Report: Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson weren’t talking “for weeks”

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The Carson Wentz trade capped a year of extreme dysfunction for the Eagles. Appearing Friday on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, Adam Schefter of ESPN provided a glimpse into how dysfunctional it was.

Schefter said that coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz didn’t talk “for weeks on end.” Schefter estimated that they didn’t communicated for “eight, nine, ten weeks.”

That’s an amazing fact, if true. How can a team function at the most important position on the field if the quarterback isn’t speaking to the coach?

Wentz started through Week 13 before being benched for Jalen Hurts; thus, if Wentz and Pederson weren’t speaking for eight weeks or longer, some of that period of radio silence would have happened during Wentz’s time as the starter. Surely, however, it doesn’t mean that there was no communication of any kind between coach and quarterback. The photo attached to this item, for example, comes from the November 30 game between the Eagles and the Seahawks. While it’s possible they decided to stand silently next to each other, chances are that they were talking at the time the photo was taken.

Regardless of where, when, and how they weren’t talking, both parties deserve blame for the outcome. Adults who are behaving like adults don’t behave that way. Regardless of who started it, someone needed to finish it — short of Pederson being fired and Wentz being traded.

The problem apparently started when the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts. Wentz apparently never got over that. Still, something more had to happen for Pederson to become the focal point of the acrimony.

The Colts surely believe they won’t end up in the same place with Wentz. As long as things go well, that may be the case. If things go poorly (or if the Colts draft a quarterback in a round higher than, say, four), Wentz could decide to slip into silent-treatment mode, again.

81 responses to “Report: Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson weren’t talking “for weeks”

  1. What I find fascinating is neither party is still talking. Have we heard any statements from either Pederson or Wentz since the trade happened? Is Pederson finished coaching?

  2. I’m anxiously awaiting Doug Pederson’s next book… Fearless 2 – How an NFL Champion Gets Run Out of Town

  3. Pretty damning news about Pederson. He doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a head coach.

  4. Scott Terner, Pederson has about 10-12 million reasons not to talk. He’s still being paid by Eagles for 2 more years. Spilling the beans may void his contract.

  5. Wentz seems like a big baby. However, Roseman should not have taken Hurts. The reason is they clearly had so many other needs. Wentz’s offense was horrible outside of M. Sanders, Pederson only benched him because there was a 2nd Rd Pick behind him and they were still technically in the hunt. Wentz’s play deserved that he get benched. However, I have no idea what Howie is doing. He picked Hurts, asked Pederson to sit Hurts to help them. Fired Pederson for sitting Hurts, opted to side with Wentz over Pederson, then traded Wentz after giving him a massive contract. This all starts with him and his stupid drafting. No talent for Doug, and a 2nd round pick on a QB, despite a big financial commitment to Wentz. Then throwing everyone under the bus and acting like he is not to blame.

  6. If Wentz was crying over the drafting of Hurts, the adult in the room is always supposed to be the HC.
    Its on the HC to speak with Wentz, even if Wentz is a diva.

    Also – the GM is not Pederson, its Roseman. So Wentz should have been mad at him.

    In any case, managing crybabies is part of a HCs job, and Pederson didn’t handle it.
    He should have spoken with Wentz and then once Wentz started playing poorly, start giving Hurts playing time in the 4th quarter.

    Forget X’s and O’s, being able to handle players is a HUGE requirement for an HC. If you can’t do that then you can’t be a HC.

  7. As an Eagles fan I get why Carson was upset. He had to deal with Foles being on the roster after winning the Super Bowl then leading the team in a late season run to make the playoffs and win another playoff game. Then they let Foles go and the next year they draft a young QB who will relate more to the young receivers and backs, so he feels like “Here we go with this now”. That’s why he won’t be successful. His mentality as a franchise QB should have been, “I don’t care who my backup is, I’m not going to let him see the field by my play”. He doesn’t have the killer instinct. He’s not weak minded, but he’s weak minded for a QB in the NFL.

  8. I think that perhaps Pederson lost sight of who he was and the super bowl went to his head. When he became the head coach, he surrounded himself with good creative offensive people. He took their ideas and aggressively implemented them. The team was very successful. After winning the super bowl and having everyone saying how great he was, I think he bought into his own PR. Frank Reich was the creative one. Pederson could have gone to the owner and fought that Frank Reich was a big reason for their success and that they need to keep him. Give him a promotion to assistant head coach and more money to stay. After becoming the Colts Head Coach, Frank Reich stated that when he was interviewing for the Colts, the Eagles weren’t trying to convince him to stay or having any such conversations.

