Jason Licht to daughter of Lombardi Trophy designer: “Lighten up, Francis”


Buccaneers G.M. Jason Licht has come a long way in seven years with the team. The fact that he even survived seven years constitutes a minor miracle, given the traditional impatience of the team’s ownership.

Licht not only survived but thrived, building a team that while jettisoning Jameis Winston also caught the eye of Tom Brady. Sprinkle in a few veterans attracted to the team by Brady’s presence, and the Bucs have a Super Bowl victory.

With the victory comes a Lombardi Trophy. Brady gave football fans everywhere a surprise on Wednesday by tossing the trophy from one vessel to the next during a Hillsborough River boat parade. Yes, it was the real trophy. Yes, if the trophy had landed in the water it would have plunged 80 feet to the bottom. Yes, one or more over-served players may have jumped in to retrieve it, which could have become problematic as those individuals tried to swim back to the surface after realizing that there was no way to get the thing without a scuba tank and flippers.

The throw itself created concern for Lorraine Grohs. In a video that went nearly as viral as the video of the throw, Grohs claimed that her father designed the Lombardi Trophy while working as a master silversmith at Tiffany & Co.

“It just really upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown, as if it was a real football,” said Grohs said. “I didn’t sleep the past two nights because of this, I was that upset. Because I know the passion that goes into this trophy. . . . I personally would like an apology, not just to me and my family, and the other silversmiths but to the fans.”

Licht responded to the clip that was posted on Twitter with a classic gif from Stripes.

While reasonable minds may differ on whether it was reasonably prudent for Brady to throw the trophy between boats (especially since Brady was reasonably drunk), it was a fun moment. Besides, it’s not some sacred idol or religious relic; it’s a hunk of silver — one of 55 of official Lombardi Trophies, and counting.

The real question becomes, in a year, whether the next champions will try to one-up the Brady maneuver. And if the Bucs win it again, will Brady try to throw it even farther than he did in 2021?

53 responses to “Jason Licht to daughter of Lombardi Trophy designer: “Lighten up, Francis”

  1. To me it does not seem like Brady values the trophy much. Would he toss his wedding ring around like that. I am guessing he wouldn’t.

  2. The fact that folks like this have the microphone they do is either the worst or best thing ever. Depends on the day.

  3. Did I miss her post when at Fenway Park Julien Edelman threw a baseball to Gronk who squared to bunt with the trophy leaving a large baseball sized dent (doesn’t this prove its hollow? What do I know) in the beloved Lombardi trophy?

  4. The trophy is owned property – while the person who made it may respect or even revere it, once that object is disseminated to the purchaser the maker isn’t really in a position to judge what happens to it. If the object were so precious, it shouldn’t have been sold in the first place.

  5. She basically is correct but Brady gets a pass since he has 7 of them and they should probably change it to the Brady trophy. I would feel differently if some young punk first time winner threw the trophy.

  6. wischeddar says:
    February 15, 2021 at 9:46 am
    To me it does not seem like Brady values the trophy much. Would he toss his wedding ring around like that. I am guessing he wouldn’t.


    Lighten up, Francis.

  7. Lombardi Trophy Karen is the worst Karen ever.

    The trophy is supposed to reward, honor and symbolize the hard work, fight and little bit of luck it takes to win it all in the NFL. By making it seem like the trophy is more then that only disrespects the game. Should I demand an apology?!?!

  8. Good thing the family of the Lamar Hunt trophy hasn’t seen how much Bill Belichick disdains that award, lol.

  9. Thankfully, her dad didn’t design the World Series trophy.

    Can’t imagine her reaction after Commissioner Manfred called it a “piece a metal”.

  10. Can’t agree more with Jason Licht! This is all an attention grab from the daughter of the trophy designer! Find something more important to make a difference in this world. Tossing the trophy to a teammate was not disrespectful! Has she read the stories about the Stanley Cup?!

  11. . . . and then in a fit of rage upset by what she heard, Ms. Grohs threw the champagne filled Tiffany glass she was holding, shattering it to pieces.

  12. It’s not her trophy. That’s like the Ford family losing sleep because someone going off-roading in a Ford. Licht response was perfect.

  13. Does she has any clue what Stanley Cup Champs do with their one day alone with the cup?

    I would think not.

  14. IF IF IF it ended up in the water…..which it didn’t!!! This woman needs help if she stayed awake over this!! 15 min of fame!!

  15. She’s lucky her dad didn’t design the Stanley Cup because she’d no doubt have a heart attack with what all has happened to that trophy over the years. And that is what makes it the greatest trophy in all of sports–that guys do crazy things celebrating with it instead of treating it like a museum exhibit.

  16. >>>>It’s not her trophy. That’s like the Ford family losing sleep because someone going off-roading in a Ford. Licht response was perfect.<<<<

    Agree. The worst that could have happened would have been that it went into the water where a diver would have went down to get it. She sounds like he tried to throw it across Snake River Canyon

  17. wischeddar says:
    February 15, 2021 at 9:46 am
    To me it does not seem like Brady values the trophy much. Would he toss his wedding ring around like that. I am guessing he wouldn’t.
    To be fair, a wedding ring is much more rare for Brady that SB trophies are.

