Vicis launches the first position-specific helmet

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Vicis is back, and it could be on track to being better than ever.

The helmet manufacturer faced hard financial times in late 2019. The company has since rallied, and it announced today the introduction of the Vicis Zero2 Trench. It’s the first helmet developed specifically for offensive and defensive linemen.

The Trench received the highest possible grade from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s Star Helmet Rating System. It received five stars, and it earned the highest rating of all 26 helmets tested.

“With players continuing to be bigger, faster and stronger, most helmet evolution of recent years has centered around high velocity impact mitigation.  However, since these high velocity impacts are few in comparison to low, repetitive impacts, VICIS saw an opportunity to further protect the athlete,” Jason Neubauer, Vicis V.P. of product development, said in a statement. “Knowing there are more linemen on the field than any other position, they were a natural starting point for our first position-specific helmet.”

Seahawks offensive lineman Justin Britt, who has worn a VICIS helmet since 2017, has embraced the Trench.

“Linemen are the only players getting hit each and every play, so it never made much sense why we would wear a helmet that wasn’t designed specifically for the trenches,” Britt said in a statement.

Here’s a look at the ultra-futuristic Trench helmet.

3 responses to “Vicis launches the first position-specific helmet

  1. I’ve got an idea for a 5-star helmet. It zaps the player any time they lead with the top of their head.

    I also have a prototype youth model; it makes a noise to let all the parents in the stands know that they maybe shouldn’t be thunderously applauding that “big hit” & encouraging their children to risk their own health for a game.

  2. This report does not actually provide sufficient background to know how much the NFL League Management interacted with VICIS. But it would appear that the league continues to neglect its duty to support ongoing development of technologies that reduce the incidence of CTE — and did little if anything to help VICIS from almost going out of business.

    Hopefully, Britt can find a way to come back to the Seahawks. With the endless litany of injuries, two starting centers is necessary. This was proven with the losing streak that just happened to coincide with the mid-season injury to Ethan Pocic and backup Kyle Fuller, leaving Damien Lewis as THIRD STRING center.

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