Darius Leonard on Colts QB: Trust the front office, let chips fall where they fall

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Colts linebacker Darius Leonard wasn’t expecting Philip Rivers to retire.

Leonard said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that it was a “complete shock” to learn that Rivers was walking away because he felt Rivers did a good job in his lone season with the team and would play well again in 2021. That decision left a big hole on the Colts Offense, but Leonard said he isn’t giving much thought to what the team should do to fill it.

General Manager Chris Ballard is running the search for a new starter and Leonard says that he will “trust the guys in the front office and let the chips fall where they fall.”

“I watch it, but I don’t get emotionally invested in it because I honestly don’t care who’s the quarterback as long as the quarterback comes in with the right mentality and they’re gonna help us win ball games,” Leonard said. “I don’t care if he’s young. I don’t care if he’s old. I don’t care if he’s well-known or not. If you’re going to come in and put the team first and help us win ball games, come on down to the Indianapolis Colts.”

The Colts were one of the teams that reportedly made an offer for Matthew Stafford before the Lions agreed to send him to the Rams and they’ve been linked to a pursuit of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. That may not be the direction they go, but it doesn’t sound like Leonard will be losing any sleep about how that plays out.

8 responses to “Darius Leonard on Colts QB: Trust the front office, let chips fall where they fall

  1. Interesting to see the Colts looking so hard — I think Jacoby Brissett COULD develop into a very good QB. He’s not there yet (and might never be, who knows), and I understand if the Colts lack the patience to play him as he goes through more growing pains. It made sense for them to go with Rivers over Brissett and look for someone better now, but I wonder if they’ll find someone better.

  2. At this point I would sign Brissett. Teammates love him. He works hard. The problem is what for how long and how much. Pay him like a starter? No Wentz please. I read these statements thinking that is what Maniac is saying. Team first.

  3. More teams could be interested in Wentz but they will not both pay down a large contract and trade high picks.

  4. Well, I’ll bet the old Patriots teammates weren’t exactly jumping for joy when Drew Bledsoe got injured, and 6th round pick Tom Brady was going to take over. I know The Rams weren’t overjoyed when Trent Green went down and Kurt Warner was forced into action. The Colts drafted Jacob Eason in the 4th round. He’s as talented as just about any QB I’ve seen coming out of college lately. He’s far from a finished product. He’s green as the hills, but I’m sure Frank Reich sees the tools he has to work with. Frank isn’t going to come out and hand Eason anything, or even hint around that the job is his. He wants the kid to work his tail off, as if his job is on the line. This isn’t Frank’s first rodeo. They drafted Eason for a reason. Phillip Rivers, in all his years, never led his team to a super bowl. I think Eason is easily as good as Rivers. You really never know who’s on your bench until they get on the field on Sunday afternoon. Tom Brady keeps reminding us that the skills he’s used to win 7 Super Bowls are not the skills that show up on the practice field.

  5. I dont dislike Brissett, and would be fine with bringing him back while Eason or the next draft pick develops. With the development of the running game, and Pittman, Hynes, Campbell as weapons going forward, Brissett would be in a much better spot for success.

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