Superdome renovations will impact 4,300 seats in 2021

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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If the Saints are able to fill up the Superdome in 2021, they won’t actually be filling up the Superdome.

As recently explained by Luke Johnson of, via Sports Business Daily, renovations at the Super Bowl will remove 4,300 seats for the coming season. The Saints currently are contacting season-ticket holders to find a solution.

Understandably, fans have become upset.

“We’re working with them, we’re talking to them, we’re communicating to them,” Saints senior V.P. of communications Greg Bensel said. “Constant communication. It’s an intimate, personal conversation. These are passionate fans who are upset. . . . The process may not be perfect for them. It may not sit well with them. It may be upsetting for them. But at the end of the day, we’re going to make it right for them. We just have to figure it out, it is a work in progress.”

The Saints currently plan to work through the situation based on customer tenure.

The seats will be lost, per Johnson, to widened concourses, improved concessions, and larger elevators and escalators. Bensel anticipates that, ultimately, the capacity will be “roughly equivalent to what it has been in recent years.”

“It’s not like those seats are going away and they’re never coming back and those 4,300 won’t have a spot,” Bensel said. “They will have a spot. It’s just going to be a process on how we figure that out.”

However it plays out, the Saints will have 4,300 fewer seats in 2021. The best-case scenario for 2021 would be to have all of the other seats completely and totally filled.

10 responses to “Superdome renovations will impact 4,300 seats in 2021

  1. Too bad they didnt have this plan coming into last season. Who knows how many fans will be in stands come September anyway? Did the mayor not just shut Mardi Gras?

  2. It’s going to be a completely different stadium. All Whodats will miss yelling in those big ramp tunnels after a big win. Shame we didnt get to send them off the right way.

  3. Forget renovations. Get a new stadium. You can only fix an old stadium so many times. GET A NEW STADIUM/

  4. I have been to the Super Dome and the place is fun but they can’t stop putting lipstick on a big here. The 1st thing I thought when I was there for a Sunday night game vs Cowboys about 8 years ago was the concourse is very narrow, I can’t believe they host the Super Bowl here. I get the nostalgia for a stadium being a Packer fan but Green Bay doesn’t host anything larger than a NFC Title game or Garth Brooks show.

  5. Easy solution. Money talks. Pay $1 million dollars for every year they’ve been a Saints season ticket holder. That’s just for pain and suffering for losing in the playoffs so many times.

  6. As long as my seat was moved in a luxury suite at the same cost as I was already paying.

  7. The Superdome is an iconic venue. However, at some point, you have to wonder if it’s better to rebuild than to renovate. Maybe they could go up to Baton Rouge for a couple years while they tear down and replace the Superdome. Tulane’s Yulman Stadium is nearby, but only seats about 30K.

    The Superdome opened in 1975, and every dome of its style has been shuttered due to structural repairs being more costly than replacement of the stadium. Astrodome, Kingdome, Silverdome, Metrodome, Georgia Dome, RCA Dome, etc.

    A modernized Superdome could host Super Bowls, Final Fours, and college championships for years to come.

  8. I hope they use one of those extra seats to make room for those unfortunate enough to have to sit behind that guy with the big whistle on his noggin.

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