Bruce Arians: Vets like not having OTAs because young players don’t develop

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The NFL has not said anything specific about how offseason programs are going to unfold this year, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said before the Super Bowl that “virtual is going to be part of our lives” whether in-person work returns this year.

Some on the players side would like everything to be virtual. Browns center and NFL Players Association president JC Tretter believes “there is no reason for us to ever return to the previous offseason program.” Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians shared his view of why Tretter and other established players feel that way while advocating for a return to the pre-pandemic way of doing things.

“If we lose spring, [young players] are not getting developed. The veterans love that s–t, because that means they don’t get to take their jobs,” Arians said, via Greg Auman of “So when you have the veterans voting on the rules. . . . these young kids need practice. If the vets don’t want to come, they don’t have to come. It’s still voluntary. We need the preseason, we definitely need some preseason games.”

Tretter and other players have also talked about feeling healthier after an offseason without on-field work, but Arians said he would “fight what they’re saying about the injuries” because players had more issues early in camp than he’d seen in past seasons.

Other veteran players have shared their view about the benefits of OTAs and other offseason work, but it still remains to be seen just how things will look heading into the 2021 season.

17 responses to “Bruce Arians: Vets like not having OTAs because young players don’t develop

  1. You need regular “in person” practices, that’s the only way players will gel, virtual is only good for game planning.

  2. They want to do less work for the same exorbitant money, that’s all.

    At a time when millions of Americans are suffering, complaining about having to do a little more travel and exercise is tone-deaf at best.

  3. Let’s face it. Covid protocols will become the new normal. We won’t be going back to huge crowds and maskless faces for a long time if ever.

  4. They do not have to play at all if it is so inconvenient. Get a different profession that is easier.

  5. Arians is not wrong…. Football is kind of an “in-person” sport… If the players had their way, they would be playing Madden all Summer/Fall and collecting millions…. Someone has to be the Adult and tell them get back to work

  6. Leave it to Bruce to speak the dirty truth. Its a big diservice to young players and young teams trying to improve. But the vets get to spend more time golfing and enjoying their mansions how great.

    Look have more rookie/ QB / players on 1st contracts stuff and give the excuse they cant attend to the lazy vets.

  7. In other words, what the veterans are saying is they don’t want a young guy who plays hard to take that veteran’s job who no longer plays hard and usually shows up out of shape and takes a month to get into shape. If they were so worried about their job maybe they’d work out in the offseason like Jerry Rice did.

  8. They should be working as much as possible.

    Don’t listen to the veterans on the matter. They are biased.

  9. This is how most unions work. The guys with seniority (aka the guys voting on the new contract) always get better pay, benefits, vacation etc than the new hires. If there are concessions to be made, it’s always the young guys who lose something, not the veterans. It’s an ugly reality of labor unions.

  10. To be frank does the extra practice add any value to the NFL and the players generate? People will watch if they want to watch, if the players see no pay off to practicing from a viewership standpoint then it’s just inefficient and extra work for nothing. Stop whining that because they get paid a lot they have to work all the time. They get paid because of the value they generate.

  11. The solution is a little bit of both. You need some things and not others. My employer made some changes due to COVID protocols and had a record year. Sales are up, stock is way up. A lot of the policies that were removed were things to save money but inconvenienced (and sometimes negatively affected the health of) employees. The results show some of the policies were never necessary.

    NFL needs physical in-person practice and development but I expect some modified safety protocols are at least here to stay.

  12. It’s cause Bruce Arians can’t develop young talent & never has been ….Ask around there is NO NFL player who says I owe my career to Bruce Arians

  13. Arians hit the nail on the head. The vets don’t want competition for their jobs. Once the season gets underway, coaches have to get ready for their next opponent. They don’t have time to teach young players new things. You learn what you can in camp. If you can’t handle the truth, don’t listen to Bruce. Love him or hate him, he’s spot on with this message.

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