Stefon Diggs to J.J. Watt: Just hear me out big fella

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Wide receiver Stefon Diggs made the move to Buffalo last offseason and it paid off with the biggest season of his career.

It also paid off with the best Bills season in decades. They still fell short of a trip to the Super Bowl, however, and Diggs would like to see the Bills make another splash this offseason as they try to take that final step.

The player that Diggs has in mind is defensive end J.J. Watt. Watt was released by the Texans on Friday and Diggs shot a tweet to the three-time defensive player of the year asking him to “just hear me out real quick big fella.”

A report indicated that the Bills have made more formal overtures to Watt as well. They aren’t the only team that has done so and the others likely have players willing to make similar pitches to the one Diggs would make about coming to Buffalo.

26 responses to “Stefon Diggs to J.J. Watt: Just hear me out big fella

  1. We, the Buffalo Bills delegation; select J.J Watt.

    If he is looking for a team that can go deep in the playoffs, he will be a starter for and a team that will work hard and have fun while doing it; I give you the Buffalo Bills.

    Addison, Butler, Murphy and Jefferson did not make the case for being on the Bills roster in 2021 at their current salary. We can get out of all those deals with little dead cap.

    The D line is missing that dog energy that was lost with Phillips. Hughes is great but he needs help, lining Watt up opposite him would be stellar.

    The Buffalo Bills need J.J. Watt more than any contending team in the NFL, we lack a vocal leader.

    Our front seven is soft, Milano is too expensive to keep and Edmunds has shown terrible instincts and looked completely lost against the Chiefs.

    Whatever we pay Watt to even be a sideline presence will be worth the price tag.

    In the absence of Kyle Williams, Lorenzo Alexander and Jordan Phillips we have no true leader on the front seven.

  2. Keep pushing Stephon. People outside of Buffalo don’t realize how special it is to play in front of Bills fans and now with the talent on the field to contend.

  3. The only better “feel good” story than three brothers on the same team would be those same three brothers on their hometown team. I don’t see that happening but oh what a story ‘twould be.

  4. Buffalo is right about where Green Bay was way back in the day when they acquired are agent Reggie White. Reggie was the missing link that put them over the top. J.J. wouldn’t have to come in and be Reggie White. The game has changed. He just needs to be on the field in critical passing situations. That’s where games are won and lost in today’s game. Sometimes players are the worst talent evaluators. In this case, Stefon Diggs knows what he’s talking about.

  5. watt is an injury bug walking irl. ditto odell. these guys are FINISHED. but they should cash in on large NFL checks. i certainly would. “give me mine’s”

  6. Diggs knows a thing or two about getting away from a poverty franchise to try to win championships somewhere else.

  7. Watt would be superb in a rotation… he isn’t going to withstand every down anymore. But I’m sure he can still be a disruption for some team. I for one would like to see him join KC and be in rotation or situational downs.

  8. JJ Watt 3-5 years ago yes. This Watt, no. You can find somebody for far less that can play every down and get you 6 sacks.

  9. grant35 says:

    February 14, 2021 at 8:17 am

    Diggs s/b petitioning for a new RB. Their RB room is among the worst in the NFL.
    That’s not true. They werent very successful running the ball but that has less to do with their rbs than it does with them not consistently trying to run the ball.

  10. Diggs will remain happy IF he gets his. His catches. His yards. His money. That’s it. Diggs wouldn’t give up any of those things for a SB.

  11. Wonder what is being said deep in the sub terrainian offices at Lambeau. If I was him, I’d go for a super bowl ring first, brothers second, GB third.

  12. JJ has made $100 million, he should take a pay cut and go to a good team for a year and try to get a super bowl ring.

  13. Bills are the jaguars of 2017, one fluke playoff run and they will fade back into the abyss. The Colts completely dominated the bills and should have won. If watt wants to win , he will go to Indianapolis.

  14. Bills better win it all this year because after they break the bank for Josh Allen, their window is closed.

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