Deshaun Watson’s personal coach asks what it takes to get a quarterback traded

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In the aftermath of the news that disgruntled Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will be traded to the Colts, the personal coach of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson posed a question on Twitter.

What’s the criteria for a quarterback asking to get traded, then actually getting traded?” Quincy Avery posted. “Asking for a friend.”

Indeed he is. Watson, like Wentz, wants a new start. Wentz is getting one. Watson, so far, isn’t.

The situations are different, however. Wentz had a horrible 2020, and the Eagles were staring down more than $40 million in guarantees over the next two years. The Eagles also have Jalen Hurts, who seems to be ready to take over the starting job.

Watson, in contrast, played like one of the best quarterbacks in football last year, even though the rest of the team didn’t. He’s in the early years of a long-term, big-money extension. The cap and cash charges, especially in 2021, are more than manageable. Watson makes only $10.54 million in base salary this year, and his cap number will be only $15.94 million. (That changes in a year, when Watson has a fully-guaranteed salary of $35 million.)

There’s another difference. The Eagles seem to understand how to figure out a plan that promotes their overall best interests. The Texans don’t. Frankly, the Texans seem determined to draw a line in the sand simply because they can. That definitely won’t get them the best possible return when Deshaun inevitably gets what he wants.

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  1. I hope they keep in in place and send a message to other GM’s, just because your cry baby star wants to jump ship and stick you with a re building project doesnt mean you have to accept it.
    I hope they stick to their guns and force him to sit or play. Sitting will be a long and costly adventure.

  2. He doesnt have the freedom to be traded if he wants to. Deshawn willingly signed his name to a binding contract that eleimated his freedom to go to a different team at his liking. The bigger question is – will Watson be willing to follow through with what he put his name behind and play for the team?

  3. you know he is trying to make it a race thing. sorry but your client is too good to be traded for 3rd round pick and a conditional 2nd.

  4. Here in lies the problem with Watson. He’s letting everyone around him do the talking for him, and he’s hurting his trade value

  5. Surely he has to understand that a team’s asking price needs to be met… right? All the stuff coming from Deshaun’s camp implies they thinks the team should just let him walk to the highest bidder. Never going to happen. He’s a top 5 QB in the league.

  6. The first thing Deshawn should do is put his Houston house up for sale. That might send a message – without him having to go all “Antonio Brown” on the franchise.

  7. I’m a Watson fan, but he signed the contract. If he wanted to get traded, he should have avoided signing the contract.

  8. Tell your “friend” that it’s really not that easy for a team to trade its franchise QB just because he asks for it. Especially if the team he’s on doesn’t really want to trade him. I’m getting a sense of entitlement coming from Watson’s camp. It’s like “Just because we ask for it…we should get it. No questions asked.”

  9. Answer: a better agent & contract, or an injury – or maybe a well-run org, which Texans aren’t

    A classic case of Buyers’ Remorse, on both sides.

    I hear those saying bench him, teach him a lesson, but a clever team would realise that won’t mend things, and will only drop his trade value – so do it now for a bunch of picks and reset.

  10. He’s not going anywhere. He signed the contract so let him stew on it. The Texans dont need to do anything.

  11. I would think all negotiations are happening under wraps and it all depends on what teams are willing to offer. Watson is no Carson Wentz, so it will take a lot. I’d imagine we won’t find out until a trade has been accepted and it’ll just come out of nowhere.

  12. To answer Avery’s question, it takes a horrible season in which the QB in question gets benched for several games and replaced by a rookie WR that is masquerading as a QB.

  13. If your star QB wants out in the modern NFL you better seriously address his issues of concern or face the fact that you have to trade him.

  14. This is not a race thing, and don’t try to make it one; it’s a bad team thing. The Texans have been poorly managed for awhile. I don’t blame him. Everyone else on this board would do the same thing Watson is doing. Yeah he signed the contract, but those are typically one-sided towards management regardless of who signed it. He is using his leverage and I do not blame him.

  15. Don’t understand Watsons issue. All their problems are on defense so if they can get that turned around they could be good for years to come. Most of the other issues to me came from their old coach trading away their number one pick a d Hopkins but he is gone.

