Mike Vrabel confirms discussions about J.J. Watt


The Titans made only 19 sacks last season. Somehow, some way, the team vows to improve its pass rush.

Signing J.J. Watt would be a good start.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel was on the Texans’ defensive staff for four seasons, the first three of those as linebackers coach and then as defensive coordinator in 2017. By all accounts, Watt liked Vrabel and Vrabel liked Watt.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson confirmed earlier this week the team has had contact with Watt.

Vrabel was asked Thursday night about the risk vs. reward of signing Watt.

“When you go into free agency, there’s a lot of things about player acquisition that go into it: What is best for your football team?” Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the team website. “Cost is also a part of it. The fit is a part of it, and then the need. . . . You mentioned J.J. Watt, and there will be other veteran players that become available that we’ll have discussions on, and we have had discussions on J.J. Watt. . . . There’s a lot of things that go into bringing in free agents, certainly ones that are past 30 or in the back half of their career. Those are all things that you wage and determine.”

Vrabel said the Titans could address edge rushers in free agency and the draft. They should. They need more help than one player would bring, even Watt.

4 responses to “Mike Vrabel confirms discussions about J.J. Watt

  1. Vrabel probably has trouble talking about Watt,and keeping a straight face. He knows Watt better than anyone. Watt is a total difference maker, and Vrabel knows that very well. He probably can’t sleep at night. He probably already has J.J. fired up to join his team. They don’t need to make an announcement just yet, but this is one of those things that’s obvious. J.J. has played for many coaches during his career, but there’s nobody quite like Mike Vrabel.

  2. Watt liked to complain about not getting to wear the Columbia Blues in Houston, at least he could wear them in Nashville.

  3. OverTheCap says the Titans are $2.2mil over a projected cap of $180.5mil. Unless that projected cap turns out to be way off, they’ll need to rework/cut several contracts to squeeze him under the cap. Not impossible, but tricky.

  4. In the division? Just to play houston twice? They will have trouble breaking .500 next year. Henry cant carry them forever. Lots of miles already. Tannehill does just enough to keep a job. Doesnt matter Watt makes zero difference on first and second down from the bench.

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