Whether it’s Deshaun Watson or someone else, David Tepper is determined to get a great quarterback

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The in-plain-sight clue came from a comment Panthers owner David Tepper made in the All or Nothing season that focused on his football team. Tepper was determined to make what he believed to be upgrades at the three key positions that determine success or failure of a football team: coach, G.M., and quarterback.

This league is set to be an 8-8 league,” Tepper said in the Amazon series. “Everything is fair in this league. So if you have better coaches, better GM’s, some advantages with facilities, advantages with the training, management process, whatever those, whatever it is, you know, analytics, whatever that is to give you an edge, that’s what you need. And you need a good quarterback.”

The Panthers have over the past 13 months hired a new coach and a new G.M. They are now looking to get the “good quarterback” Tepper covets.

The fact that the Panthers tried to get Matthew Stafford proves that they’re determined to get a franchise-level guy. The Panthers have now reportedly pivoted to Deshaun Watson. And if the Panthers can’t get Watson, they’ll surely pivot somewhere else.

Whether it’s to Seattle and Russell Wilson or to Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers or to Minnesota and Kirk Cousins or to the Raiders and Derek Carr, the Panthers seem to be on the front end of a scorched-earth effort to get a franchise quarterback.

And if all else fails, they can try to make the Jaguars an offer they can’t refuse for Trevor Lawrence.

52 responses to “Whether it’s Deshaun Watson or someone else, David Tepper is determined to get a great quarterback

  1. You can’t run the football end of your NFL franchise like a Fortune 500 boardroom, with one guy made king making all the decisions. Tepper needs to be like Bob Kraft and write the checks. He needs to let the football people to run football, or it does not go well. See Jones, Jerry. For 25 years straight.

  2. Ah, spring. When every owner of a non-playoff team think he can instantly transform his team into the playoff because he…..you know, thinks he knows. Where another organization’s headache will be your answer. Where a draft choice who has never played in the NFL will be your answer. You have to love it!!!

  3. I get the desire and need for a great QB, but the Panthers are more than a QB from contending. Both lines need talent, depending on where Chinn lands LB or Safety help, and a good TE. They do have 2 1000 yard WRs and a great RB, but if you can’t rush the passer or block for your own a franchise QB can only do so much. That’s a lesson Mahomes learned a couple weeks back and the Panthers learned in SB 50. Though no one in charge was with the team then.

  4. If I’m the Panthers I go after Russel Wilson. I think Seattle and Wilson have run their coarse and you won’t have to sacrifice your future to get him. However I RUN from Derek Carr. I fear his best games are behind him.

  5. You can have Rodgers for a 1st and 4th round because he chokes and we don’t want him here in Green Bay anyway.

  6. This is a guy used to getting his own way. Problem is, that doesn’t work in professional sports, usually, because every one of the owners is used to the same thing. You gotta learn how to do it with skill and finesse, not bull force.

  7. If he is looking to make a big play for a GREAT QB then he likely won’t be fishing around the 3red tier kicking the tires on below average 4 win QB’s.

  8. Every team is trying to get a great quarterback. It does not always work out. Mathew Stafford and Carson Wentz were thought to be great quarterbacks and yet they have not gotten their teams into the playoffs last season. Neither did Deshaun Watson. Can Watson get Carolina into the playoffs? That is the question. Is getting into the playoffs enough? Jared Goff got traded even though he got the LAmbs into the playoffs. What happens if Carolina is able to trade for Watson but he fails to get the Panthers into the playoffs? Are they going to upgrade again the next season?

  9. He’s used to a rigged game and consistently winning on wall street.

    NFL is actually moored in reality. Good luck.

  10. Theodore Edmond Bridgewater Jr.just unfollowed the Panthers on social media trying to remind Tepper he has 2 years & 40 million left on his contract.

  11. scoreatwill says:
    February 20, 2021 at 1:01 pm
    Ah, spring. When every owner of a non-playoff team think he can instantly transform his team into the playoff because he…..you know, thinks he knows. Where another organization’s headache will be your answer. Where a draft choice who has never played in the NFL will be your answer. You have to love it!!!
    Meanwhile, a 7-9 team that missed the playoffs last season won the SB this season.

  12. Watson isn’t the answer, and he’s not available the Texans have already publicly said that on multiple occasions.

  13. I have rented a car and am driving to Carolina with Kirk tied up in the trunk. I demand a seventh round pick in 2035 for him.

