DeAndre Hopkins recruits J.J. Watt on social media

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DeAndre Hopkins arrived in Houston two seasons after J.J. Watt, who then played one more season than the receiver did in Space City. But Watt now is a free agent, and Hopkins wants the defensive end as a teammate again.

Hopkins, whom the Texans traded to the Cardinals last offseason, posted a photo on Instagram of Watt hugging him during their time with the Texans, and wrote, “Let’s finish what we started…”

That prompted JuJu Smith-Schuster, who also is a free agent, to reply, “come play with your brothers lol”

Watt’s brothers, Derek and T.J., play with the Steelers.

The Texans won four division titles from 2015-19 with Hopkins and Watt but never got past the divisional round of the postseason.

A report earlier Tuesday indicates Watt is “seriously considering” the Browns. The Steelers, Titans, Bills and Packers also reportedly are other teams that have interest.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson confirmed Tuesday his team has had contact with Watt.

10 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins recruits J.J. Watt on social media

  1. In other news, the Packers have interest in soon to be free-agent WR Allen Robinson. I’m not sure I wouldn’t be happier if the Packers sign Robinson and not Watt.

    Robinson has had a combined 200 receptions and 2,400 yards over the last 2 years. That’s with the Bears QB’s and offense. Imagine what he could do lined up opposite Davante with Aaron throwing him the ball.


  2. Watt won’t come to Grene Bay. He knows what’s here already.

  3. >>Watt’s brothers, Derek and T.J., play with the Steelers

    How good was their high school team?
    You have 3 players who reach the NFL in a span of 6 years?
    I can imagine opposing HS coaches – “Damn, there is another Watt”.

  4. I had never though about going to the Cardinals. Entertaining thought, but highly unlikely.

  5. JuJu does everything he can at all times to be included in anything and everything social media related

  6. If you’re friends with him and want him to come play for your team, wouldn’t a phone call be more effective? (He may have done that, but the story doesn’t say he did.)

  7. DeAndre, you may not have realized this, but JJ Watt IN HIS PRIME can’t finish what you have started in Phoenix……not enough talent, not enough depth and certainly not enough dollars to bring in what they need with future requirements for Kyler et al to hold the young nucleus they have together…..just won’t happen!

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