Richard Sherman: It’s been made pretty clear I won’t return to 49ers


Richard Sherman has long been preparing to become a free agent in March, saying back in December that it might take a “miracle” for him to return to the 49ers for 2021.

That doesn’t seem to be coming. Sherman’s had a conversation with head coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch, and said it was “made pretty clear” the team and player would be going separate ways.

“It was a good conversation, nothing crazy,” Sherman said, via Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee. “Just a good conversation about where they are and where I am, and their plans. We were both very positive and as good as you can be in a situation like this.”

But the veteran cornerback, who wants to play two more seasons, has fond feelings of his three seasons with San Francisco — which included representing the NFC in Super Bowl LIV.

“Very positive. It was an incredible chapter in my career and I got to meet and play with some incredible human beings,” Sherman said. “I met some phenomenal coaches, and obviously the relationships that were forged will be lifetime connection and my relationship with ‘The Faithful’ has obviously evolved during that time, which has been a pretty cool arc in the story. And I’m grateful for it.”

Some coaches have already started courting Sherman, prompting the risk of being punished for tampering. Sherman played only five games in 2020, recording one interception. The former fifth-round pick turns 33 on March 30, and will be entering his 11th pro season.

25 responses to “Richard Sherman: It’s been made pretty clear I won’t return to 49ers

  1. It’s weird how the two teams he played for seemingly can’t wait to get rid of him after a couple seasons

  2. Richard has lost a step. Plain and simple. Losing a step when you are a CB is not an attractive trait when you also want big money. Good luck homey.

  3. While Sherman looks for his new home Darrell Revis can be heard cackling like a hyena from the comfort of his old, tired, worn couch.

  4. Sherman has great technique, but he has lost a couple of steps. He cannot defend speedy wide receivers. HE’s been good for the locker room, helping the young guys to get better, but now he’s no longer an asset on the field.

    He should try coaching.

  5. Without Thomas to cover up his mistakes, he hasn’t done much.

    Yeah.. you become a 3x All-Pro living off the greatness of another player….

  6. It would be nice if ALL THE FACTS were actually told first. 49ers have specifically said signing Trent Williams ($18m+ range) and Fred Warner ($15m+ range) was their top 2021 priorities, which doesn’t leave much for Sherman.

    That’s the only reason why Lynch is letting Sherman go.

  7. He was great…. when he was surrounded by talent, he’s just not a stand alone guy like Revis was. Few are, though.

  8. Maybe the Jets will sign him. He may not be Revis Island, but…

    Nevermind. He’s definitely not Revis Island.

  9. People tend to forget that Sherman and Fitzmagic are among the smartest people in the NFL. And I am not talking about just on the field.

  10. Lowest completion percentage allowed by a cornerback, 2010-2019 (min. 250 targets)

    Richard Sherman 49.6%
    Darrelle Revis 49.8%

  11. He was a great player for Seattle and a good player for the 49ers. Good luck to him, if he can adjust to getting paid a little less he can be a great fit for a locker room-especially if they aren’t depending on him to shut down #1 wide receivers.

  12. Fork up the draft pick Oakland/LA/Vegas/whereeveryouaremovingtonext……..

    Thanks Chucky. Lance Brigg Rule. Look it up.

  13. I’d welcome back Sherm to the hawks. I think him and Jamaal would be great in the secondary along with Diggs and move griffin around and have Blair be the nickel. However he needs some assistance and can’t be left alone anymore, but he’s smart enough to know his limitations, he understands who he needs to give more cushion to and where he can take chances. The guy is smart, well-liked, and honestly the whole drama of him leaving seattle with Pete, and Wilson was overblown, and it was probably in the moment type of thing. Listening to him on the Collinsworth Podcast he doesn’t sound like he has any gripes with Seattle and gives them praise when it’s due. Seriously not a bad option if the price is right.

  14. It did not help that he missed a key tackle late in the Super Bowl loss to KC. Frisco has to make some tough decisions as they have defensive stars they need to keep around and their salary cap situation is not good.

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