  18. Perfect response. Why folks need to find ridiculous stuff to be this outraged makes me wonder what they do when they face real problems.

  19. Festivus is alive and well although the airing of grievances seems to be a year long event instead of just a day as it was written.

  20. MAJOR Karen moment. But Lichts response and other recent comments highlight the fact that he’s kind of a tool, lol.

  21. Why give her any airtime at all? She doesn’t own it Im pretty sure Pops would be proud that folks are talking about it Karen.

  22. Seriously. If it fell into the water, no matter how deep, there would have been patrol boats surrounding the area in minutes. A boat load of volunteer divers would have been in the water shortly. If it’s that good of metal it wouldn’t matter.

  23. Am having a hard time feeling sympathy for this woman. She goes on and on about the passion and hard work that goes into making one of these.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it doesn’t approach the hard work and sacrifice that Brady puts into hoisting one of them.

    Lighten Up Lorraine. You should be honored this guy has hoisted one of them 7 times now. Nobody has honored that trophy and what it stands for more than him. Nobody knows more than him how hard it is to get one. He knows they don’t hand those out. You gotta earn one with sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. He personifies that. I’ve seen him lose 3 them and he’s looked despondent. He’s so obsessed with getting them that at age 43 after chasing them for 21 years he’s still willing to get his head beat in to try to get another. It’s the only reason he’s still playing.

  24. exactly my response to your original hand-wringing pft article about how it could have all ended in tradgedy! same goes for any comments about brady not “respecting” the trophy. Fact is he added value just like Gronk did by bunting with one. i fear we’re becoming a nation of wimps.

  25. LMAO. so many classic posts on this one. the Lombardi Trophy Karen is a classic. Yeah if she lost sleep over this, she needs to get a life. I agree with Licht

  26. Most of the commenters here are missing the same point that Licht missed.

    It’s not about whether she is right, or whether the team needs to heed her advice. It’s about her saying something sincere and Licht responding with juvenile, dismissive snark.

    I don’t personally agree with the severity of what she’s saying, but it can still be responded to with some simple class.

    In one tweet, Licht shows he has no class.

    I fully support the players and organization having fun and making the trophy part of the celebration. I don’t think they did anything wrong or insulted the trophy. But Licht seems like a jerk.

  27. Here’s hoping this opens up a whole new way of championship teams celebrating their victories! NHL players rolling the Stanley Cup down the length of the ice into an open net! MLB teams playing a game of Jai Alai with the Commissioner’s Trophy!

  28. With all that is going on in the world, that woman needs to put things in perspective. And get a sense of humor, Karen.

  29. To a degree, l can see her point. I appreciate someone took time and effort to create that beautiful piece of hardware. With that said, wanting an apology is a bridge too far. I am okay with her expressing her being bothered by careless treatment of the Lombardi but no one owes an apology and she’s almost silly for asking. If you are compelled to state a need for an apology, don’t be too surprised if you dont get one….but be very surprised if the requested apology is sincere.

  30. Will they toss around there Super Bowl rings like that? I guess the Lombardy trophy isn’t so coveted after all.

  31. “Because I know the passion that goes into this trophy”

    What does this even mean? They build a new trophy every year EXACTLY like the past ones. It’s simply a replication process with zero creative thinking. How much “passion” can possibly go into that?

  32. If you couldn’t sleep for 2 days over something like this, you have serious issues and really need to seek help for them.

  33. “It’s about her saying something sincere and Licht responding with juvenile, dismissive snark.”

    “Sincere” doesn’t mean it’s “reasonable.” If my dad built your house it’d be acceptable for me to call you out for throwing wild parties in it or painting it some color that I find unappealing?

  34. You can’t blame Brady on this…he assumed the trophy would float since there was no air let out of it.

  35. It looked like they were having a ball out there on the water! That is what winning it all – is all about – being able to celebrate on YOUR terms. The trophy belongs to the Tampa Bay Bucs. If they want to toss it to each other over the water. They earned the right! The lady with the hurt feelings – you need to find something else to do!!

  36. Just let Brady handle it. Give this poor women her 15 seconds of fame. She obviously looks at the Lombardi Trophy much differently than the rest of us. Heck, I figured the league would have been one step ahead, and actually gave them a replica to play around with. They might have. Tom will probably take all the blame upon himself, and offer a very sincere apology. It doesn’t matter who’s right. Tommy is a class act and he’ll treat this women with more respect than she ever hoped for. That’s why he’s great. He’ll tell her how great her father must have been, and that’s probably all she wants to hear. After he softens her up, he might even jokingly tell her that he noticed how sturdy and well designed the trophy looked, and that’s why he figured it could withstand some punishment. She was daddy’s little girl, years ago. That never goes away. He’ll probably even send her an autographed jersey. The other teammates watch every move Brady makes. He’ll show them how to turn a negative into a positive. He’ll show them how to act classy, and treat all women with respect.

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