Cal McNair’s cites “misinformation” regarding Deshaun Watson, without identifying it

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Curiously, the departure of J.J. Watt from the Texans didn’t include a press conference. Watt presumably didn’t want one.

Instead, owner Cal McNair called several members of the media and, by all appearances, read from talking points or note cards regarding the decision to release Watt — and the decision (for now) to keep Deshaun Watson.

The reporters, as best we can tell, who received a Cal call include Peter King of NBC Sports, Adam Schefter of, Ian Rapoport of the NFL, Albert Breer of, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, and Aaron Reiss of

McNair’s message to most if not all of the reporters included that “there’s been a lot of misinformation” regarding Watson, and that McNair expects Watson to be a member of the Texans.

So what’s the misinformation? All we know for now is that Watson has asked to be traded, that Watson has stiff-armed all efforts to contact him, that G.M. Nick Caserio did not draw a line in the sand when addressing the situation during the press conference introducing coach David Culley, and that the Texans have since been trying to create the impression that there is a line in the sand.

Again, what’s the misinformation? Why not say so? Why not correct the record instead of clumsily painting with a broad brush that someone has gotten the overall picture wrong?

The fact that McNair essentially had a loose script for his various phone calls reminded me of McNair’s July 2019 radio interview, which prompted a host on the Texans’ flagship station to criticize McNair for reading business cliches from a prepared text.

“Did anybody understand a word Cal McNair just said?” Matt Jareck said at the time. “I had to listen to this thing 20 times in a row to figure out what he meant. . . And, by the way, you can tell he’s reading this thing off a note card. . . . It’s classic P.R. . . . String together a statement that means nothing.”

It sounds like there was even more P.R. on display three days ago, as McNair tried to put a bow on the Watt era while toeing the party line regarding Watson.

To summarize, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, the Texans aren’t telling anyone what it is, and they expect Watson to continue to be a member of the Texans.

Here’s what I expect: The Texans will continue to display moving forward the same dysfunction that brought them to the point where their franchise quarterback wants out. If I’m wrong about that, just give me a call, Cal.

12 responses to “Cal McNair’s cites “misinformation” regarding Deshaun Watson, without identifying it

  1. Sure is going to be interesting to watch this play out. I’m familiar with rich kids who know nothing about football owning a team. I am interested in Watson if the price isn’t exorbitant. I would be ok with Darnold and three ones, or two ones and two two’s, something like that.

  2. I’m guessing its some hair splitting detail. Like, Watson didn’t “demand” a trade, he “asked” for one and implied (but didn’t directly state) he’d miss some mandatory off season work if he isn’t traded.

  3. The Houston media just blames everything on Easterby including the winter storm. By the way, when the GM said “we have no interest in trading the player” that is a line in the sand. You can’t read anything into that. They are not accepting calls from other teams.

  4. Not sure who the biggest nitwit is – Cal or Urban. Regardless, neither team has a future until the owners cede football decisions to people who actually know what they are doing.

  5. “Misinformation” is just a buzzword for information that you don’t like or don’t agree with. People saying something is misinformation rarely explain why.

  6. Imagine how much this constant media barrage is affecting the Texans off season? At some point outside sources become just as responsible for the organization failing as some of the people on the inside are. I wouldn’t want to play on a team the media obsessed over either.

  7. Wow. The hot mess that is the Texans just continues to get worse.

    The Texans are doomed until McNair and Easterby are gone. They act so unprofessionally. Instead of preparing for the media, it sounds like they just got together for 5 minutes and jotted some nonsense on cards, hoping to snow the media. THey would have been better off saying nothing.

  8. Perhaps one might have received a call , if one’s agenda was sports related and one was a journalist and not a Lawyer.

  9. Unfortunately Texans fans cannot fire McNair, who is the sole individual responsible for this hot mess.
    Until McNair hires a real GM or Coach and then takes a step back like the successful owners do, Texan fans are screwed.

  10. If the alleged “misinformation” is coming from Watson, the owner is wise NOT to identify the source — and further alienate Watson.

  11. This is sometimes why its better to SAY NOTHING! Cause now Cal has created more questions than answers, questions that didn’t exist before his statement, questions that he’s going to be asked.

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