Eagles plan a QB competition with Jalen Hurts

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles’ decision to trade quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts paves the way for Jalen Hurts to become the starter in 2021, just as he was at the end of the 2020 season. But the job isn’t being handed to Hurts.

Instead, the Eagles plan to bring in competition for Hurts, according to ESPN.

That makes sense for new head coach Nick Sirianni, who will want to see Hurts up close before giving him the job. Hurts was better than Wentz last year, but he wasn’t so great that giving him the starting job is a slam dunk.

The Eagles have the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, and selecting a quarterback can’t be ruled out. Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence won’t be available, but if the Eagles want a quarterback like BYU’s Zach Wilson, Ohio State’s Justin Fields or North Dakota State’s Trey Lance, it’s possible they could get him at No. 6.

More likely, however, the Eagles will go in another direction in the draft, and Hurts will get his chance as the franchise quarterback.

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  1. The Eagles need one of those top wide receivers at 6 and then draft a couple of guards later on and this offense will be pretty good.

  2. With the Eagles dire cap situation, they won’t be able to afford a decent vet QB. They will have to draft one, (hopefully not in the 1st round but around the 3rd to 4th round), to compete with Hurts. Odds are that Hurts starts in that scenario but he isn’t going to start all season as his inaccuracy will catch up to him and Doom the Eagles.

  3. Hurts was NOT better then Wentz last yr. He ran for more yards but they both got sacked a ton, had close to the same completion rate, and the BOTH held the ball too long. Showing it wasn’t the QB it was no line and nobody open to throw to. There’s no denying Carson had superior talent. When he goes back to being a top 10 QB the media will see it wasn’t all Carsons fault. He did have a horrible yr last yr. But one bad yr shouldn’t get a QB traded. The problem in Philly is still here..not Doug. Not Wentz, but Howie and an owner he suddenly thinks he’s Ozzy Newsome.

    Indy got a steal.

  4. Micah or surtain, we need to be more consistent on D if our oline is healthy we have enough on offense to get by…don’t know how hurts will do, I like him but I know he won’t be afraid of competition

  5. I have no skin in this game but if you need “competition” for your second round choice, when you just traded your first round choice from a couple of years ago” because you thought the other guy was better, it sounds to me like you are not drafting very well! And what happens if this so called competition beats out your second round choice? YIKES!!!!

  6. There is a better chance that Zach Wilson goes #1 than there is that he’s available at #6. He will go 1 or 2 in this draft and you can take that to the bank.

  7. LOL there is no way even Howie Roseman would draft a QB with the #1 pick. He just traded away his QB controversy- why start a new one right off the bat?

  8. The speed from a Superbowl champion to a dumpster fire now was faster than pronouncing Eagles

  9. In all 3 of his starts last year, Hurts burned teams with his legs early in the game and once the opponents adjusted, he was ineffective. If the key to stopping a quarterback is to make him throw then he isn’t much of a quarterback.

  10. Jacoby Brissett will come in and compete. Its all the more common to have a veteran QB who knows the new coach’s system to get signed and assist in teaching the offense.

  11. When Howie Roseman drafted Jalen Hurts he said “we want to be a quarterback factory.” Nothing more needs to be said

  12. my beloved eagles screwed the pooch BIGTIME!!!!! Either keep dougie p or wentz but dont axe both. Then u keep hurts. They were already figuring him out at the end of last season!!!! 3 yrs removed from our only sb win and we no longer have the sb mvp…the franchise qb that was playing like a mvp…or the only sb winning coach in franchise history. im fed up!!!! after 37 years..will be 38 in the 2021 season… im fed up. this should be a time we die hards can enjoy but as always 1 step fwd and 5 steps back!!!!!

  13. Wentz will probably hurt himself on that Indy turf. Hurts seems decent but the Eagles are obsessed with headlined so they’ll prob take a QB at 6 or trade up ahead of ATL to take one. Can’t see them taking another WR again.

  14. Does Philly really want to go from one NDS bust to another? LOL. I’d be nervous. But that’s the only QB, besides Mac Jones to be available at #6. Maybe a lower round pick OR trade up for Fields or Wilson.

  15. 100% false. They drafted Hurts in the second round to be the starter going forward. They just traded a QB and incurred a huge cap hit so he could be the starter. Any competition in training camp would be bogus for the fans; Hurts will be the starter week one no matter what.

    If they do draft a QB at 6, then the Eagles are the burning garbage barge, slowly burning so everyone can see. You can’t have any issues at QB as an NFL team, and they already have a lot. Inviting more is death to the franchise.

