The Carson Wentz wait continues

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Carson Wentz is still a member of the Eagles.

Yes, the trade that was supposedly imminent continues to be imminent, or maybe some other word.

Here’s the latest, from Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Spoke with NFL management source (not from Eagles) about the Wentz melodrama. His viewpoint: If Wentz doesn’t want the Bears, Bears aren’t gonna trade for him. Eventually the Eagles take whatever Indy is offering, maybe a second plus something. Also, Eagles draft a QB 6th overall.”

There’s plenty in that tweet, none of which counts as hard news. Instead, it’s the opinion expressed anonymously from someone in management with a team other than the Eagles.

I’m sharing it because: (1) it’s a little slow today; and (2) it meshes with my view that the Bears shouldn’t want Wentz if Wentz doesn’t want the Bears.

Some of you have bristled at the idea that Wentz is in position to engineer his next destination. Bristle away; the reality is that no team will want a reluctant franchise quarterback. How can any team expect to reach maximum achievement with its starting quarterback if the guy doesn’t want to be there?

The attitude eventually will show up, whether in the extra hours spent working at work or the extra hours spent working at home or the reluctance to hold teammates accountable. Although a team can take a “tough crap” attitude with players at every other position, a team has no chance to win if the starting quarterback doesn’t want to be there.

So if Wentz doesn’t want the Bears (and he shouldn’t), why should the Bears want Wentz? They shouldn’t.

Thus, look for the Colts and Eagles to continue to stare at each other, possibly waiting until March 17 to finalize a deal that will give the Colts what they need — a quarterback — and the Eagles what they want — an exit ramp from Wentz’s contract, along with enough of a return that they can salvage a slim measure of victory from the wreckage that has become Wentz’s Philly career.

70 responses to “The Carson Wentz wait continues

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a dramatic shift from “wow, this guy is a humble team player” to “wow, this guy is an irrational, self-absorbed mega diva.”

  2. The Eagles may need to send Wentz and drat picks to a team to take him and his contract off their hands. They have no leverage whatsoever.

  3. I wouldn’t touch Wentz. He has proven to be incompetent and a pouty whiner. Those with zero work effort and a sense of entitlement are incompetent and pouty. The Colts are a plug and play team for a real qb. You add Wentz and you just lost your window Indy. Not your contract to take on.

  4. Why would Indy offer the Eagles anything for Wentz if they make a deal involving him. The Eagles should be the team sending draft picks along with Wentz to dispose of that contract.

  5. I heard this morning that Carolina is ready to do whatever it takes to get Watson including giving up Christian McCafferty. If that happens, I’ll guess the Bears up their offer for Wentz or the Eagles settle for the current best offer available (prob those two 2nds from Indy). Bears and Eagles both get anxious when other teams make big headlines.

  6. the reality is that no team will want a reluctant franchise quarterback

    No team will want Wentz because he has done nothing to show he’s a franchise quarterback. He’s shown nothing the past several years to show he should even be a starter. Now he’s upset because he got benched and he’s making demands on where he wants to go. Why would any team want a guy like this? Plus, you also have his bloated contract which pays him about fifty times what he’s worth. I wouldn’t trade a Big Mac for him.

  7. The Bears might not be able to do much better than Wentz but they certainly couldn’t do any worse. His reluctance is understandable as they aren’t really any better of a situation than they have in Philly. On the Bears side though, this could be the deal that isn’t made that gives Pace and Nagy any kind of chance to be back in ’22.

  8. Why shouldnt Wentz want the bears is what I am confused about. That guy should be happy if ANYONE wants him after how he has looked the last couple of seasons.

  9. Pace, just play Foles, let 2021 crumble, then go away. You traded away enough draft capital over your tenure. Don’t mess things up for the next GM because you’re on the clock.

  10. “the reality is that no team will want a reluctant franchise quarterback.”

    How reluctant are most backup quarterbacks? He’s repeatedly shown he ISN’T a franchise QB, which both explains why he’s on the trading block and why there is so little interest in him on his current overpaid contract. If he still believes there are tons of teams interested in handing him the starting job he’s totally delusional. And every message he sends suggesting he thinks he can be picky about his next job is just another red flag for the few teams who do have some interest.

  11. I think Mike is assuming the Colts are even willing to give up second rounder for Wentz. Maybe the Colts don’t want him. Period

  12. To the “take whatever picks you can get” crowd… shut up.

    Wentz is primed to be the next Tannehill (excel after a change of scenery), there is no reason for the Eagles to simply give him away.

    Eventually the Eagles will get good picks for him and he may end up on a team he doesn’t love but such is life.

  13. How does anyone (including Wentz) know if he wants to play for the Bears or not until he actually goes there and works for a few months? If he has that little self-respect that he would “half-ass” his practice and study just because he would rather be somewhere else, that should ring alarms to all teams, not just Chicago.

  14. Why draft JH with a 2 and then draft another with a high 1 the next year if you know what you are doing.
    The answer is they don’t.

    They are poorly run.

