. nice little career two rings some loot and now go play some lacrosse…surprised they’re playing tho as NLL has cancelled their season

  10. February 13, 2021 at 3:02 pm
    Tom Brady won 2 Super Bowls with this guy as his WR. GO

    Lol is that how we spin this? This guy was a bit player at best most seasons who happened to be on two super bowl winners. Other than 1 great game, if he didn’t have the lax story, this guy would have been a nobody.

  11. I played “pro lax” for 6 years. Let’s be honest, there is no pro league. The guys there are great athletes and play got the love of the game…. nothing else. Good fir you Chris! Go have fun and play what you love, I wouldn’t want to D you up!!

  12. I’m sure he will make huge money playing lacrosse, said no one ever. Chris, you can always get a day job like the rest of us.

  13. Two rings and 16 million is a pretty good haul. Now he gets to hang out with Paul Rabil and see what he can make of America’s fastest growing sport.

  14. zeke2517 says:
    February 13, 2021 at 9:43 pm
    People are just zany for lacrosse.
    Lacrosse is a great game, officiated for over 20 years until the politics and dishonesty finally got to me.

  15. stuck in the league 10 years. amazing career. thanks for all the clutch play in NE! No one can take those rings.

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