Report: Broncos interested in trading for a top-tier quarterback, not Carson Wentz

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Broncos are open to making a big deal if they can upgrade at quarterback. But they don’t necessarily think all the big-name quarterbacks available are upgrades from Drew Lock.

Specifically, the Broncos are not interested in Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, according to James Palmer of NFL Network.

Palmer confirmed the report that the Broncos will pursue Deshaun Watson if the Texans are willing to trade him, and noted that the Broncos were interested in Matthew Stafford before the Lions agreed to trade him to the Rams. So Lock’s job is not necessarily safe.

But it’s only the top tier of starters whom the Broncos see as a clear upgrade from Lock. Wentz isn’t in that tier.

27 responses to “Report: Broncos interested in trading for a top-tier quarterback, not Carson Wentz

  1. I’ll trade you for your franchise quarterback that’s under contract in exchange for draft picks (lottery tickets). Watson made a mistake signing that contract because he should known who that owner is. Nothing has changed.

  2. As a Broncos fan I’m glad to hear this. Hopefully GM Paton will not get too crazy with the spending. We’re about to find out how crazy he is.

  3. “Broncos interested in trading for a top-tier quarterback, not Carson Wentz”

    Ouch. How the mighty have fallen.

  4. Broncos should trade for Jared Goff. Detroit should just start new at the QB position, draft one. Goff is an upgrade over Lock and is very consistent, not great but good.. Probably could be had on the cheap too.

  5. This is the right approach to take. Drew played better at the end of the season and should be expected to improve on last year with a second year in the system. That being said, if you have a chance to get a Watson (or a Wilson) you have to try to make that move.

  6. Wentz is taking too much heat here for his playing ability. We’ve all seen him play. He is a reclaimable project, as in he is able to be reclaimed by a good coaching staff. Doug Pederson mismanaged way more than the quarterback situation; the Eagles were decimated by injuries at receiver and the offensive line; Pederson “forgot” he had Myles Sanders and “Super GM” Howie shares the blame here — rather than drafting a stud receiver or O-lineman, he drafted Jalen Hurts, a fantastic human being, by all accounts, who is probably not a full time starter.

    Howie and the decision-making there, along with the injuries and Pederson’s coaching, all contributed to Wentz’s fall, that and his injuries. It’s no wonder his confidence was shot. He needs to GROW THE HECK UP at his next stop, put the past behind him and get a clean slate. Here’s hoping he does it.

    By the way, NOT an Eagles or even an NFC East fan here. One man’s opinion.

  7. denverdave3 says:
    February 18, 2021 at 11:24 am
    At this point Wentz and Lock are the same QB in two different bodies, so don’t bother.


    Only difference is Lock is much much much much cheaper…and younger. 🙂

  8. Amazing that Sashi Brown got run out of Cleveland on a rail in favor of Hue Jackson largely for passing on this chungus Wentz, and for tanking the trade that would’ve spewed a small fortune in draft capital on AJ McCarron.

    Thank you, Sashi!! -Browns fans

  9. Ended up, they didn’t get a chance anyway as he goes To Indy for only a 3rd this year and conditional next year. Good bargain for Indy, if Wentz has any kind of comeback in his career.

  10. Paton learned from Speilman’s mistakes. Committing big money to mediocre QBs cripples a franchise.

  11. Lock has had one full season. One. And the one he’s had had a covid off-season. This cancel culture is ridiculous.

  12. I am a big Deshaun Watson fan. Have been since college.

    I feel really badly for him, because I thjnk he has bad advisors around him. He should be franchised tagged this year for similar money to his contract. Then get a raise if they tag him again. Otherwise he’d be the hottest free agent in NFL history.

  13. “He is a reclaimable project, as in he is able to be reclaimed by a good coaching staff. ”

    I think this is probably true but the issue is that he doesn’t have the contract of a reclamation project. He has the contract of a star, franchise QB. If a team trades for him and DOESN’T manage to reclaim him they’d still on the hook paying him huge bucks as he either struggles or stands on the sidelines. Now throw in the fact that even when he has played well he’s been injury prone so you could manage to reclaim him and STILL not get much out of him as he recuperates from still another injury. Not many teams are going to sign up for that.

  14. Wentz just traded to Indy so it doesn’t really matter. Philly got a 3rd rounder this yr and a conditional 2nd in 2022 that could become a 1st if Wentz plays 70% of offensive snaps and Colts make playoffs.

  15. Translation: broncos are only interested in Watson and will give up whatever Houston asks for.

  16. arealisticpackerfan says:
    February 18, 2021 at 12:05 pm
    Paton learned from Speilman’s mistakes. Committing big money to mediocre QBs cripples a franchise.
    Continuing to play a mediocre QB like Lock also cripples a franchise . Don’t think there’s any NFL team close to the number of mediocre QBs the Broncos have committed to since Manning left. Point being shopping the bargain bin or over drafting a QB because of need not talent isn’t a winning strategy .

  17. Then clearly they’re ready to move on from Lock, though they keep talking like they’re not. So which is it Broncos?

  18. Kirk Cousins just looks right in Denver, imagining him in the old Mike Shanahan offense. He’ll have weapons to throw to and the Vikes get to unload his contract so they can rebuild the defense. Paton easily works it out with old buddy Spielman, it’ll be a win / win scenario.

  19. The Broncos will have to look at free agency to get a QB or the draft. What do they have to offer anyone in the AFC? Nothing. Jacksonville and Jets aren’t trading for nothing. Prescott? Maybe. Wilson? Possibly. But these require trades. Winston, if not signed, sure, if that’s their thing. Big Ben?

  20. Considering how bad the broncos are at evaluating Quarterbacks, this might be a good indicator that Wentz is actually a good QB.

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