Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested, charged with misdemeanor assault

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Former NFL cornerback Adam Jones has run into more legal trouble.

WCPO reports that court documents show that Jones was arrested early on Monday morning in Hamilton County, Ohio. He is accused of punching and kicking another person in the head until they were unconscious.

He is charged with misdemeanor assault and will appear in front of a judge on Monday.

Jones retired in 2019 after wrapping up his NFL career with the Broncos in 2018. He was arrested at an Indiana casino earlier that year and had many other off-field incidents that resulted in legal problems over the course of his career. The most notable was his involvement in a shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club in 2007 that led to a no contest plea on disorderly conduct charges and a civil judgment that called for Jones to pay more than $11 million to victims of the shooting.

16 responses to “Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested, charged with misdemeanor assault

  1. To be fair, I haven’t kept up with all of Pacman’s episodes throughout the years, but it seems odd that the idiot isn’t behind bars.

  2. He’s gotta be close to 40 years old by now? What is that old man doing getting into fisticuffs on the regular? This isn’t going to end well for Pac Man one of these times.

  3. I am proud to be from Cincinnati and normally really like hearing when a former athlete settles down here after their career, but if Pacman wants to leave I’ll happily help him pack his bags. Cincinnati will be safer when he’s gone.

  4. Remember the old PFT “countdown since last arrest tracker”? You could have had one of this just for Pacman Jones.

  5. One of these days Pacman is going to mess with the wrong person and that will be the end of stories about Pacman assaulting people.

  6. Kicking someone in the head until they’re unconscious is a misdemeanor? Ohio needs to update their penal code.

  7. Let’s ask the victim — when/if he regains consciousness and didn’t sustain too much brain damage — if this should be considered a misdemeanor.

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