    If he thinks the organization is a dumpster fire, only 1/3 of the franchises have one a super bowl in last 25 years so that means 2/3 of the teams are no better than the Texans.

  16. if ownership and management refuse to budge- and i have no idea if that is the correct stance or not-Watson is not getting his way. He’s stuck. He can come back half-heartedly,fake an injury, hold out-whatever.

    Unlike other’s i don’t see any downside for Texan’s to keep saying no.

    Another team -at some point-will offer them a ‘quarterback’ and mucho draft picks. It may be late for this years draft-but if he holds out it will happen.

    If jets or miami or SF was smart they would offer Darnold -tua- Jimmy G and 3 number ones. Just a thought.

  17. thejugulator says:

    This is not a race thing, and don’t try to make it one; it’s a bad team thing. The Texans have been poorly managed for awhile.
    The Texans have won their division more than 50% of the seasons over the past decade. In 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, & 2019. Badly managed teams dont just have that happen by accident.

  18. Well, one answer is not having just signed a huge contract extension a few months prior, and not basing your criteria for leaving on not being able to control team personnel decisions.

    The Texans didn’t just become a screwy team after he signed that contract. Better quarterbacks than Watson have dealt with less than ideal situations.

    Maybe his fellow Texans players support him, I don’t know. But wanting out just after taking a huge chunk of their available salary money doesn’t seem like such a cool move.

  19. It’s really just a case of bad timing for Watson. When he signed the deal, BOB was running the show and it seemed like problems were fixable.. Now Jack has spread dysfunction across the organization which is now a complete dumpster fire… but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

  20. Headline – Texans Trade Watson to Jets – Net (4) 1st’s (4) 2nd’s

    Texans trade Watson to Jets and get (2) 2021 1st’s, (1)2021 2nd, (1) 2022 1st, (1) 2022 2nd, + Sam Darnold.

    Texans then trade Darnold to QB needy team, think Denver, SF, Washington, Chicago, Patriots, Saints, for (1) 2021 1st, (1) 2021 2nd, and (1) 2022 2nd.

    The Texans net (4) 1sts + (4) 2nd’s and draft Zach Wilson with the #2 overall pick and rebuild with the rest of the picks and free agency!

  21. Watson needs to honor his word and contract. If not, let him sit out. Bring in a q.b. who wants to play and just play football while he sits at home.

  22. To the first comment:

    Why sit him to send some stupid message and lose, when you could gain so much by getting rid of him when he clearly hates you? Texans are looking at 4 first round picks at the bare minimum, and probably a set of 2nds, 3rds, and late rounders and even some starting players. That can change the entire direction of the franchise.

    Watson will be dealt before the draft. Guaranteed. His trade value goes down afterwards.

  23. … “ Watson needs to honor his word “…

    So does McNair. Watson was promised by McNair that Watson would be consulted and given a seat at the table when McNair made decisions picking a GM and a coach. Then McNair totally ignored him. When you flat out lie to your most important employee, treating him as though he was insignificant, you should expect him to seek a better deal. And yet Watson has never once said he wouldn’t honor his word.

  24. usmutts3 says:

    … “ Watson needs to honor his word “…

    So does McNair. Watson was promised by McNair
    Watson’s obligation to committ to his work is signed in a contract. There is nothing in the contract stating that Watson has any special powers or oversight of what the team does structurally.

  25. 50stars has read Watson’s contract? Why does the obligation to meet the terms of the contractual agreement apply only to the player and not the team? Your position is untenable and obviously based on factors having nothing to do with contract law. Your understanding of contractual agreements is as substantial as your understanding of professional football. That’s not good.

  26. Best qbs in football. That’s what garbage time stats do for you. He literally blew 2 games at the end on his own.

  27. I can help him out with that. first thing to do I name the teams you want to go to. Oh wait he already did that. Ok then I am out of ideas then

  28. bloodonhishands says:

    50stars has read Watson’s contract?
    If Watson had it in his contract to have more say over the teams transactions and hiring…then Watson wouldnt be complaining about not having more say over the teams transactions and hiring.

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