Petition for Tom Brady to return PPP loan passes 160,000 signatures

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Tom Brady made an extra $2.25 million during the Buccaneers’ 2020 playoff run. It’s an extra $960,000 that he got from the government that’s currently making waves, however.

A petition aimed at getting Brady to returning money that TB12 received from the pandemic-drive Paycheck Protection Program has generated more than 160,000 signatures.

The effort also has created a decent amount of media coverage, which likely will result in more signatures.

News of the specific amount received by Brady’s company first surfaced in December.

Will he return the money? Probably not. But it will be interesting to see how high the number of signatures goes.

28 responses to “Petition for Tom Brady to return PPP loan passes 160,000 signatures

  1. I really like and respect Brady, but it’s a TERRIBLE look to take that money when so many other Americans are hurting, and him and his wife are worth half a billion.

  2. Depends on how many employees and whether they got the money & retained etc, and if not how much is eventually repaid. You seriously think he’d bother cooking that book? Lol. Don’t forget he donates a lot more than that to charity each year. Just last spring he gave $1M to a meals program, and more since. But I’m sure the salty mountain of hate will cry either way, as they have for 20yrs, 10 SBs, 7 rings – and more to come kids so stock up on your salt tablets.

  3. Program is a good example in some instances of a tax break for the not needy during a pandemic. Government should recoup funds from businesses that did not suffer any material losses. In addition, fully recoup funds upon sale of business and through future tax on sales or income. Plan designed on the fly due to inadequate prior planning for a pandemic. Good idea that kept people working, but it can be revised.

  4. akula55 says:
    February 17, 2021 at 8:04 pm
    Well… it’s a LOAN program, so yes he probably will return the money.
    If pre-COVID employment levels are kept, or new hires are made to achieve those levels, then the loan can be entirely forgiven. That means not a dollar would have to be paid back. #doyouevenknowwhatPPPis

  5. People don’t get that it’s a separate business he invested, and it’s run that way. He qualified for the loan/grant and he got it. Nothing to do with his NFL paycheck

  6. It’s absolutely disgusting how money distorts so many things. Too many need to start doing more of the right thing & not the same old greedy thing. Pay the money back Tom, you didn’t need it to begin with.

  7. It is a loan to specifically keep people employed. If that is what it was used for then the company doesn’t have to pay it back. If it was not used for that, then the loan has to be paid back. The purpose was to limit the unemployment numbers during Covid. If people have proof that Brady’s company used it specifically for something other than paying the employees, then a complaint might be legitimate but as far as I have seen nobody has any evidence that he used it improperly. If all of his employees continue to be employed, then he has done nothing wrong.

  8. Isn’t it for his small business? I don’t think he actually pocketed that money for himself. I remember when a local Boston paper whined because he was gifted a car from a charity he worked with once. Celebs get “gifts” like that all the time. It’s no big deal.

  9. If he has a small business and used the money to keep employees employed, then I dont see the problem with him keeping the money. Thats what the PPP is for.

  10. Like Akula said, people seem to overlook/ignore/misunderstand the “loan” part of “PPP loan.”

  11. As much as I have always liked Brady,there are people who REALLY need that money. He should give it back.

  12. You do realize that his company is separate entity from himself? You don’t mix your personal wealth with the company money.

  13. Amazing how people don’t grasp the concept that the individual wealth of a shareholder has no relevance to the financial solvency of a corporation.

    What people SHOULD be asking is how TB12 has so many employees that it was able to get a PPP in that amount. By my rough math, it means that there were at least 46 employees on the payroll at the absolute minimum to justify that loan, and probably a lot more that that. There are 3 locations according to the company website with many of the trainers listed, so with admin staff they actually might have it.

    And before anyone asks, the maximum any employee counts for is $20,833, so the money can’t be used to line Brady’s pockets as salary for him.

  14. Like the Zak said in the Jack Ryan movie, “It tis never enough, you take what you can get”

  15. My goodness people, get a life. These are loans for his employees as part of his business, he’s not pocketing the money and firing all his TB12 employees. Is he rich regardless, yes. Is his wife rich regardless, yes. Jealousy only gets you so far in life. The man, and his wife, donate well over a million dollars each year to other causes. Are these same 160,000 people upset that Kanya West’s billion dollar company got a larger PPP loan I sure hope so.

  16. Should’ve never applied in the first place. He could keep his business afloat out of his own pocket, let alone the amount of investors he could get just by reaching out. Could’ve gone to save a number of small businesses that don’t have celebrity connections worldwide.

  17. I enjoy watching Brady play and win SBs, however this is beyond disgusting.

    GREED knows no bounds, is relentless, never satisfied, ruthless and uses the poor as their doorstep rug.

    This country needs a Salary Cap on Millionaires – Billionaires can easily drop down to Multi-Millionaire level without unforseen ‘Suffering’.

  18. How ’bout demanding Dr. Phil return the $7M in PPP money he received? Anyone? He has dozens of employees and so does Brady. If they pocketed the money then you’ve got a helluva story.
    How miserable must your life be if you’re losing sleep over something like this?

  19. It doesn’t seem everyone has a grasp on what really happened. I make no bones about super athletes making incredible sums, but we live in a market economy, the moneys going to be made, billions in football alone. Would you rather see athletes or owners get the money? However, let’s understand, Tom Brady didn’t get a penny of this money, or at least very little. He owns a company with employees and they get the money. I’m sure he’s an employee in his company, so perhaps something went to him, and perhaps he even returned it to the company to be dispersed among its employees. However, unless someone has some evidence to the contrary, this money was accepted, used, and delivered the desired results. During the pandemic, this company did not have to layoff its employees and add them to the unemployment lines. That’s a success story, but virtually every company who received funds likely had an owner, president or CEO who would survive without the money. The point was to allow the businesses to continue operation without closing, firing or laying off employees and I believe that is what the company called TB12 did. If someone’s got some info that shows Tom Brady made a profit off this, I’m willing to change my mind, but TB12 deserved it every bit as much as Bobs takeout across the street.

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