  16. Hurts was ok last season. Made some good plays but also made some bad mistakes.

    Still, he didn’t play that much. You have to give him a shot next season to see if he can be the guy. If not, why did you spend a second round pick on him?

  17. That might be what they are saying, but it’s going to be Hurts unless they move up to get a guy. Or, I guess they could bring Nick back, but that seems unlikely now.

  18. They’re not gonna draft high or spend serious bucks for true competition to Hurts, they’ll just want to keep him real & focused, and keep their bases covered if Hurts don’t make the step up

  19. scoreatwill says:
    February 18, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    if you need “competition” for your second round choice, when you just traded your first round choice from a couple of years ago”


    Trading away a Super Bowl MVP QB in favor of your first-round QB who never won a playoff game, then trading him (after signing him to a huge contract) in favor of your second-round QB who’s won even less, then planning to bring in competition for your 2nd-round QB…

    Has any team handled success worse than these Eagles?

  20. This feels like the Eagles made the wrong decision. I mean the relationship with Wentz was broke, but I think he will have success with the Colts. Strong running game, plenty of WR/TE talent and an O Line. They got a great deal.
    The Eagles.. well if your starting QB can only muster up 7 completions by the 4th quarter in a game against a sub par division rival (WFT).. good luckkk..

  21. Eagles CANNOT go QB with 6th pick. Roster needs talent. Hurts is talented enough – a full off-season will help him grow tremendously. Give him some help! OL or WR (depending who’s still available when they pick). 

    Good News: the NFC East is so bad they will still contend for the division — and can very easily win it — if they get a plug-and-play stud with that 6th pick (and hit on a few others).

  22. They won a ring a couple years ago running the team with these people? Sudfield? Any vet would take Hurts job by week 5. At least you are in a bad division I guess.

  23. Love me some everybody hurts…sometime!
    He will be just fine. Looks like a young Russell Wilson.
    Give him a shot guys.

  24. With only one or two exhibition games next year good luck on evaluating that qb competition!

  25. If Roseman takes QB at six, then I’ll light myself on fire and throw myself out a window.

  26. C’mon Man. Nobody has a starting QB they are happy with and then wastes a first round pic on a QB.

    Asking for a friend in Green Bay.

  27. I will extinguish the fire buddy…he just may do it. You’d better hope he doesnt pull a Pace and trade up to outsmart everybody.

  28. The big question is…..will Wentz have a better year than Rivers had in 2020? If so, good deal for Colts. If not, they are no better than 4th best team in AFC(behind the Chiefs, Bills, and two of three of the following (Browns/Ravens/Titans).

  29. I think Hurts is talented and a serious leader. On the OL they get back 2 all pros and their 1st round pick from a couple years ago who were all missing last season plus the 6th pick on the draft. They could have a quick turn around if they draft wisely and make smart contractual decisions moving forward.

  30. This is a great example of how the media gets used by NFL organizations to spread fake news. The Eagles want to trade back for more picks.

  31. Howie couldn’t tell talent at wide receiver even if one sat there in his lap begging to be picked.

  32. Go with Hurts next year, draft the wide receiver, if it works great, if not you will once again have a high draft pick and maybe Indys # 1 to add to the team.

    Either way you loose a QB who didn’t want to be here and was going to be a locker room liability all season

  33. Hurts was so good last year that in a game that they needed to win to make the playoffs he was benched with the team only down by one possession.

  34. If they like Hurts, they need to give him a another season or two. What if Buffalo gave up on Josh Allen after two seasons, or Dallas gave up on Troy Aikman back in the day. When you look at the early years of most HOF QB’s, they were really bad for a season or two, but because they were high draft picks, their teams stuck with them.

  35. scoreatwill says:
    February 18, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    I have no skin in this game but if you need “competition” for your second round choice, when you just traded your first round choice from a couple of years ago” because you thought the other guy was better, it sounds to me like you are not drafting very well! And what happens if this so called competition beats out your second round choice? YIKES!!!!
    Lol wow really? So you think a new coach, who didn’t draft this qb, is going to come in and just hand the job to him after only 4 starts? And even if the plan IS to hand him the job, wouldn’t you want the youngster to be on his toes and want to grind even harder?

  36. Jalen Hurts was bad last year. He needs to improve a lot to be average.
    If they can’t draft a QB they like the Eagles might be better off tanking with him in 2021 and drafting a QB in 2022. They can use the other picks to rebuild.

  37. xrz0119 says:
    February 18, 2021 at 4:10 pm
    QB factory lol

    This craps got to stop.. There is a completely new coaching staff in house now..