    Once all the creative voices were gone, it appeared Pederson’s offence was very basic and predictable. And when things didn’t work, there was no adjustment. Wentz was getting killed. There was a news story that leaked that Wentz did not follow the coach’s called play on a couple occasions. He was roasted for it. Would people’s opinions change at all if it was “leaked out” that Jalen Hurts ignored the coach’s play calling several times a game in those last 4 games?

  9. It’s been a fascinating spectacle, from the top of the mountain to the lowest valley in such a short period of time.

  10. If Schefter’s report is accurate, it’s a damning indictment of both Pederson and Wentz. It’s almost inconceivable that a head coach and starting QB (or any QB on the roster) would go so long without talking to one another.

    Question for Eagles’ fans: Do you think Pederson could be an effective offensive coordinator for another team?

  11. I don’t blame Wentz for being peeved about drafting a second round quarterback. I do blame him for pouting and not talking to the coach. When you’re the alpha, you better be able to withstand someone nipping at your neck.

  12. It’s hard to believe that two grown men, making the kind of money they do, could act so childishly.

  13. I like Wentz….. but come on if you have confidence in your ability then competition for the starting job shouldn’t be scary…

  14. Wow – Wentz obviously had a problem taking the news of his demotion. That is the word on the street from teamates form last year – Wentz thinks he is all high and mighty and better than anyone else. Eagles lost a good coach here.

  15. Maybe the Eagles can build another statue of Peterson and Wentz giving each other the cold shoulder. Is Lane Johnson still having fun?

  16. Now try to grasp the reality that this team had recently won a Super Bowl and that Wentz had played really well at some points. They went from champions to totally dysfunctional in record time.

  17. If that’s really the case that is sad. 2 grown men, making more money in a week than most of us do in a year, being clowns. If this was the case I can see why neither is in town any more. Of course Aaron Rodgers did get Mike run out of town, so it does happen. There had been reports over the years of him not being seen as a leader or one of the guys, I hope he can overcome that, or it’s not going to work for him any where.

  18. the blame points to Howie & Jeff, after the 1st no show meeting , you call both in and tell them to get over it and do their jobs. This bs cost the coach his job, wentz his job in a city that loved him. and hopefully will cost Howie his job very soon.

  19. I could see Wentz partially blaming Pederson for the drafting of Hurts. And, I could envision Pederson being frustrated by Wentz changing plays and his historic regression. Clearly they didn’t speak since Pederson’s awkward answers about a QB change. This is disappointing to hear about a Christian QB, (who should forgive and turn the other cheek), and a former NFL QB who should’ve realized he was putting his starter in an awkward position. Pederson supposedly has emotional intelligence. But it failed him in this situation.

  20. I’m, can we wait until AFTER the trade is finalized before publishing reports like this? I wonder if Indy has any buyer’s remorse.

  21. Not picking sides, but this certainly explains why Wentz always looked like he had something else on his mind in the middle of executing a play last season.

  22. After this Wentz trade, all I could think of is how pissed Russell Wilson must be. The Colts got a franchise QB for a 2nd and a 3rd, whereas Seattle traded 2 1sts, a 3rd, and starting SS for Jamal Adams, a Safety that can’t cover in the open field. Wilson is watching those 1st round picks go out the door and must be wondering “The end of the 1st round is where a lot of talented OL are drafted. Why does my team hate me so much?”

  23. Aaron Rodgers to Carson Wentz…

    Try seeing your team trade up in the 1st round for a QB after you’ve won the league MVP, twice, won a SB and SB MVP. I talked to my HC all year, probably won’t next year because of 4th and 8, but I digress.

  24. Glad they’re both gone. Wentz and “Fearless” (who writes a book with that title after winning a lone Super Bowl?) are a couple of divas. Looking forward to Hurts in year two.

  25. Man, I remember after the SB, Eagles fans were talking about a “dynasty.” That talk didn’t age well…

  26. This incident illustrates a significant problem with giving a single player a monstrous guaranteed contract and make him the face of the franchise: what do you do if he starts behaving badly?

    What if he won’t accept coaching, accountability or criticism? What if he constantly audibles out of the plays you called to plays that aren’t working? What if his teammates grow to hate him?

    Yet with the way the league has tilted the rules to benefit passing offense, you can’t be competitive in today’s NFL without a top-shelf quarterback, so it’s really difficult for franchises to not do whatever it takes to sign these guys long-term. Maybe teams should start pushing for standard contract language for quarterbacks that void guarantees if they commit conduct detrimental to the team or insubordination.

  27. patsrule says:
    February 19, 2021 at 11:16 am

    Maybe the Eagles can build another statue of Peterson and Wentz giving each other the cold shoulder. Is Lane Johnson still having fun?


    Super Bowl 52 still hurts doesn’t it?

  28. The blame should squarely fall on Pederson’s shoulders. No head coach should allow the behavior to occur. If it persisted, you suspend the player without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. Permitting Wentz to get away with such behavior justifies firing Pederson. Frankly, it justifies firing Roseman too because the next person that should have stepped in was Roseman.

