Cardinals promote Adrian Wilson to vice president of pro scouting

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The Cardinals announced a handful of promotions in their personnel department on Tuesday, including a change of title for former safety Adrian Wilson.

Wilson, who is in the team’s Ring of Honor, has been bumped up to vice president of pro scouting. Wilson played for the Cardinals from 2001-2013 and joined the scouting department in 2015. He spent the last two seasons as the director of college scouting.

The Cardinals also promoted Quentin Harris from director of player personnel to vice president of player personnel. He has worked for the team since 2008.

Dru Grigson will move up to the director of player personnel role. Andrew Caskin will be a pro scout after serving as a scouting assistant the last two years and Matt Caracciolo has been promoted to vice president of football operations and facilities.

10 responses to “Cardinals promote Adrian Wilson to vice president of pro scouting

  1. Wow. AW has only been scouting about 5 years. This again shows the value of relationships. Keim scouted him amd they became buddies since they played at the same college . Keim has been trying to fast track him and push him up the ranks. Even putting his name on GM lists over their director of player personnel. Keim CLEARLY favors his buddy and coaches have talked extensively about this in the building.

  2. I, too, have played a lot of the professional football, and am deeply in tune with the management of most professional football operations, so I could say this was something more than what it is, which is a guy, a fan favorite, with a fresh eye for today’s talent, making good with the hometown team, and making (at least) their defense gooder. But that’s all it is. Which is awesome. Way to go, A Dub!

  3. Playedthegame47 what do you know? And what coaches do you know in the building talking about this? None I suspect. ADUB is a hard worker making his way up through the ranks. I doubt Steve Keim is going to fast track him so what, he can get himself fired and ADUB can take Keon’s job? Please. I also have seen ZERO GM list with Wilson’s name on it. Produce all your proof. lol

  4. With the poor drafting the Cardinals have done over the past 5 years, I don’t know how anyone is getting promoted.

  5. Movement is good… And given the disappointing results this organization continues to achieve, hopefully this particular movement will help change the old paradigm trajectory? Good old boy or buddy energetics do not instill optimism… However, results do! Good Luck with these promotions and may all be Blessed with success in the coming years.

  6. As to amaf21’s comment that this was a “typical old boy’s network hire”: correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Keim, after becoming GM, release Wilson as a player? For Keim to bring him back as a scout, and now promote him, suggests that Keim has confidence that Wilson can do the job.

  7. Very styling outfit. If his scouting matches his duds, the Cardinals will be good for years.

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