  15. The flaw in this argument is the statement that Wentz is a “franchise QB”. He is not. Actually he sucks.

  16. The Eagles should NOT trade Carson Wentz. Draft a star receiver in the 1st round. Draft a couple offensive guards and let the Wentz redemption begin!

  17. I think the Eagles are learning that trashing a player in the media, strangely, does not increase their trade value. Unless the Eagles want to crawl out from burning wreckage in 2022, they best dump Carson for whatever they can get ASAP. Every day he is still on the team is a distraction for the players and an irritation for the fan base, who will tank their new coaching hire before the season even starts if Wentz is on the day one roster.

  18. If Wentz doesn’t want to start for a QB needy playoff team with a great defense in a huge market, that says everything about his lack of confidence in himself to turn things around. Hard pass.

  19. I’m starting to think the Colts aren’t going to be it. At this point in his career, especially when you factor in pay, is Wentz any better then Jacoby Brisset?

  20. I remember when Philly fans and most others thought that the Eagles fleeced the Browns for the 2nd pick. HAHA. Who got the last laugh.

  21. The Eagles are going to have to pony up to get rid of Wentz. With that contract, his disposition, and the fact that he will be a project that a QB coach needs to fix…wow. This is not going to be easy.

  22. I may be in the minority of Colt fans, but for a 2nd round pick, I hope they make the deal. It would be a 2 yr. commitment with a cap number that’s in the mid teens for QBs. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve at least bought 2 yrs time for Eason to develop. Who else would be out there for them to get. Darnold is really the only other one worth a chance. I would be fine with either of those 2.

  23. “Wentz is primed to be the next Tannehill (excel after a change of scenery), there is no reason for the Eagles to simply give him away.”

    You base this on WHAT exactly?

    Years of under-performing, injury and being shown up by a backup who takes them to the playoff and wins the Superbowl?

    Sorry dude. Love him all you want. He was a flash in the pan. Period.

  24. The Eagles don’t get bonus points for trading Wentz now as opposed to a month from now. Their is no hard deadline. They know that the Colts want Wentz, and they know that if worst comes to worst they can keep him. He is a big cap hit either way. No sense giving him away for peanuts. Either the Colts up their offer, or they don’t get Carson Wentz.

  25. I don’t think the Colts want him unless they throw in ertz and or picks in a swap for seconds. The contract is already signed and I don’t think Ballard wants to close his window with a chance on Wentz. The maniac said team first…and he is our leader.

  26. He may be disgruntled but so what? Wanna guess the % of people who don’t like their job?

    While he may have the ability to shape where he goes – in an indirect way, the idea most have is – he doesn’t have the player capital to do so. What’s he done other than be a “possible” star for 1/2 a season several years ago?

    He was great a while back – doesn’t mean he’s great now. Bitcoin was cheap a while back – doesn’t mean you get it cheap now.

    It’s about the QB he is TODAY – which is basically Ryan Fitzpatrick without all the moves. A guy that can win games but no one really thinks is going to take you to a SB.

    Wentz is the guy you have while looking for something better or to build the team till you go get that young QB on a rookie deal. At best, he’s a bridge. Bridge QB’s don’t write their own ticket and neither should they.

  27. “Wentz is primed to be the next Tannehill (excel after a change of scenery)”

    Tannehill could stay healthy and there were no questions about his attitude or work ethic. Wentz has been in the NFL 5 seasons and his footwork is still poor. Pigeon-toed throws, overstriding, etc. If he hasn’t made them a priority in 5 years when exactly is he likely to work on them?

  28. Nobody’s going after this guy when potentially there are 2 real franchise QBs to be had. Watson, Wilson, Wentz. Which would you rather have?

  29. I agree that nobody should “bristle” at the notion of Wentz having influence regarding where he ends up. It would be one thing if he were in complete control, or people were arguing that he “should” have control over the situation. But he doesn’t have control…and yet, there is no reason to not factor his desires in to such a deal. Teams are trading for players, not robots, and while the Eagles and Bears could make a deal and tell Wentz to stuff it, it’s in the best interest of the Bears to not ignore how Wentz would feel about that. And if he wouldn’t like it…go another direction, not because you’re “giving in” to the player but because it probably wouldn’t work out.

  30. The Lions got paid to take on Goff and his contract. Goff is a better QB, not an over-entitled head case, and has less contract issues than Wentz. Figure it out. Philly did a good job trying to bluff, but nobody is buying. Nor should they at the prices Philly is talking about.

  31. I remember when Cleveland got ripped apart for not taking this clown. Thank god we passed on him.

  32. Maybe the Vikings should trade Cousins for Wentz, that would make everyone happy, right?

  33. Either you think you can fix Wentz or you don’t. Colts GM is playing an absurd game and it’s going to be fun watching Indy’s window close. NFL is QB driven league. No Quarterback = No Championship. You pick up Wentz because of his upside, not because he sucked last year in Philly and you are trying to get him on the cheap. Stunning how Indy has a coach that can fix him, a great o-line, and a great defense….yet this clown Ballard still thinks he can get Wentz for next to nothing. Carson is going to Chicago & if I’m Indy ownership I make it real clear to playoff wins coming season & you are out of job.

