Bruce Arians has no desire to call plays again

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Bruce Arians has made it clear that he’ll be back in 2021. If he had lost offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to a head-coaching job elsewhere, that may not have been the case.

Appearing Thursday on The Herd, Arians said that he’d consider retiring only if he he had to go back to calling offensive plays.

“If I lost Byron or Todd [Bowles], I’d have to think about [quitting] because not losing any coaches this year makes next year so much easier and so much easier to repeat,” Arians said. “But once you start deleting your coaching staff, I don’t want to go back to calling plays. And Byron right now is still the only guy I trust doing it. And I’d have to think long and hard if I was going to lose him.”

While the failure of any team to even interview Leftwich for a head-coaching job made it much easier for Arians to return, things could get interesting after the coming season. If Leftwich begins to receive head-coaching interest, the Bucs could end up losing both Leftwich and Arians if someone else hires Leftwich and Arians then retires.

The best plan for the Bucs, then, could be to promise the job to Leftwich whenever Arians retires. Before Tom Brady agrees to extend his contract beyond 2021, he may insist on that kind of an arrangement.

13 responses to “Bruce Arians has no desire to call plays again

  1. Bruce Arians has no desire to coach anymore. As soon as Tom Brady retires so will Arians. He pulled this shtick in Arizona when Carson Palmer retired.

  2. I see Tom sliding into the head coach position after next season. Does that count as 2 Super Bowl wins if he coaches and QB’s a team to victory?

  3. I could coach Tom Brady… because no one needs to coach Tom Brady anymore.

  4. Byron got no interviews and is not being considered because he was so lousy as a QB in Jacksonville and would not take coaching to the point that Del Rio had to bench him. Now HE wants to coach? Laughable

  5. Bruce Arians has no desire to coach anymore. As soon as Tom Brady retires so will Arians. He pulled this shtick in Arizona when Carson Palmer retired.


    Except he took the Bucs job when he didn’t have Tom Brady, which kinda blows holes in your argument

  6. tedmurph says:
    February 19, 2021 at 1:18 pm
    The chances Brady goes into coaching are zero, zip, nada.

    Right? It cracks me up when people think multimillionaire superstars will take 80 hours/week jobs after they retire from playing. Brady and his wife are probably billionaires. No WAY he does that grind.

    Coaches are the backups and journeymen who didn’t become superstars and need the money. The Jason Garretts, Gary Kubiaks, and Eric Bienemys of the world.

  7. “”makes next year so much easier and so much easier to repeat,”” Arians said.

    Ha… bring that out around week 15 next year, and let’s see?

  8. Whether anybody outside of the Tampa Bay area realizes it or not, the coaching staff, like the players, are a close knit group. They not only get a long, they actually like and pull for each other. It is really hard to assemble a group of really good coaches who have become a true family. I doubt Bucs fans care about what happened in his Arizona tenure. You have to credit Arians choice of coaches. Ariens is like the CEO of the staff. He has the overall responsibility for the coaching staff. The key is his lets his coaches, coach there respective group of players. All of theses coaches love the way Ariens treats them. They are loyal to Bruce.

  9. This overrated coach was largely along for the ride this season. Tom Brady, Byron Leftwich, and Todd Bowles did the coaching. But he really is a good coach. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

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