  38. What was the point of hiring Siranni then? His offense fits Wentz style a lot more than Hurts. The eagles sound like a mess

  39. The reality is the Eagles ranked towards the bottom for total team offense and defense. They are ranked 31st for cap spending and have serious cap issues heading into the 2021 season. They just need to fire Roseman and gut this team. They are not a few draft picks away from winning a Super Bowl, they have a terrible offensive line, terrible receivers, average to below average running back group, and a bunch of high paid defensive veterans who are declining.

    I don’t care who you bring in at QB when your offensive line gives up 65 sacks it’s not th QB and no veteran will finish the season getting pounded every game. They need to draft some high caliber offensive lineman and receivers and give Hurts a fair chance. But with their cap space they are screwed bringing in any decent free agents.

  40. This is one of the things I hate about the NFL. Oh, so Hurts didn’t show as an instant Hall of Famer in his rookie year? Oh my – let’s judge him harshly and imply we’re unhappy with him! Parcells used to say you can’t judge a QB until 30 starts.

    I’m not saying Hurts shouldn’t have competition – every position should have competition because it makes the team stronger – but can everyone just back of and they maybe DEVELOP the guy a bit before he’s written off?

  41. Look, Wentz may or may not be broken. Only time will tell. The Chargers moved on from Brees and he brought the Saints a SB. Rivers didn’t deliver one or ever get close.

    I don’t think Hurts is the guy but even if the Eagles do because of the cheap cost of Hurts (or any rookie contract) you keep drafting a QB every year until you are SURE you have “The Guy” AND he has PROVEN it.

    And NEVER waste a high draft pick on a WR or any receiver for that matter. Good teams are built inside out. Get a good QB, protect him (or pressure the other guy’s), your RB(s) are going to touch the ball a lot more often than any WR is and there are anywhere from 3 to 5 guys to throw to on any play. THROW TO THE OPEN GUY.

    It isn’t rocket science.

    And as the Pats proved for 2 decades you can win a LOT with decent receivers. No need for overpriced Divas.

  42. The “competition” won’t be anyone who a) could actually beat out Hurts and thus cause more drama and threaten his fragile ego b) costs any serious money because Philly is in cap hell. So it won’t be Fitz or Jameis and it won’t even be Jacoby Brissett. It’ll be someone like CJ Beathard. No threat to Hurts but still semi-credible, cheap and low drama.

  43. One thing for certain, you know Howie is lying because it happens every time he moves his lips. Translation, Eagles pick #6 overall and they want someone to think they are taking a QB to up their trade value of moving down. Prediction for Philly record this coming year 3-13.

  44. Wentz in his first five games:

    6 for 15 for 79 yards 40% comp 0 TDs 0 INTs 57.4 RTG 33.0 QBR

    25 for 45 for 215 yards 55.6% comp 2 TDS 1 INTs 73.8 RTG 60.1 QBR

    21 for 35 for 235 yards 60.0% comp 2 TDs 2 INTs 75.3 RTG 17.3 QBR

    21 for 37 for 208 yards 56.8 comp 0 TDs 0 INTs 72.8 RTG 40.5 QBR

    15 for 27 for 123 yards 55.6 comp 2 TDs 2 INTs 61.2 RTG 32.4 QBR

    No rushing TDs in those five games.

    Hurts first 5 (really only 4 spread over 5 games) games:

    5 for 12 for 109 yards 41.7% comp 1 TD 1 INT 67.7 RTG 30.2 QBR

    17 for 30 for 167 yards 56.7% comp 1 TD 0 INT 83.6 RTG 60.5 QBR

    24 for 44 for 338 yards 54.5% comp 3 TDs 0 INT 102.3 RTG 60.6 QBR

    21 for 39 for 342 yards 53.8% comp 1 TDs 2 INTs 70.7 RTG 19.4 QBR

    7 for 20 for 72 yards 35.0% comp 0 TDs 1 INTS 25.4 RTG 42.5 QBR

    Hurts had three rushing TDs in those.

    So they both went 1-4 with Wentz throwing for 860 yards and accounting for 6 total TDs while Hurts threw for 1,028 and accounted for 9 total TDs. Wentz threw 5 Ints while Hurts threw 4.

    My only point is if you’re going to compare Wentz and Hurts at least do it over the same fiveish game stretch not 5 games for a rookie to what Wentz did as a 5th year starter or in 2017.

  45. Eagles would be stupid to put too much resources into QB, either in free agency or in the draft. If someone falls to them in the 4th round, then maybe take a flier. But this team is a mess, so they need to just eat it for at least a couple years, try to get young and clean up their cap situation while starting to build a young core. Maybe in 3 years, if they’ve drafted well, they can shift back to free agency as a way to fill in a few remaining holes. For now, completely strip it down and start the rebuild.

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