LeBron James has no doubt he could have made an NFL roster in 2011

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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LeBron James previously has said he had begun training for football during the 2011 NBA lockout and was serious about a tryout with the Cowboys.

The Lakers star, in fact, has a contract from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones framed in his office.

James revealed in a recent interview with TheAthletic.com that the Seahawks also offered him a chance to tryout in 2011, and he “seriously considered” playing football.

“I would have made the team,” James told TheAthletic.com. “I would have tried out, but I would have made the team. One thing about it, I don’t mind working for something, so if I would have had to try out for the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I’d have stayed home and went back home to Cleveland, I’d have tried, but I would have made the team.

“I just know what I’m capable of doing on the football field. Especially at that age.”

James was 26 at the time, though he had not played football since his junior year of high school.

He starred as a receiver in high school, receiving interest from Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Florida, among others.

“Urban Meyer recruited me,” James said. “I think at the time he was the wide receiver coach at Notre Dame. So yeah, I was getting recruited by all the big-time schools.”

James has never lost his love of football.

“I just love the sport. I watch it all the time. It’s just in me. It’s how I grew up,” James said.

76 responses to “LeBron James has no doubt he could have made an NFL roster in 2011

  1. Obviously he would have made it. NBA athletes are the most athletic in all sports. If Jordan could be respectable at a high level of minor league baseball Jordan could easily make an NFL team where 90% of the skill is freak athleticism.

  2. Lolz. All these actual wannabes acting like Lebron isn’t 6’9″ and 250 lbs worth of one of the best professional athletes we’ve ever seen. Durable as hell and so what if he’s smart enough to draw the PI call. Too funny.

  3. Doubt it very much. If he did, he’d want to run the team, decide who to keep/cut plus what a piece of the team to stay.

  4. He’s jealous of the fame Mahomes has. The NBA is still a niche sport just barely above the NHL.

  5. If he has a contract framed from Jerry Jones then let then man live. They (Cowboys) offered Usian Bolt as well, both were/are at the top of their profession. Watch Lebron’s HS Football Highlights, he wasn’t a slouch.

  6. Honestly all likely he would have been a legit TE and beast of a redzone target.

    Luckily for lebron and the world ( im not lebron hater but I’m not a fan either) he made the right decision for himself and his family

  7. This guy irritates me the same way that Brett Favre does. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just something about them.

  8. way too soft. despite all the rules favoring the O, he would be toast the minute anyone hit him like they used to hit Gronk

  9. 6’8″ TE, as fast as he is, jumping phenom… unstoppable in the red zone.

    Don’t expect him to tackle but then, most TEs are pretty lame at that anyway.

    He’d be an All Pro, 100%

  10. He would have been a monster WR/TE. He would have been a more athletic Gronk. As an example of someone close to his size.

    For those saying he is “full of himself”. He’s one of the best ever at his sport. You don’t get to that level without extreme well earned self confidence. I would imagine if you ask most athletes they would think they could succeed in another sport.

  11. Most likely the TE position where he can play jump ball against shorter defensive backs and linebackers. He is strong enough to block and also play linebacker. He can also be a quarterback if he had experience at that position.

  12. There have been a few very rare human beings who could play multiple sports. Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, and I have no doubt, LeBron James. Seriously, compare him to someone like Tony Gonzalez. Tony is among the greatest tight ends in history. I believe James would have been heads and shoulders better. Much better than Gronk. I don’t think there’s even much of an argument.

  13. I made the Cowboys squad once, but then I went back to doing nothing. Made the cut at the Masters back in 2014, but I walked away from Augusta without playing. Just did it because it was there

  14. I’m sure he’s right. After all, it was so easy for Michael Jordan to make the MLB when he stepped away from basketball.

  15. All these experts on here fall into the same category when it comes to football, they don’t know squat. Lebron left high school in 2003. Jim Tressel was the head coach at Ohio State. Tressel wanted Lebron to be a 2 port player at Ohio State. TE in football & basketball. As great an athlete is, both Tressel & Meyer have stated they believe there is no doubt Lebron could have played in the NFL. But all you experts know more than those two coaches so you must be correct. LOL

  16. Bron topped 1,000 receiving yards and totaled 16 touchdown grabs his junior year of high school. I’m sorry but there’s not a defensive back in the history of the NFL equipped to cover a 6-foot-9, 270 pound freak with a 40-something inch vertical and probably tops out at a 4.5. All the best football players are usually pretty good at basketball and many of the best basketball players flourished on the gridiron. You aren’t stopping Bron.

  17. He definitely has the WR diva attitude down so I’m
    Inclined to think he would have been good

  18. And he could’ve won…5…6…7…championships in a row too.

    NFL stands for Not For Long….

    FOS stands for Full Of Sh– !!

  19. All the size and speed to be deadly at TE but none of the experience. You don’t pick up route running over one summer and professional defensive schemes would neutralize him more often than not.

  20. Just because you are a rare athlete doesn’t mean you would be great (or even good for that matter) football player. The way Gronk and Kelce get laid out and still hold on to the ball is absolutely incredible. LeBron cant even handle being touched without whining and and acting like he was blindsided.