  29. The KING OF NORTH DAKOTA could not handle the Philly Pressure ,My eyes are getting weary ,,,,my back is getting tight,,,,, Iam sitting here in traffic on the Walt Whitman Bridge tonight,,,, but I don’t care cuz all I wanna do is cash my check and drive right home to you North Dakota !

  30. Lots of Wentz hate. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say I’m a foreman at a worksite and I tell the owner I need to hire some new crew members to get the job better. Instead of giving me what I asked, the owner hires a backup foreman who every second is breathing down my neck looking to take my job ? I get this notion that Wentz was a “ diva “. But, it looks like they’ve had a Wentz exit strategy since the end of last year honestly.

  31. Second chances for both. I think Wentz will benefit from the change of scenery in so many ways. Indy is now a Super Bowl contender if Wentz regains his old form. And I believe that a rejuvenated Pederson with a year off to work on putting together a good staff will land on his feet again with a head coaching gig for another team. Good luck to both of them.

  32. Agreed there is plenty of fault on both sides. It will be fascinating to watch how each fares in the future under different conditions. They each have quite a bit of rehab to accomplish.

  33. My inside info is the iggles where not happy with him for taking himself out of the Seattle playoff game ! He suffered no concussion!

  34. Wentz quit executing the offense last season. The number of open receivers he missed? The sacks he took when he ignored open throws? He abjectly refused to run the offense, which was working! I cannot wait to see him in Indy when he again quits on the offense and decides that he knows best.

  35. Maybe Wentz’s ONE really good season is like Case Keenum in Minnesota.
    Right place, right time, right coaching strategy to maximize his strengths, good receivers, decent defense… led to a very good season and the NFCCG appearance.

    Might be that Wentz is not much more than an OK QB who will never exceed his previous accomplishments…

  36. It depends on what “not talking” means. But if that’s just minimal communication, I don’t doubt it. Unlike most here, I’d say I understand both of their frustrations. Doug was sick of the interceptions, fumbles and bad throws. Wentz couldn’t go off script as much successfully after the injuries. Wentz saw them draft a high QB and obviously didn’t like it. He had little protection and few healthy weapons. They are both headstrong. Wentz thought he was the same as he was pre-injury, and he wasn’t. Doug let the SB go to his head. Just a crazy situation.

  37. Man, I’m serious. Why don’t these qbs follow Brady’s example? He doesn’t create bulletin board material for his opponents, he always talks his teammates up, he never compares himself to anyone except to, “what is the best I can be?” He doesn’t do diva-things, he doesn’t make excuses for losses, and any hot button moments he keeps on the sidelines and will not discuss in public, except to say, “That’s just football.” Brady himself has never expressed anything except gratitude, admiration and respect for Belichick, Kraft and the Patriots. And finally, he’s endured the Garoppolos (in Eaglese, Foles/Hurts) of his career as a normal part of it, without pouting or shutting down. I mean, the guy provides a textbook in how to do it. Why don’t others learn from it?

  38. Two way street. Pederson’s attitude shows. Wentz has not commented. Probably wont. Move forward.

  39. No way Philly wins the title with Wentz starting over Foles. Wentz folds under pressure like Matt Stafford

  40. Maybe…Wentz is a good QB, but not as great or as mature maybe as was hoped. Maybe people figured out how to defend him, as well. Maybe the team took a decent calculated risk to maximize their salary cap for a short window and took their chances. Maybe a slew of injuries to wideouts, and Wentz, last year, and one of the most decimated lines in history this year, muddled and complicated everything.

  41. streetyson says:
    Maybe like Lame says they were all having fun, perhaps a who-can-stay-quiet-longest game.

    I haven’t heard a whole lot out of Bill Belichick or Cam Newton lately either. Perhaps they’re also having “fun” looking in from the outside, with no clear plan in place?

  42. It’s hard to believe they didn’t speak at all.
    Maybe the communication between them was strictly about the technical aspects of football. No “how ya doin’…”how’s things going?”. No interpersonal interaction whatsoever. Still, that’s pretty bad.

  43. There were reports that Jeff Lurie watched an Eagles practice in early November and left in disgust at what he saw; disorganization and a lack of communication.

    If the team’s getting blown out on a regular basis and the coach and the QB aren’t talking to one another, and I owned the team in question, I’d move on from both, too.

  44. Packers draft Love, Rodgers becomes the MVP. Eagles draft Hurts, Wentz folds like the tent covering all the Vikings’ Super Bowl trophies.

  45. good Luck Indy. Wentz sounds like a real piece of work. why is it always the awful QBs that have the biggest egos that are unwarranted?

