Drew Brees’ announcement should be coming any day now

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All signs pointed to Drew Brees retiring from the Saints, even before he slashed his 2021 salary as part of a broader plan to manage the salary-cap reckoning. However, Brees still hasn’t announced his intentions.

Given the estimate provided two weeks ago by Saints coach Sean Payton, an announcement regarding Brees’ plans should be coming any day now.

Fifteen days ago, Payton said that the Saints anticipate an “announcement” from Brees within the next “week, week and a half.”

Presumably, Brees will conduct a press conference at which his retirement will be announced. Given the terms of his recent restructuring, the Saints will keep him on the active roster until June 2, before shifting him to the reserve/retired list and splitting the final cap hit over two years.

Brees will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He’s expected to transition to broadcasting. He undoubtedly will have a wide range of business interests, and he eventually could try his hand at politics.

10 responses to “Drew Brees’ announcement should be coming any day now

  1. A former great QB, he has noticeably declined and it’s time for him to retire.
    I am looking forward to listening to him as a broadcaster.

  2. I think Brees will play this year and announce it is his last.He seems to want records & adulation and will expect a ceremony at each city along the way.

  3. Dont understand the delay in announcing his retirement. Truly a great player in his prime but the last couple yrs with injuries and declining play its obvious he lost his arm. Which for all the TB12 haters have to give respect to Brady. TB12’s arm actually looked stronger..wish Brees all the best, go be with your family enjoy your fortune…but its time.

  4. If I were Brees, I would retire, save the Saints the most cap hit possible…get the shoulder fixed (and the rotator cuff, if needed) and 100% rehabbed, get the plantar Fascitis healed up and rehabbed, take an entire calendar year to increase the entire body strength, then, after the 2021-2022 season, Un-Retire and give it one more attempt, at the league minimum. That would give Winston 1 full season as the starter- if it is not working they can move on…

  5. Given their cap situation, even with Brees agreeing to play salary cap games to create cap space, it’s going to be difficult to maintain the level of talent that failed to advence to the SB these last few years. An even older Brees surrounded by less talent? Time to retire

  6. As a lifelong fan, I hated the Saints bringing him in at the time figuring at worst he was just another broken down vet or at best they weren’t “one player away” so why do it? I was so wrong and we’ve been so fortunate to have him.

    In between Manning and Brees, we wandered in the desert of franchise QB purgatory.

    Hebert, Tolliver, Hobert, Fourcade, Wuerffel, Shuler, Nussmeier, Everett, Delhomme, Brooks, Blake…..could go on forever.

    It’s been painful watching him break down these last couple of years and it is time for everyone to move on, but man am I worried about a return to irrelevancy.

  7. Sean Payton went 8-1 without Brees over the last two seasons. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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