Carson Wentz arrives in Indianapolis

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
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Carson Wentz began FaceTiming with his new teammates Thursday night. The quarterback was all smiles in a photo posted by Kenny Moore.

Wentz now has arrived in his new city.

John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia tweeted video of Wentz arriving in Indianapolis. Wentz is seen getting into an SUV after flying in on a private plane.

Wentz is allowed to take a physical at the team facility, even though the trade does not become official until March 17.

The Eagles traded the 2016 No. 2 overall pick to the Colts on Thursday, receiving in return a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-round pick.

Wentz reunites with Frank Reich in Indianapolis. The Colts head coach was Wentz’s offensive coordinator for the first two years of his career from 2016-17.

9 responses to “Carson Wentz arrives in Indianapolis

  1. I was a huge Wentz supporter as an Eagles fan, even in the face of his poor play.
    However, I am quite concerned with the behaviors we witnessed, the idea that his teammates did not want to follow him, and now the confirmation that he was borderline uncoachable.
    He is an amazing talent and I continue to wish him well, but I think it unlikely he will deliver.
    That is all.

  2. Entitled in high school and college. Handed the starting job in Philly when they traded Bradford. Crumpled like a sheet of paper at the first sign of real competition. GOOD RIDDANCE

  3. So, Indy, a playoff team, gets a young QB, 3 years off an almost MVP year on a very reasonable 2 year deal who gets reunited with his former Offensive Coordinator from his near-MVP year for a 2nd and a low 3rd, while having $43.6 million under the cap in a year where the salary cap is declining.

    The Eagles, not a playoff team, gets a 2nd next year and a low 3rd while eating $33.8 million in dead money this year, while they are $47.3 million over the cap in a year of a declining cap, with a shaky QB who has no weapons in a ‘show me’ year with a new coaching staff.

    Who won this trade?

  4. I think he’s made a big mistake by not saying anything. Lots of guys talk too much but he made the opposite mistake and allowed all the negative stories out there to define him. At the very least you would have expected something about how he was happy for the good times he’d had in the Philly, the Super Bowl win, etc. The Colts have a good team but he’s bound to experience some more downs in his career because every player does. It’s not at all clear that he’s prepared to face bad times.

  5. Wentz has been slowly declining since his ACL tear.
    Can the Colts coach him up?
    If yes, they got a good deal.
    If not, it was worth the try.

    As for the Eagles, if they thought he wasn’t going to improve much, it made sense to unload him. If he plays 75% of the snaps they get a low 1st and 3rd for him, and save > $50MM.
    The Eagles need to rebuild in any case. Don’t expect much for a few years.

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