  46. This is why teams can’t give up the farm to draft a qb from a small FCS school like north Dakota State and have him play in a large market like Philly. Wentz folded under the pressure. I hope teams are carefull before drafting another FCS quarterback.

  47. It’s not both their fault. It’s Wentz that was benched and likely had the grudge. The coach played him through week 13. At some point, you have to see what hurts has

  48. The more information that comes out, the more it becomes apparent that firing Pederson was almost as inportant as trading Wentz. A head coach can’t let that kind of thing happen. He must have lost huge parts of the locker room during their little spat, and we already know Wentz did.

  49. I like wentz as a player and I’m sure he’s going to ball out in indy. That being said, I really didn’t like the way he handled the eagles drafting hurts. For a player who only had 1 full season out of 4 years at that point, how can he not understand why the eagles got some insurance behind him, even after giving him a huge contract and proving they were going with him as their #1. Many eagles fans and media were calling for wentz to be benched before the halfway point of the season, and the team still stuck with him until only 4 games were left. Most people would agree that philly would have made the playoffs if the qb switch had been sooner. I read that wentz was the last ranked qb in all of football last year. Starting from week 1 vs Washington, he threw multiple games away. How can he be mad and upset with other people when he clearly wasn’t holding up his own end by not being healthy very often and not producing on the field? Thats what I dont like about wentz. Hes constantly getting hurt and gets offended by the eagles actually having a plan behind him and then he gets offended because they finally bench him for playing like the worst qb in the league. What sucks is he’s going into a great situation in indy where they’re ready to win so im sure everything will go right next year for him and philly would look like they got the short end of the stick. But wentz not being emotionally and mentally strong when he should have been the clear leader, that just disappoints me and all I can do is just hope hurts is the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if philly went qb in the draft but I’m hoping they think hurts IS the answer and he proves it because if we draft a qb then that means thats just another position we have to fill on this roster.

  50. Pederson, by position held was supposed to be the adult in the room. But he had been a snot-nosed, turned-down QB himself.

  51. rc65 says:
    February 19, 2021 at 11:00 am

    …There was a news story that leaked that Wentz did not follow the coach’s called play on a couple occasions. He was roasted for it. Would people’s opinions change at all if it was “leaked out” that Jalen Hurts ignored the coach’s play calling several times a game in those last 4 games?

    Thing is, don’t we *want* our QBs to change the call at the line of scrimmage if they see that their play is going to be blown up due to the coverage the D is showing? I know I sure do. I think it just comes down to whether the QB is successful or not following a play where he’s opted out from what the coach says. And it could be in part whether the coaching staff have enough faith in the QB to be able to properly make such calls. If a QB changes calls at the line of scrimmage and is successful, I can’t believe that many people are going to be angry. Perhaps Wentz opted out of calls and wasn’t successful – that’s a surefire way of getting yourself in hot water. Not an Eagles fan, but I have to wonder if Wentz is good enough to make his own calls at the line of scrimmage.

  52. Because Wentz is a spoiled punk. Most people do not like there bosses, but you have to do your job. This guy got his money then he started to act like a big baby. He is done…

  53. The more that comes out the more we shall know. If he does well then they can have a first. Which will be a late pick. Rivers wasn’t gonna repeat last year. Brissett obviously is not the guy. Our division is horrible for a few years. Good time to take a low risk high reward trade.

  54. Some patience might be necessary to see what’s going on in Philly. What if both Pederson and Wentz move on to new teams and thrive, while the dysfunction in Philly continues? I’m not making any predictions, but I’ve been around long enough to just hold off on making any assumptions or pointing any fingers. Maybe Philly wins the super bowl next year, and both Wentz and Pederson never amount to anything. It’s always interesting, and usually well worth the wait. How many people predicted Tampa Bay would win the super bowl, and the Patriots miss the playoffs? It’s fun going back and reading some of the stuff that was written about Brady when he left New England. Not all was flattering.

  55. QB is the most important position on a football team. If you start playing poorly and hurting the team,you’d better expect another guy to be nipping at your heels. Wentz doesn’t have the mental fortitude to deal with that. If he did,he would have allowed himself to be coached to show that 2017 wasn’t just a one-off. He wouldn’t allow a coach to try and fix him,because in his narcissistic mind,he was “the guy”.Talk about insecure and mentally soft…you can’t survive in the NFL that way. Pederson was just not a very good HC. He let one SB go to his head.

  56. Call Bill Bellichick. He can show you how to keep a Super Bowl team together and have a little fun too!

  57. Wentz hurt because they drafted another QB. Tells you all you need to know. Don’t pout. Play so well they trade the guy and admit the mistake. He chose the former route, which shows he lacks personal pride and leadership. He is getting a second challenge now. He will either learn and grow, or fold.

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