  14. The Panthers problems are on defense (like most of the league). They have a bunch of below average always hurt players (they have “me” players, not “we” players). I think they had only 1 guy start all 16 games on defense. And 3 others just 15, 1-14, 1-13, 1-12, and 1-11 games. 8 guys starting 10 or more games. Basically they were replacing people every week on defense. That’s a culture and training problem. If guys are getting hurt or faking it, you need to root them out of the organization or fix it. Tampa Bay had all 11 guys on defense start 11 of more games (5 started all 16). That’s how you are winning games.

  15. The only way to get a great quarterback, without paying so much that there is no money for the rest of the team, is to draft a QB. And it doesn’t even need to be a top 5 pick

    Some of the best QBs have NOT been drafted first….or even in the first round. Smart franchises get a good QB and put him in a stable environment where he can learn and improve over time.

    Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round
    Joe Montana was drafted in the 3rd round
    Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick
    Derrick Carr went in the 2nd round
    Kirk Cousins went in the 4th round

    and on and on…

    The point is that teams don’t need to have a top 5 draft pick to get a good quarterback. They need good coaches and stability.

  16. My question is this. What the heck do the panthers do with the 3yr 63 million dollar contract they now have with Bridgewater? To be looking for the next great QB or trying to trade for one is understandable but they have a huge amount of money tied to Bridgewater right now!!!

  17. With Tepper in charge, and publicly announcing this, I see the Panthers getting fleeced for a QB. And left with a void of high draft picks for years, and holes all over the roster.

  18. It is one of the worst pro sports markets in the country like Atlanta and the Florida teams are.

    Tbat’s why he is saying this. He needs jerseys and beers to sell.

  19. To be honest, I wouldn’t want Watson. I think the’d be better off trading up and getting someone without a lot of baggage–like Watson.

  20. If you cannot develop your own, you buy one. This will strangle the salary cap and they will not break into the upper echelon.

  21. The Jags feel the same way and won’t take anything for Lawrence. They’ll just draft him.

  22. Sorry Stafford is no franchise signal caller and this day of the franchise quarterback is history, they no longer exist. A franchise quarterback doesn’t change teams after just signing a new contract or demand a trade.

  23. If I could advise Tepper, I’d say he’s right about a lot of the stuff, but I’d simplify. There’s no doubt you need a great QB. New England went from a model franchise that hadn’t missed the playoffs in 20 years (except 2008 when Brady was out with an injury), to a team that missed the playoffs entirely. Same great coach. Same great staff. Same great front office. Same facility. Same trainers. Same analytics guys. And Tampa Bay went from a team that hadn’t won a playoff game in 18 years, to a super bowl champ. Same coach. Same GM. Same everything else. The only QB mentioned above who could have the same affect as Brady is Aaron Rodgers, and I don’t really think Tepper is looking for a QB to come in for a couple seasons. He’s looking at the next 15 years, and how to build the right way. They already hired a great coach, so I think the most important thing is to find the best talent evaluator out there. One who can find an elite QB in the draft. One who can draft great players in the middle rounds so you don’t get into salary cap hell, and so you can keep reloading every year with talented cheap players. When you have a good personnel guy, everyone in the organization has an opportunity to succeed. There are good scouts, bad scouts, and a few great scouts. Go find one of those great scouts.

  24. MAYBE the get Big Ben from the Steelers but either way they need way more than just a great QB…. They thought last year Teddy was that guy but we all see how that is working out for them now!

  25. No way the Pack is going to trade Aaron Rodgers in 2021. Lots of gas in the tank physically and mentally. So very, very fortunate to have 3 decades of HOF QB’s in Favre and Rodgers. Count your blessings GB fans.

  26. I just watched Brett Farve and Jerry Rice destroy some guys and afterwards they weren’t sore at all. I’d sign them!

  27. Teddy Bridgewater must be feeling great right now. By saying they need a “good quarterback”, Tepper is clearly implying that Teddy isn’t a good QB. Perhaps then he shouldn’t have signed him to that 3 year $63 million contract a year ago. Teddy didn’t play great last year, especially at the end of games, but he’s being thrown under the bus hard here.

  28. If Tepper is determined to get a great qb why did panthers sign Bridgewater and try to sign Stafford ? How does that add up to wanting a great qb? Sounds like an attraction to middling quarterbacks.

