Eagles announce DeSean Jackson’s release

NFL: OCT 22 Giants at Eagles
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Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is officially a free agent.

The Eagles announced Jackson’s release on Friday afternoon after reports earlier in the day indicated that he’d be dropped from the roster. Jackson also weighed in on the move before it became official.

Jackson made a series of posts to his Instagram stories that said he is “looking forward to the next chapter” and that he appreciates everything about Philadelphia after his second tour of duty with the Eagles. Jackson also referred to himself as the best deep threat in NFL history and said he’ll be “coming to a city near you!”

The move comes a day after the Eagles agreed to trade quarterback Carson Wentz to the Colts and further roster changes are expected in Philly after they finished 4-11-1 during the 2020 season. Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and defensive tackle Malik Jackson are others believed to be on the chopping block as the team puts together its 2021 squad.

41 responses to “Eagles announce DeSean Jackson’s release

  1. DJAX, thanks for the memories…the good ones like the punt return game winner against NYG and the bad ones (dropping the ball at the 1 yard line vs Dallas). Definitely created lots of excitement. Too bad he was in Tampa when Philly won the SB and he was in Philly when Tampa won SB!! Talk about luck.

  2. I’m sure teams will be lining up to sign him. I mean he is a guarantee for atleast 3 catches, 100 yards, 1 Td and a lingering injury all in week 1 that will last the rest of the season.

  3. 2019 9 receptions
    2020 14 receptions

    It’s probably time to retire and take care of your body.

  4. Well, this should give DeSean more time to make good on his promise to vist the Holocaust museum.

  5. Last played a full season in 2013. Had 23 total catches the last two season. Refused to get surgery in 2019 and backfired on him. He sure didn’t play but he sure got paid. Alshon…you are next.

  6. No doubt he still has some talent. Unfortunately staying healthy has been an issue.I would sign him to a contract that is loaded with performance and incentive bonuses.

  7. @nobull says:
    February 19, 2021 at 5:48 pm
    DeSean should have retired after his stint in Tampa. The guy is made of glass at this point.
    And turn down that FA money? You must be crazy. I’m sure he didn’t plan on getting injured, especially the knee injury on punt return late in the game.

  8. Hey, at least we got great value out of his brief stay…what was it, about $10 million per touchdown?

  9. He has a Sammy Watkins stat line. Three games played, IR or lingering injuries all season and over paid for his contributions.

  10. This is shocking news! DeSean Jackson was still in the league? I thought he retired a couple years ago.

  11. We’ll always remember the only walk off punt return TD in NFL history….Cheers DJax!! Good luck in your future.

  12. Wait, he was still on the team? I haven’t seen him play since Week 1 of 2019.

    Seriously, I have not seen a guy more injured then him. He took a 6 week injury in week 2 of 2019 and it lasted the remaining 14 games of the regular season and post season. The checks still cleared though.

    It was still a horrible coaching decision to have him return a punt, his only punt return of the year, after coming back from injury this year, which pretty much ended his season again.

  13. About time. What a mistake. What a fraud. He is a scammer. Give him credit, he took the money and ran. Well for a game and then stopped. Good luck DJAK….

  14. eagleswin says:
    February 19, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    “It was still a horrible coaching decision to have him return a punt, his only punt return of the year, after coming back from injury this year, which pretty much ended his season again.”

    I love this perspective. The guy is making TOP dollar, is an excellent punt returner, the team was DESPERATE, and DeSean begged the staff to put him in. And it was a bad coaching decision? Just because he got hurt on a cheap shot, which he gets hurt all the time no matter what kind of play it is, makes it a bad coaching decision. You can’t baby athletes that make that much money. They gotta earn the paycheck especially when your team is desperate for not only a punt returner in general, but desperate for a win.

  15. Desean, come back to Tampa so you can give up on 10 yard throws over the middle and the sidelines like you always did. Watters thinks you have way worse alligator arms.

  16. Amazingly, still one of the fastest players in the NFL but way past the point that his body can handle the rigors of the game. You had a nice career, thanks for the memories.

  17. pwr242524 says:
    February 19, 2021 at 6:19 pm
    His last catch was a bomb TD pass from Jalen Hurts. Go out on that, DeSean. Watch the hammy.

    Lol yea and then he re-injured his ankle after flipping into the endzone and was a non factor in the game after that. Disappointing. . . .

  18. at least with the eagles roughly 50 mil OVER the 2021 cap the eagles plan is becoming clear….full on rebuild mode!!!!! Shouldve still be a contender yearly like the hawks but 3 yrs after the only sb in team history we are in rebuild mode. smh. maybe if that first dude had went to the colts we couldve won a second chip. should kept reich and let dougie fresh bounce.

  19. Jackson handed Green Bay the #6 seed in 2010 with that game ending punt return vs the Giants. Packers proceed to run the table in the playoffs and win the Super Bowl vs Pittsburgh. He deserves the key to the city in Green Bay.

  20. they should have kicked him to the curb last year after his racist comments on social media…a spineless move from a spineless franchise…

  21. Uhhh they shut down the circus so I’m not sure you are going to any city. Hope you saved them checks. The best play you had was flipping the ball on the one.

  22. It’s hard to understand why he was such a hateful human being when he was paid a premium to just go deep. He minimally tried to do the hard work that other receivers did. HE doesn’t have the body for it.

    Despite that; he was paid premium $, yet he was nasty, a locker-room cancer and found a way to make anti-Semitic remarks out of who knows where! The Eagles should have cut him that day!

    There are players with 1000 times more class and character tan him even if they don’t have his speed. I hope to never see this hateful person in another football uniform!

  23. One of my all time favorites. Explosive, dangerous and brought swagger to a team that needed it. Chip Kelly be damned. Good luck to him (Jackson not Kelly).

  24. DJAX was a cancer in the Bucs locker room. Winston had to get in his face once. His career is over…no more chapters.

  25. A team that needs to win the last game of the reg season to get into the playoffs should wait until then and sign him.

  26. jpfit262 says:
    February 20, 2021 at 2:40 pm
    A team that needs to win the last game of the reg season to get into the playoffs should wait until then and sign him.


    Why? So he can pull a hamstring and head to IR?

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