  21. You can tell the “experts” who think LeBron would have been such a great tight end (“better than Tony Gonzoles”- LOL!) have never actually played football or been involved at a high level. Yes, he would have looked good at the combine. He may have looked okay doing passing drills against air. But as soon as the bullets started flying and he got pasted repeatedly by a few linebackers and safeties, it all would have changed — as it has for many other athletes. There are people taller and more athletic than Gronk and Kelce (as only two examples), but they are not better players. Stop trying to sell us that the man who repeatedly winces on the floor like he’s been shot after being hand-slapped would somehow be tough enough to play in the NFL.

  22. Yea but he would have quit after he found out that he couldn’t stack the team with other all stars

  23. He would had absolutely made a roster. Why are people acting like he isnt one of the freakiest athletes ever.

  24. LeBron wouldn’t last long because of his height. One big shot to the knees, and he wouldn’t be as fast and agile. Look at how much Gronk has gotten injured in his career.

  25. Just imagine, instead of the Decision announcing LeBron was taking his talents to South Beach, he was taking his talents to the Browns. Cleveland would still have burned but at least burning out of joy.

  26. Seriously unbelievable people don’t think Lebron would have been a pro bowl tight end in the NFL. You think he was just gifted with this crazy basketball talent and couldn’t do anything else in professional sports? Hes a ridiculously good athlete for his height. People that tall shouldnt move with the easy and fluidity of a 6 foot tall person. He does.

  27. Wish he had chosen football, he would have been an awerage football player and not gotten a swelled head like he has now

  28. Don’t let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba “Spare Tire” Dixon.

  29. Using that idiotic “Jordan failed at baseball so LeBron would’ve failed at football” logic, you can also make the argument that Anthony Gates, a god awful college basketball player, became one of the NFL’s best tight ends ever.

    If a junky college basketball player can become the best tight end of his generation, LeBron, the greatest basketball player in history, would’ve been even better than Antonio Gates, right?

  30. Julius Peppers played both football and basketball at the University of North Carolina. Julius Peppers is likely an NFL hall of famer one day. Julius Peppers could not have played in the NBA. There’s a big difference between the sports. Being a hall of famer in one doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be good at another.

  31. Jason Witten was the starter, Martellus Bennett was the backup and Jon Phillips was the blocking tight end. That would seem to be a pretty good tight end group. That was also the year that Dallas Mavericks beat the loaded Miami Heat in the NBA finals.

  32. To all the folks saying LeBron was great at football in HS, that can actually be said about countless pro athletes. Tebow was an amazing baseball player in HS. He’s terrible in AAA. Russell Wilson and many others have been drafted in MLB, but they wouldn’t make it past AA ball if they actually played. Joe Montana was recruited by major colleges to play basketball. He wasn’t making the NBA, sorry. It’s not as automatic as y’all think, and Bron’s height could actually work against him. He’d be a terrible blocker due to no leverage (height). He’d get speared on catches, etc. Hence why you don’t see 6’8 TEs, or players in general really.

  33. Whatever, LeChina James. You could of made it if flopping was an actual athletic skill, as long as you didn’t have to play any defense whatsoever, or with your soft mental fortitude, you wouldn’t have to take any hits at all because your feelings might get hurt or you’ll get a boo boo to cry about on social media. Plus, the NFL is doing pretty good when it comes to ruining their league without you, stay in your lane and continue to destroy your own league please.

  34. Biggest egomaniac narcissist to ever exist. This is the same guy who had to be wheelchaired off the court in san Antonio when the a/c went out , and he thinks he would be tough enough to take a hit in the NFL. This flop artist wouldn’t last 1 series let alone 1 quarter let alone 1 game.

  35. mookie34 says:
    February 15, 2021 at 7:49 pm
    He’s jealous of the fame Mahomes has. The NBA is still a niche sport just barely above the NHL.
    LeBron James is way more famous than Mahomes in the US and definitely internationally and it’s not even close.

  36. To everyone acting like football is somehow rocket science: it isn’t. If Bill Schroeder can make a Packers roster, Lebron James could’ve made an NFL team just fine. It’s the ultimate team game – a top 10 QB chucking fade passes to Lebron lined up at TE narrows his responsibility, decreases the degree of difficulty, and allows him to go out and make plays. Are there aspects of the game he’d have to improve on and hone in on? Absolutely – what active NFL player isn’t always trying to improve? But for people pretending like he’d be an abject failure, you’re delusional.

  37. Are we talking about the same LeBron who got carried off the court, crying, because he had a cramp? He might’ve made it the WNFL, if there was such a thing.

  38. He flops when he gets hand checked, but you clowns think he is going to take a hit from a safety.

  39. He would have been a big target for replacement players, “If I get a great hit on King James, maybe I will make the team after the lockout.” One bad injury in an NFL lockout game, and he may have never recovered to 100% for all the championship games.

  40. If Bill Schroeder can make a Packers roster, Lebron James could’ve made an NFL team just fine.

    It took Schroeder 3 years just to stick on a roster… including a trip to NFL Europe..

    It took him 2 more years to become a solid contributor.

    Not sure thats the best example.

  41. James has a swelled head and a big mouth. They would need a special helmet and mouth piece for his try out.

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