  29. They just signed an ‘average qb’ to a 3 yr, $63 million mistake of a contract. They still have two more years, or they can cut him and pay a nice cap penalty. If they are gonna make a trade, they might as well go all out and sell the whole farm for watson or wilson, because carr is no franchise qb and rodgers is too close to the end.

  30. Wow. The naivety of a multi-billionaire hedge fund manager actually on a level playing field for the first time. lololol

    I also think it’s funny that he believes he has an edge already because he upgraded his coach when the previous guy was RON RIVERA ◔_◔.

    I guess he’s got it all figured out. Sorry Panther fans. Might as well join the NFC East with the other bad ownership situations.

  31. Defensive and Offensive Lines Win games. with a strong offensive line mom could play QB and not be touched

  32. It’s true, the Panthers did sign Teddy Bridgewater last year, and now Tepper is saying he wants a great QB. Well, something happened between then and now. Tom Brady went from New England to Tampa Bay, and in an instant The Patriots became a non-playoff team, and the Bucs became super bowl champs, after not having won a single playoff game the past 18 years. You’re never too old to learn. Don’t blame Tepper. He realizes what the rest of us should have realized. If you don’t have an elite QB, you have a very slim chance at winning the super bowl. Don’t blame the owner who’s all in on trying to win a super bowl. Blame the owners who are just in it for the money, or who don’t give a hoot about their fans. It has nothing to do with Teddy, and I’m sure Bruce Arians loves Jameis Winston, but fans expect their team to at least put forth the effort, and it begins at the top.

  33. One guy has dominated the NFL for two decades, Bill Belichick.

    So many want to knock him as a cheater, a terrible GM, a guy who couldn’t win without Brady. It’s all nonsense.

    He’s a winner who coaches to a player’s strength instead trying to force guys to fit his system. He changes game-plans from week to week, often taking out an opposing offense’s best weapon. He’s the first to say it’s a player’s game. He prepares players to win individual battles but within a team centric approach. He defied the “8-8” rule, managed the cap, and put a deep roster of guys to whom football was more important than money.

    No need to detail it all but if an owner wants to win I suggest he model two decades of winning. It doesn’t have to be a carbon copy (Tampa Bay switched it some but but Arians kids himself how much; Tom brought Bill’s approach). Buying a stairway to heaven by betting the farm on a QB trade is not the answer.

    Alas, copying Belichick is easier said than done.

  34. Panthers could trade their pick and McCaffery and their starting qb to maybe move up to 3 or 4 in the draft or maybe swap for Ryan from Atlanta.

  35. It’s bad enough having Brady in the NFC South. Don’t need Rodgers, Wilson, or Watson.

    — Saints fan

  36. Just what the NFL needs is another loud mouth owner who believes he know more about football than anyone else. It’s takes real football knowledge not just a fat bank account!

  37. Aaron Rodgers to the Panthers next week for their 1, 2, 3 draft picks in April, plus their number ones each year from 2022 to 2030.

    It’s a deal in Brooklyn. Puts the Panthers on the map.

  38. If Cousins and Carr are truly on their list, they’d be better off rolling another year with Teddy on the cheap.

  39. Let’s be frank. Teddy wasnt good last year. That being said. He still hasn’t started all that many game, and their team was crap (and it will be again). If I was them I would just draft a qb high. Build the team. Let teddy start the season. And if he doesn’t improve. You just bench him. If he does well, nothing wrong with having too many good qbs, you could trade teddy after next year or just keep him if he takes a massive step. I’m not sure bringing in a malcontent deshaun or like others have said Kirk or carr who haven’t proven they can consistently make the playoffs over a much larger sample size than teddy. And they certainly aren’t going to win more games immediately with the state of the roster.

  40. Build your franchise quarterback over a multi-year process. Favre wasn’t thrown to the wolves on Day One. Rodgers admittedly benefitted from sitting. Why do you think the Packers drafted and sat Love? Making the decision “to go out and get one,” is a lot easier than making it happen.

  41. A hyper-aggressive billionaire owner who wants to make personnel decisions? Daniel Snyder 2.0. As a WFT fan, I’ve seen this movie before. And Panthers’ fans, it doesn’t end well.

  42. Packers should trade Rodgers for some premium picks. Then they could use those picks to trade up in the draft and grab a good young quarterback. A quarterback that can win in the championship round. Oh, and I am a packers fan.

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