Cam Newton: I intimidated the Panthers; Patriots were only place that made sense

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Quarterback Cam Newton was a free agent for quite a while last year after being released by the Panthers and there didn’t appear to be anyone other than the Patriots knocking on his door when he finally signed in July.

Newton’s season got off to a decent start, but he missed time after testing positive for COVID-19 and didn’t play well for much of the rest of a 7-9 season that left the Patriots outside of the playoffs. The Patriots were not long on receiving talent once Julian Edelman was injured, which led former NFL wideout Brandon Marshall to ask on a podcast why Newton signed with the team.

Newton referenced that extended period as an unsigned free agent and shared his feeling that there were a lot of teams, including the Panthers, who were intimidated by him.

“What other options did I have? I intimidate a lot of people,” Newton said. “Honestly, I intimidated the franchise that I was at. . . . Where that franchise was going, I was not in the plans. So by the time I got released, the only place that made sense for me, for my career was New England. There was a lot of behind the scenes talk that I wasn’t privy to about the plans moving forward. I wasn’t in the plans. But that’s the business and I learned that. I respect Matt Rhule and David Tepper for putting me through that experience.”

Newton said he’d re-sign with the Patriots if given the opportunity and feels things would be much better because he now knows some of the offense, but didn’t say if there have been any talks about a second season. Newton did share that he feels he’s one of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league and it will take finding someone else who feels that way for him to remain a starter in 2021.

39 responses to “Cam Newton: I intimidated the Panthers; Patriots were only place that made sense

  1. Apparently the Panthers weren’t too intimidated to cut him.
    Perhaps that’s not the word he was looking for.

  2. What is comical is that patriot fans were claiming the cam newton signing was the greatest signing in the history of football last year. And they actually have the audacity to chime in about Wentz. Hilarious stuff.

  3. Actually they wanted him when he intimidating. When he was no longer intimidating, he was gone.

  4. Panthers finally seen the light, you were bad news. NE was the only taker as you sat at home way longer than your ego thought would happen

  5. He played well until he was out with Covid. He didn’t seem to come back at the same level. But also, I think when Edelman was injured Newton became New England’s only real offensive weapon.

  6. Regardless of whether Cam intimidated anyone or not (or if he even knows what the word means) the Patriots still do not have a starting QB on the current roster. The champion Bucs do though, funny how things work out.

  7. Imaging going through life with glasses so rose colored that you truly believe your being fired for poor work was your employer being “intimidated” by your greatness.

  8. He is so intimidating that he took a perennial playoff team and went sub .500 with them, looking like he had never thrown a forward pass in his career.

  9. I’m just trying to understand how he intimidated CAR… can someone help me understand, please oh please? Oh whoa is me!!!

  10. Cam has a big personality and will instantly become a locker room favorite. If you’re trying to develop a young guy, I don’t think Cam is a guy you’d want him to compete against. I like Cam a lot, but his ego paired with his charisma makes him a guy that you only want on your team if he’s your starter, and he just hasn’t played all that well the past few years.

  11. He intimated Justin Zimmer of the Bills last year right before he knocked the ball out of his arm. From then on Justin Zimmer was no long intimidated by him.

  12. The animosity directed at Cam puzzles me. He’s a guy who transferred from Florida to a Juco before being named a Heisman winner at Auburn. He went 15-1, earning an MVP, before losing in the super bowl.

    I have never heard a teammate nor coach say a bad word about him but have heard high praise. That’s true even in a losing season with the Patriots.

  13. The coach that drafted you didn’t even want you with no real starting QB on the WFT. I guess he was intimidated too. LOL

  14. thermanmerman99 says:
    February 22, 2021 at 1:15 pm
    What is comical is that patriot fans were claiming the cam newton signing was the greatest signing in the history of football last year. And they actually have the audacity to chime in about Wentz. Hilarious stuff. What fans were these? I never heard any if that it was a one year rental that didn’t work out nothing more.

  15. Look if he came back cheap I’d give him another shot. He got started late, had COVID and lets be honest who did he have to throw to? Julian Edelman was hurt most of the season. He knows he is a placeholder not the franchise QB.

  16. Intimidated? I don’t get that directed at the Panthers, but no defense he played last year was intimidated by him. He just can’t flat out throw anymore. So many horrible throws last year that waking up at 430 to study tape isn’t going to help you with. He is broken down. NE would be foolish given their draft spot and QB’s out there to resign. I would take Fitzmagic over him in a heartbeat

  17. I can’t speak for all Pat’s fans, but I was never convinced that Cam would work in NE. That’s not to say I don’t like him as a person, I just don’t think he is a very good NFL QB. But for one year to take a shot on him wasn’t a bad gamble. But I think it turned out about how most fans (or at least this fan) thought it would, despite hoping for more. Intimidated? Did he lose a bet?

  18. This guy is NEVER going to get it.

    He might be done. He should be in the league in 2021 but it’s definitely not guaranteed.

    And for all the Cam Newton fans that are going to give me the thumbs down, sorry but the verdict is in on the guy:

    Counting that 2019 season, he has 7 losing seasons and 3 winning seasons.


  19. Love me some Cam and the Pats finished with a much better record than either the Panthers or the Eagles. His team as a whole this year was not very good because of cap, covid opt outs, and his own covid illness. I hope they both get back soon. He was dominating both Buffalo and the Seahawks and just missed finishing 9-7. Great leader and full of confidence. I would be fine with him coming back to the Pats to finish business.

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