J.J. Watt declares free agency to be “wild”

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On Friday, J.J. Watt became a free agent. Five days later, he has made an observation on Twitter: “free agency is wild.”

He didn’t elaborate. So it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s “wild” about it.

Is it wild because teams are throwing offers at him? Is it wild because he’s not getting the offers he expected to get?

Or is it wild because it runs around outside, eating whatever it can find and peeing and pooping wherever it chooses?

Our guess is that Watt hasn’t experienced the crush of offers he expected, because most teams are likely reluctant to make significant commitments for 2021 without knowing what the salary cap will be. With a widespread belief that it will drop, teams won’t be able to finalize cash and/or cap budgets until they know what the limits of the cap allowance will be.

Thus, that 33-day head start may end up being not much of a head start, if teams aren’t willing to talk serious turkey until they know where the cap will be.

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  1. He should have been traded but you know he wanted to test the market. That’s a way bigger screw up just letting him walk than not letting Deshaun hire the front office, coach and GM.

  2. Lol JJ. This is grade school class president political strategy. Someone buy him an ice cream cone. What a joke. Should have stayed in Houston.

  3. My guess is that other players (e.g. DeAndre Hopkins) are recruiting via twitter. Whether GM’s are that excited remains to be seen.

  4. Maybe he means that for the 1st time since leaving high school he has a choice in where he plays. His head is probably spinning.

  5. My guess is what he meant is related to the media frenzy and speculation. Go home young man!

  6. Right – and most of the league can’t afford to pay him anything right now. He absolutely has value, but it’s not as a huge contract defensive cornerstone anymore. He will be a role player moving forward – any team that signs him should do their best to keep him healthy and on the field.

    I don’t know what that kind of deal looks like these days (and with the pending cap reduction). It’s likely that his agent is pushing a big money deal and teams aren’t buying. We need to remember that players rarely are making these decisions themselves, they’re letting their agents handle it and an agent’s job isn’t to be practical or “team friendly” about anything, it’s to drive up the price as much as possible.

  7. mookie34 says:
    February 17, 2021 at 12:29 pm
    Lol JJ. This is grade school class president political strategy. Someone buy him an ice cream cone. What a joke. Should have stayed in Houston. — Not if he wants to win, which is what he stated when he left Houston. The Texans are years away from winning, and may never get there.

  8. Cowherd made a good point yesterday when he said Watt should go to a good team that will likely be playing 2nd halves with a lead. That’s his best bet as far as having a bounce back in production. He’ll likely have an incentive laden contract with a fairly low cap hit.

  9. He has been on the downside for several years now. Not just a couple years. Good luck to anyone who signs this guy.

  10. JJ is reading and hearing all kinds of smoke being blown – but when the smoke clears, there still isn’t anything there yet.

  11. Anyone ever wonder why offensive lineman last much longer than defensive lineman ? Must be the overall physical skills, as offensive lineman move much less and require less physical explosiveness, and get better by being more intelligent

  12. “Free Agency Is Wild”= Free agency is fun.

    No one else would even have to think twice about this.

  13. I assume the “wild” part has a lot to do with all of the media speculation and supposition, most of which is probably not based in anything.

  14. JJ would do best by taking a team friendly 1 year deal with a contender while the cap is down. Get a ring. Then when the cap comes back up go to the highest bidder.

  15. Stay away from the Brown’s you are always hurt we have been there and done that. We are a young team lets stay that way

  16. Most aging free agents coming off a bad year somehow seem to overvalue themselves. A lot of these guys still think they’re in their prime.

  17. He may need to wrap his head around a very mid level contract, while playing less snaps than he has ever played. i.e. 2 years, $10 mil.

  18. It’s wild because he will only get 5 sacks for the whole season, but teams are willing to throw in 10 million per sack. Good luck playing with a choke team.

  19. It is to get his name in the media so everybody remembers that he is still playing football.

  20. There are probably 3 or 4 teams that are a J.J. Watt away from being in the super bowl. There is also the city and his family to consider. It’s easy being drafted or traded. It’s a lot more exciting when you get to pick which team and city you’re going to move to.

  21. Dudes went off the rails when that first story about him and the Browns popped up. Since then, they finally got their team’s name in his mouth so everyone can relax. Browns, Titans and Bills? You should come to Tampa and win a ring lol

  22. Where does he expect the money to come from? Most teams outside the bottom feeders have little to no cap space available. Cleveland actually makes the most sense from a business perspective.

  23. maybe Danny boy will give him a Hanesworth contract. I am a Skins fan that is terrified that things are going too well.

  24. More likely he’s getting all kinds of offers from all the top tier teams. He’ll play for a lot less to win a championship.

  25. I’d like to see more players become capable of recognizing their diminished skill-sets, like AJ Hawk did. He still applied effective football knowledge and maintained an adequate if not above-average caliber football prowess for several more years. Mutually satisfactory and commensurate compensation was the key. Importantly to him, it was at the place of his choosing. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Watt could do the same thing if he really wanted to. He could go anywhere he chooses.

  26. Its wild because the Packers,the team he grew up loving in his home state of Wisconsin now want him to come home and make a really good team great and help them win a Super Bowl that has avoided him all these years.how many players can go home to play and win the Championship,now thats wild indeed.

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