  34. What a contrast to Washington: The WFT signs Taylor Heinicke for next to nothing. He has no ego, no sense of entitlement, and oodles of talent. Heinicke, not Brees, Rodgers or Mahomes, gave TB the toughest game in the playoffs. Wentz is done in Philly; Hurts can’t throw, the Iggles are a mess.

  35. Wentz to Chicago equals a job change for Phillips, Pace and Nagy! Wentz is an over-hyped, over-priced guy who had a couple of good years but has now been relegated to “has been” status due to his injuries and his inability to grow in the position. If I were the Bears I would go after almost anyone (not Kaepernick) other than Wentz. I would even keep Trubisky.

  36. The reason Wentz wouldn’t want to go to Chicago is that he’s going into a (probably) lame-duck coaching staff/GM. Say he goes there and does OK, but the HC and GM are fired – starting over with a new regime is never ideal for a trying-to-prove-himself QB. They may want him, but if they’re out after this season then it does him no good – the next HC may not.

    And, really, the bigger question is whether he’s any kind of fit for the offensive system the Bears run and if they’ll make an effort to play to his strengths.

    On the other hand, if he played well for a year or two he would then set himself up for another good FA contract.

  37. A lot of people commenting are just full of crap. Wentz is getting his money no matter what. He can sit in Philly and get paid. He can play and get paid. All of you saying who is he to try and say where he goes are two faced. You know if you had a paycheck in the tens of millions coming no matter what you did and you had any control over it by telling a team you did not want to be there you would. Can’t stand all of the BS from folks acting all high and mighty. So he sucks now. Big deal. He still has every right to control what he can. The same as anyone else would.

  38. He has been cranky ever since the Super Bowl they won without him. Funny how he was supposed to be the missing piece to get that SB and he’s somehow not a part of either playoff runs. Something to be said for staying on the field. Also not regressing would be a plus. Just retire if you’re that delicate Carson. Maybe cousin Pete can get you a job in fall out boy. Give you an outlet for that emotion.

  39. Lets think this through: Bristle away; the reality is that no team will want a reluctant franchise quarterback. How can any team expect to reach maximum achievement with its starting quarterback if the guy doesn’t want to be there?

    If a team gives into a player, then they have no credibility and no discipline. It can only go down hill. A QB gets paid a massive amount of money. If they stoop producing and get benched and pout how do you handle that?
    Cave in, or tell the player “If you want out we will try and trade you to maximize what we can get. We paid you a lot and gave up many draft picks to get you. If you refuse then we won’t be able to trade you and you will be stuck on this team where you don’t want to be. So be cooperative if you want to leave, else sit and sulk.”

  40. I hope this and Watson would just get settled one way or the other already, as I think that makes moving Darnold the next domino to fall. I’m hoping Wentz goes to Indy, Watson to the niners and Darnold to the Redskins or Bears. Then my team can take Zach Wilson at 2, trade down a couple times early and with that and the extra capital from Darnold we find out if Joe Douglas can handle this. I think it all starts w Wentz.

  41. As madworld said…he has been in the league for 5yrs and been benched. Mechanics are poor. No will to learn. Pouty. Non leader. No teammates have stuck up for him. Zero. The people that drafted him are trying to replace him with a backup. Says a lot. I think Fitzy would be interesting in this offense. I’d tell the Eagles to kick rocks unless they gonna pay for some of that contract.

  42. Wentz is an employee he should not dictate this trade. Lurie gave him $138 million $contract. If Watson goes to Carolina then maybe Denver gets back in the picture. I would not trade him just because he wants a trade. Last year he played with no offensive line and no quality receivers. His agent should say suck it up and earn your money. If he believes he should be #1 then earn it in camp. This new coach deserves a chance to make Wentz what he was in 2017

  43. Drafting a qb at six this year would be a big mistake for the Eagles. So many other needs on an aging roster devoid of talent on both sides. Howie needs to dump the red-headed stepchild as quickly as possible and focus on rebuilding the roster.

  44. This reminds me of a GARAGE SALE. The seller (Eagles) wants to get rid of an item (Wentz) but sets the price too high and won’t negotiate. Ultimately the buyer(s) leave and the seller puts the item back in the closet and waits for next year’s garage sale.

  45. If he doesn’t want to go to the Bears, I can understand that if you go there and “suck” you won’t be treated well. But, If you succede, you will own the city of Chicago.

  46. I would ask why Wentz shouldn’t want to go to the Bears? They have a solid defense and have been held back by poor QB play. If he is betting on himself then it would be a good move.

  47. Lot of posters on here have strong
    (hate) feelings for Wentz but, If the NFL is a business and it is. Why can’t players make a “business ” decision too? If Wentz thinks he can’t rehab his play, image and career in Chicago then I dont blame him. But, show me ONE comment from Carson Wentz where he said he wouldn’t play in Philly, or go to the Bears or whatever. Truth is Wentz hasn’t said one word publicly since December 5 2020.

    But if “rumors” are true and he will only go to Indy and Indy offered two seconds..I say throw in Ertz and go try to get a first and third with the third being conditional on Wentz’s play. Everybody wins..

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