$10 million salary may get Jamison Crowder cut by the Jets

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Jamison Crowder was the Jets’ leading receiver last season, but that doesn’t guarantee his job is safe.

Crowder is owed a $10 million base salary for 2021, and Rich Cimini of ESPN writes that Crowder’s non-guaranteed salary makes him vulnerable to getting cut.

Although Crowder’s 59 catches for 699 yards and six touchdowns were all team highs last season, the Jets will obviously want their offense to look a lot better this year than it looked last year. A complete revamp of the offense may include sending Crowder packing.

The Jets are near the top of the league in available cap space, so they don’t have to cut Crowder, but if they don’t think his level of production in this year’s offense is going to merit his eight-figure salary, he could be on the way out.

38 responses to “$10 million salary may get Jamison Crowder cut by the Jets

  1. This is just another case of the Jets being the Jets. You have a great cap situation, comparatively. You have one true playmaker, Crowder, under contract for a reasonable number. I understand they are in rebuild mode, but why throw away your only consistent contributor? Make very little sense…

  2. This is only the beginning, A lot of cuts coming this year. Salary cap reduction will really make it an interesting off-season.

  3. something tells me that 59 catches for 700 yards will turn into 85 catches and 1000 yards with an actual nfl team.and what do the jets tell their remaining fans about cutting their best offensive player?

  4. When we’re not willing to pay our top offensivePlayer $10 millionWhat kind of message does that send to anyone who is a free agent you have to be kidding me how freaking cheap are we going to be

  5. Just speculation on Rich’s part. I think it would be a huge mistake, and I think they will retain him, perhaps work out a new deal with an extension that is more cap friendly if needed. He’s a good dude and a heckuva good player, something we don’t have in abundance.

  6. Is Jamison gets cut by the Jets, the Lions should move to get him immediately. They need major help at the WR position.

  7. They only cut him if they are tanking for a draft pick this year, but Saleh does not seem that type of a coach.

  8. Why would you overpay someone so badly with one of the years needing this kind of a payout?? They are so dumb.

  9. Crowder’s never going to get 1K+ yards, but he’s good at scoring tds…very expensive #2 or 3 WR forced to play as a #1. It’d be best for him to get cut and get playing time somewhere else, anywhere else

  10. He missed 4 games due to injury and was on pace for about 1000 yards in this offense. I don’t see how he’s not worth 10 mil in a new offense

  11. You don’t get rid of good players, you collect good players. Especially when you don’t have any cap restrictions. Crowder will stay a Jet.

  12. Maybe they wanna cut him because they wanna get a bigger name receiver or the have their eyes on a few good players that’s gonna cost them

  13. But I thought when you had a quarterback on his rookie deal you could build a quality team around them.

  14. If you’re drafting a rookie and plan on starting him, you should probably give him all the help you can. I think they’re better off overpaying him this year.

  15. there are going to be so many cap casualties this spring that Joe Douglas has just sit tight and really players at really good prices will fall into his lap

  16. Up to new coaching staff to figure out who fits what they plan to do. Crowder can play – and will land on his feet somewhere.

  17. For those who think that the Jets should give up on Darmold. Who does he have to help him? If Crowder is the top receiver, then the list of assets is pretty empty. The Jets have drafted poorly and the team is devoid of talent.

  18. timetolisten says:
    February 15, 2021 at 11:01 am
    Didn’t Robert Saleh say he was going to make sure his player’s get paid?

    All just lip-service because when it comes right down to it that’s the GMs job to determine who and how much to pay any player, yes the HC might have a little input but that’s all.

  19. The players had all get use to pay cuts. With the ongoing salary cap reductions these guys better understand that playing a game should be worth what a normal every day worker gets.

  20. 3 choices, will rank in my preference
    1) extend through 2023 for $25 mil total cost for 2021-2023, with 12 guaranteed
    2) cut
    a very distant

    3) keep for 2021 at current deal

  21. First off who signed this dude for 10mil? Secondly he is still in the league? A 2WR at very best. Nobody gonna trade for him at that price. Cutski

  22. You could pay a guy one third that salary and still have the QB miss him so I get where they are coming from.

  23. Joe Douglass regretted not resigning Robbie Anderson. Let’s see if he learned anything, or he rinses and repeats.

  24. Basic economics. Supply and demand. Elite QB’s are very rare, and you have no chance to win without one. They make the most money. They’re number one on the list. WR’s are at the opposite end of the list. They’re the most plentiful. Many elite WR’s never got to a super bowl, but many average WR’s are wearing super bowl rings. You can literally win with WR’s you sign off the street.

  25. A consistent veteran slot receiver that’s capable of catching 60-700-5 a season is exactly what the Jets need if they draft a QB. Crowder has been a solid WR everywhere he’s played and letting him walk would be the most Jets thing to do. Keep Crowder and sign a free agent WR.

  26. Crowder is really just a product of volume, hes not fast, small, and not deserving of 10M

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