Lions officially add Antwaan Randle El as receivers coach


Antwaan Randle El is officially returning to the place where he once threw a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl.

Yes, Jerome Bettis may be from Detroit (if you hadn’t heard), but Randle El owned the town (at least for a moment) on February 5, 2006, when he helped cement a Super Bowl XL win for the Steelers with a 43-yard touchdown pass on a gadget play to Hines Ward, the eventual MVP of the game.

Randle El officially has joined the Lions as the team’s new receivers coach.

A former quarterback at Indiana, Randle El entered the league as a second-round pick in 2002. Now 41, Randle El spent nine years in the NFL, with Pittsburgh and Washington.

He returned to the NFL in 2019, as assistant receivers coach with the Buccaneers. Fresh from winning a second Super Bowl ring with the Bucs, Randle El gets a promotion with the Lions.

Randle El actually capped his playing career with a Super Bowl appearance, in a final season with the Steelers. He caught two passes for 50 yards and scored a two-point conversion in a 31-25 loss to the Packers.

Five years ago, Randle El expressed regret regarding his decision to play football in comments to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, citing memory problems. He then said his remarks were overblown during an appearance with Dan Patrick.

6 responses to “Lions officially add Antwaan Randle El as receivers coach

  1. I really think the Lions O is going to be strong. Anthony Lynn did wonders w Herbert. Imagine what he can do w Goff. Plus Randle El and Duce Staley coaching the O. Exciting stuff.

  2. Lions have put together an excellent coaching staff. This is the time of year that a lot of us are optimistic then the season starts and we come crashing back down to earth. Next season is definitely a rebuilding year but after that if we use the picks from the Stafford trade well we could be in good shape. We’ll see

  3. The Lions can save money, too. He can handle the pre and post game prayers.

    He’s an ordained minister which along with his distinction of being the only WR to throw a TD in a SB, makes him unique.

  4. Hopefully Lions fans can be patient because next season is going to be rough, but for the first time in my life I really feel like we have the front office and coaches that can finally make us legit for years to come.

  5. If goff can win at least 7 game’s he’s trade bait plus with that number 7 pick they can trade back and get more picks on top of the plethora pics they have already. The front office with John Dorsey Brad Holmes Ray Agnew can do damage, there coaching staff is fire 🔥 duce Staley AnthonyLynn Aaron Glern Randle El etc

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