Shawn Jefferson: DeAndre Hopkins only WR in league I can compare to Calvin Johnson

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson doesn’t know if he’ll be coaching Larry Fitzgerald this season, but DeAndre Hopkins will be on hand and Jefferson is looking forward to working with him.

Jefferson spoke to reporters on Tuesday and called Hopkins “a generational talent” who reminds him of another player he once coached. Jefferson was a wide receivers coach for the Lions from 2007-2012, which means he worked with Calvin Johnson during the first six seasons of the recently elected Hall of Famer’s career.

When Jefferson looks at Hopkins, he sees something similar to what Johnson was able to do on the field.

“DeAndre is a phenomenal talent,” Jefferson said, via Howard Balzer of “Right now, to be honest with you, he’s probably the only one in the league that I can compare to Calvin Johnson that has the kind of skill set that Calvin had. Playing above the rim and in those competitive situations where you come down with balls.”

One of the top plays of the 2020 season came when Hopkins pulled down a final play Hail Mary to beat the Bills. It showed exactly the kind of skills that Jefferson was talking about, which should make the comparison go over a bit better than it did for Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf last year.

13 responses to “Shawn Jefferson: DeAndre Hopkins only WR in league I can compare to Calvin Johnson

  1. All hail megatron and there is nobody like him. Rice has the stats and no doubt crowned the WR GOAT but give me CJ if I were building a team from scratch.
    Only the Lions prevented him from GOAT status.

  2. Tre’Davious white knocks that ball out of Jordan Poyer doesn’t deliver a huge “no-look” shot to White’s ribs.

    That play was solely offensive pass interference on behalf of the Bills defense.

    Watch that play again, White has the ball coming out and there is no shot D-Hop catches it if Poyer doesn’t lay out his own guy.

  3. Hopkins has consistently put up great receiving numbers despite having guys like Tom Savage, Brock Osweiler, Brandon Weedon, TJ Yates, Brian Hoyer, and Ryan Mallet as his quarterback earlier in his career.
    He may have a diva-like personality like all wide receivers, but the guy simply excels regardless of with whom or where he plays.

  4. “supercharger says:
    February 17, 2021 at 8:55 am
    He’s nothing like Calvin? It was one play. He’s more like Tory Holt.”
    I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a slam, but Holt continues to be a vastly underrated player by too many people.
    If Lynn Swann and Drew Pearson are Hall of Famers, so is Torry Holt.

  5. I love Hopkins, but nothing, and I mean nothing about his game reminds me of Megatron. Metcalf is the closest because of the size and the speed, but still not close… People forget what a freak of nature Megatron was.

  6. Deandre Hopkins is more like Cris Carter than he is to Calvin . Cris and Deandre both have great hands and can really catch .

  7. tripoli18 says:
    February 17, 2021 at 8:54 am
    ….Only the Lions prevented him from GOAT status.
    I’m sure you also think that the 8-8 Cardinals were holding back Hopkins. Right?

  8. Meh. Lions always to blame for Johnsons short career. He kept signing new contracts? He actually signed an eight year deal to stay in Detroit. Why would he do that to only retire a couple years later? I never got the hype for him or Stafford. Terrible teams get stats as well. Somebody gotta score.

  9. @malcolm not a slam, Torrey Holt was great. Calvin is in his own league though. There are players who tell stories of seeing him across the field and wondering why a Lions DE was wearing number 81.

  10. Well, between his playing days and coaching Wide Receivers, Shawn Jefferson has been in the NFL for almost 30 years. I don’t really think this article was meant to be a debate, it was merely a lifetime professional Coach/Wide Receiver giving his opinion. Going to defer to Jefferson on this one, gang. D Hop is hands down, the best WR in football today.

  11. Yeah, Hopkins is amazing. Megatron was one of a kind, though. He turned into more of a possession receiver after injuries sapped his speed a bit, but especially early in his career he might’ve been the most talented wr ever.

    As a Packers fan I hated to see him retire but I loved that he stopped playing Green Bay twice a season.

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