Colts roll dice that Carson Wentz, Frank Reich will turn back the clock


It’s been a wild few years for Colts fans. With the plug unexpectedly pulled on Andrew Luck’s career after only seven NFL seasons, Indy has careened from Jacoby Brissett to Philip Rivers and now to Carson Wentz at quarterback.

Carson Wentz. If you’d told the average Colts fan a year ago that the team would have Wentz in 2021, the average Colts fan would have become extremely excited. Given that the Colts paid Rivers $25 million in 2020 and will pay Wentz $25.4 million in 2021, that would have been regarded as a steal.

The challenge now becomes making it a steal. Can coach Frank Reich, who had helped turn Wentz into an MVP candidate in 2017, get Wentz back to where he was? Can Wentz, now free from whatever it was that dragged him down in Philly last year, show that his performance in 2020 was an aberration?

It’s a worthwhile bet for the Colts. With no other obvious options available for a plug-and-play starter, and given the pre-existing relationship between Wentz and Reich, it’s worth the financial investment, and it’s worth the draft picks.

And if it all falls tougher just right, the Colts could win with Wentz as many championships as they won with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, combined.

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  1. Thing I don’t get is they truer getting Stafford and Carr too. So there’s a difference between getting your guy and just any guy. At least McVay got the guy he really wanted.

  2. We will never know if they tried to get others. They may have just asked what was up. I always look at all my options of things before making a purchase. To me the contract isn’t too bad. He blows it this year cut em and you only lost a 2 and a 3. We all know the eagles need way more help and their drafting past does not look very good.

  3. Wentz in 2020 was a aberration , the cause and effect of a horrendous offensive line, no skill players on offense and a head coach obviously losing his team. The colts stole Wentz and Reich knows it.

  4. I think they could run it back to the playoffs IF Wentz can stay healthy. They’ll be against a rookie Trevor Lawrence and the Titans again.

  5. supercharger says:
    February 18, 2021 at 6:42 pm
    Thing I don’t get is they truer getting Stafford and Carr too. So there’s a difference between getting your guy and just any guy. At least McVay got the guy he really wanted.
    McVay broke the bank for a small window with a guy of no proven playoff clutchness. Colts got Wentz because Reich and Jimbo are hoping for a quick fix. But they got him in cheap trade because Ballard, like most everyone else (including the Eagles), is very unconvinced

  6. He’s un coachable. Good luck. Not as good as he thinks he is. Eagles learned the hard way and so will the colts. Thanks for takin Him and that large contract off the eagles books.

  7. Everyone wants to point to the 2020 Eagles as having a bad line, no WRs (though they had DJax, Fulgham, Ertz, Goedart, Reagor), and bad play calling. And they keep ignoring the fact that he simply hasn’t been the same since the ACL injury. His record us 17-21-1 since the injury. Good luck Indy. What you’ve been seeing is what you’ll get.

  8. Since Reich left the Eagles they have been going down hill. He could possibly revive Wentz’s career.

  9. I think this actually may work. Not saying Wentz will be MVP or the Colts win the Superbowl, but I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith, as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run. And so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

  10. Trevor Lawrence might be the highest rated QB to ever come out of college. If it weren’t for Lawrence, Wentz would be the overall #1 pick if he were coming out this year. It’s like there was a safe full of money, but it was useless because nobody knew the combination of the lock. Frank Reich has the combination. This asset is much more valuable to the Colts than to any other team. That’s why the Colts didn’t have to pay the full value of this treasure.

  11. I’m an Eagles fan, and I’m pretty neutral about this. One the one hand Wentz has immense talent. On the other hand, he was so bad this year it looked like he had never played the sport before at times. He did have a few good games, but many games where the loss was almost entirely on him. Literally you would scream at the TV “what the F are you doing?” I’ve seen plenty of overmatched QBs but never seen anything like this before. And it got much worse as the season progressed. I don’t think anyone knows why, if it’s mental, due to past injuries or what. Maybe he plays like 2017 for Reich and the Colts. Maybe he plays like 2020. Most likely scenario is probably somewhere in between.

  12. IF Wentz moves forward and immediately reaches out to the leaders of the team it will make a huge impact on the near future. He has a lot of work to do. You want a ring of your own Carson? Blue crew looking at you.

  13. With a fresh start and better attitude he might have a nice rebound. But the part that I keep getting stuck on is his poor footwork. After 5 years in the NFL it’s as bad as when he was a rookie. How can that be if the guy is truly committed to his craft?

  14. Wentz came from a small college, so there was probably a learning curve to begin with. He never got the benefit of sitting on the bench and learning the pro game. When that happens, you play on your own instincts while trying to learn as you go. Than in the second year you try to put into practice what you learned. It just wasn’t working for Wentz. His confidence tanked with each passing year and his Doug Peterson didn’t help the situation. Clearly Wentz need a fresh start away from Philly. Wentz now has that in Indy with a coach he knows. It’s time to find out if Wentz is a franchise QB, or just a QB, or a bust at QB. Only time will tell.

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