What’s next for the Eagles at quarterback?

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals
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Carson Wentz has gone. Jalen Hurts remains. So what’s next for the Eagles at quarterback?

They undoubtedly will add someone at quarterback, someone capable of competing with Hurts and potentially winning the job. The Eagles view the backup quarterback spot as a top-15 roster position, and for good reason. They won a Super Bowl by having a more-than-competent backup to Carson Wentz.

So now without Wentz, they need someone to complement, supplement, and/or supplant Hurts as the presumed starter. They could draft that player, they could sign a veteran, or they could trade for someone like, yes, Nick Foles.

Whatever they do, the Eagles will do something more than retain a backup who is expected to embrace that spot and not truly challenge the starter. Although Hurts won the one-on-one against Wentz, Hurts still may not be the starter when Week One rolls around.

So while the Wentz trade becomes the ending of the starting-quarterback search for the Colts, the transaction may be just the beginning for the Eagles.

15 responses to “What’s next for the Eagles at quarterback?

  1. You need some type of veteran in there in case of emergencies, and to also mentor Jalen. Nate Sudfeld is on the roster but he’s a clear #3. What about Nick Foles? Fitzmagic?

  2. I’m still boggled why they let Doug Peterson go instead of giving him time to work minus Wentz. Peterson proved he can win without Wentz.

    To me…this team is a bigger mess than any other given their strange behavior around coach and qb changes.

  3. Brissett would take Hurts job. If they trade for Foles he will take Hurts job as well. There is not enough on Hurts to say he is the future. Hilarious to me that you fire a superbowl winning coach for an unproven coordinator and then trade the dude that won games for you when your team was injured and garbage. Houston, Jets, Jax and philly trying ralnhard to take the browns dumpster fire title.

  4. It would be a hell of a thing if Rothlisburger were to get cut from the Steelers and take the next train across Pennsylvania to play his swan song.

  5. If I was in charge I would trade Ertz to the Bears for Foles and a 4th round pick. The Eagles have a statue of him outside their stadium. Let him mentor, (and soon replace Hurts, who isn’t a NFL starter in reality). But, of course if I was in charge I wouldn’t have drafted Hurts or traded Wentz so I don’t think this will happen.

  6. Jacoby Brisset or Tyrod Taylor, both mobile veteran QBs who have been both starters and backups, would fit into the kind of mobile QB oriented offense that would suit Hurts. Each also would provide QB competition while still being professional enough to mentor Hurts, regardless of who starts. But none of the three (Hurts possibly excepted) are more than replacement level QBs.

    Foles is the sentimental choice who would be a good mentor and a decent competitor, but his drop-back skills would require a different offensive scheme from the mobile QB scheme most suitable to Hurts. Fitzpatrick might split the difference in being more able to run either type of scheme. Fitz would also be a good mentor and competitor in the short term (given his age).

  7. The Philthy team has so many issues that the QB position is a mere drop in the cascade of them. This team couldn’t win with Tom Brady.

  8. Wentz had to go. his play was poor and his attitude made the situation irrepairable.
    Hurts though, I dont see him as a valid replacement. Maybe as a “ok were rebuilding, well stick with Hurts this year and see if he improves enough to be considered a valid starter going forward”.
    I doubt it works, he could get better but as of now NO. His teammates respect him so that helps but his play isnt that good.

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