Report: “Colts aren’t budging” on Carson Wentz

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles don’t seem to have much leverage in the Carson Wentz trade talks. And the primary suitor for Wentz knows it.

Via Zak Keefer of, the “Colts aren’t budging” in their position regarding a Wentz trade. Keefer also reports that the Colts have not “significantly changed” their offer from where it was more than a week ago.

Talks have nevertheless continued. As a practical matter, it makes no sense for either side to move toward their bottom-line positions with four weeks to go until the new league year begins. With no other serious suitor and given that Wentz’s relationship with the Eagles is by all appearances broken beyond repair, it’s simply a question of when/if the Colts and Eagles can find a middle ground.

If either side moves toward the middle ground now, it likely be squeezed to do even more before the drop-dead date arrives for doing the deal.

Best guess? The two circles of the Venn diagram eventually will kiss. For now, though, there’s no reason for one circle to make a move toward the other one.

17 responses to “Report: “Colts aren’t budging” on Carson Wentz

  1. Colts should go from 2 seconds to a second and a 4th and let eagles pay out his contract if they keep playing hardball

  2. The Eagles should just keep him and let the new coaching staff work with him and Hurts. Then draft Chase at 6 plus draft a couple of guards and Wentz will be good to go.

  3. What exactly do the Eagles gain by trading Wentz for less than they want to? A $34 million dead cap hit and a disgruntled team and fan base? And, for what? Jalen Hurts? No thanks! I don’t want the Eagles to tank with Hurts and watch Wentz win in Indy. Wentz wants to leave but the Eagles shouldn’t just give him away.

  4. I think part of the reason why the trade has not yet been finalized is because Howie has a compulsion where he must “win” a trade. He may have met his match in Ballard.

  5. So let me get this straight….the GM that has a SuperBowl contending team without a QB is holding all the leverage ? The player that is signed to a 4 year deal without a “no trade” contract is holding all the leverage ? Why is holding onto Wentz the worst option for Philly ? The way I see it come May, the draft is over and we see where the QB musical chair game ends. Wentz value will only go up after that because someone is going to need a QB. And I’m tired of hearing about how bad he was last year. Yes he was terrible. But a terrible year does not mean he is a terrible QB. With the right coach and the right effort & attitude he has all the tools to be a top 10 QB. The guy is 28 years old. Ryan Tanneyhill is a terrific example.

  6. The team that doesn’t want him is playing hardball with him and the team that does want him is lowballing for him. This will be fantastic for Wentz’s confidence going forward. It’s not like that’s been an issue or anything

  7. Except the Eagles may not have any or many teams willing to trade for Wentz and Indy has several options for QB’s. Advantage Colts. If I was the Eagles, I would take the first decent deal that comes their way. They are not dealing from a position of strength.

  8. Eagles gonna be real stuck if Colts drop the offer lower. Still will need a backup QB because I’m not sure Wentz can stay healthy.

  9. Sure the argument is how many draft choices Philly has to send to get Colts to eat contract. Really dumb contract.

  10. Good call Colts. You pay for future performance, and the recent 2-year trend has been, “Carson Wentz is not the same MVP-caliber QB we thought he could be.” I do believe coaching can individually elevate an athlete’s level of play, but Carson has not been the same after the injury. He doesn’t use his legs nearly as often. He wants to be a pocket passer at this point, but he was always more of the “Mahomes-type” extending plays with his legs, or scrambling for a first down. That entire layer of his game is gone. Colts should hold strong with their offer.

  11. Colts should offer #85 pick in ’21 draft for Darnold, instead. Better QB, just needs better coaching and OL.

  12. Neither they should.

    The Eagles should try and get as much as they can, if they can’t get a first, don’t be stupid, take the biggest offer you get, and use the picks to fill the many many holes on that Eagles roster. The draft is the best way for them to rebuild as well because they can’t splash much if at all on the FA market as they are in cap hell, to the tune of around $50m at last check.

    Roll with Hurts, he has shown that he has the basics, and the work ethic and attitude to improve, and if after this season, there is no improvement, or worse, regression, then do what you will, but he has earned this opportunity.

    One thing is for certain though, they need to get rid of Wentz, because the longer he is in that locker room, the more divided it becomes and harder it becomes to bring back together again.

  13. Wentz’s last year as starter 72.8 rating (2020), Brissett 88.0 (2019). Wentz 2020 was also less efficient rushing (23ypg,5td,10fum) than Brissett in 2019 (15ypg/4td/7fum). The whole Wentz idea will be Jimbo’s latest quick-fix pipedream, but luckily Ballard is hardballing so at least it doesn’t ruin them like all of Jimbo’s previous ideas.

  14. Wentz was terrible in 2020.
    But prior to 2020 he was at least above average.
    What happened in 2020 to cause his mechanics to fall apart?
    Wentz needs to work on that in the off season and he can at least be an average QB.

    If the Eagles think he’s fixable then he has value to them.
    If they trade him, they need to be prepared to spend several years hunting for a new QB.

    Hurts doesn’t look to be any good.

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