Cam Newton: There aren’t 32 quarterbacks better than me

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It seems more likely than not that the Patriots will have a different starting quarterback in 2021 than they did in 2020.

But Cam Newton isn’t planning on retiring.

During an appearance on Brandon Marshall’s podcast, the quarterback was fairly emphatic when asked about the possibility that he could stop playing.

“Hell no! I can’t go out like that. I hear all of that talk. My pride won’t allow me to do it,” Newton said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “There aren’t 32 guys better than me.”

Patriots coaches praised Newton throughout the season as the club finished 7-9 in 2020. But he was one of the league’s least effective passers, throwing for just 2,657 yards with eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed for 592 yards with 12 touchdowns and even caught a pair of passes for 35 yards with a TD.

Newton is set to be a free agent when the new league year begins on March 17. It’s unclear what his market will be, though his former head coach Ron Rivera kept the door open for a possible reunion in Washington earlier this month.

56 responses to “Cam Newton: There aren’t 32 quarterbacks better than me

  1. That’s debatable. However, there are 32 QBs I’d rather go forward with. Newton may be better right now than a guy like Sam Darnold but I’d rather go forward with Darnold since he’s much younger than Newton who has seemingly peaked.

  2. Hc Ron having Cam in his prime most likely sees Cam as a plan c,d,e and not any true solution to their teams problems… Ron likely wants a young arm and legs that won’t be slowly wearing down as the season Progresses…

  3. Yes Cam, you are correct, there are about 45 QB’s in the NFL that are better than you now.

  4. Sorry, Cam, but there are at this point. You’d be a good backup somewhere though–on a vet minimum contract.

  5. Cam arrived to SB 50 as MVP Superman. We have never seen that guy again. Von Miller broke him, hard.

  6. I hope Lamar Jackson is paying attention to Cam Newton’s career. They’re literally talking about how bad a season Newton is having for putting up Jackson right now in his prime passing numbers. Get as much money as you can right now from the Ravens because they’re going to kick you to the curb the second you can’t win games with your legs.

  7. I’m going go out on a limb and say there are actually 64 qb’s that are better than him. Your pride is your biggest issue cameron. That and arguing with teenagers…

  8. If the Saints cant keep Jameis, maybe Cam can back up Taysom Hill. As a Saints fan, the anguish of having Newton on the team would be worth it to watch him back up a punt protector/backup TE. LOL

  9. Delusional…especially when you consider the fact that there at least 5 DIV QBs coming into the league that will lower his chances further.

  10. He is too prideful to see it. Most athletes are the last to understand. He was never an amazing passer but he was able to the throw the ball. Injuries crushed him. He never had good accuracy, but now it’s awful. He is inaccurate and he cannot throw downfield. Bad shoulder and a lot of other injuries that slow him down. That is the price of running frequently (looking at you Murray and Jackson). Funny because I NEVER liked him, but after he played one season, he seems like a good dude. Supportive of the locker room, always takes the blame, does not want to lose, and loves to have fun. The problem is he is done. Backup at best, but too stubborn to accept it.

  11. Maybe, maybe not…but one thing is for sure. There are a least 3-4 better ones already in New England…

  12. Lot of haters piling on I see. But he’s right. Last year they went 7-8 with him playing, with a poor offense that was missing some of the parts that had made Brady look mediocre in 2019. And he only joined the team on 29 June, and BB did nothing to help him as he was instead using 2020 to empty his cap and gather picks. It was a low-risk hire and gave Cam a chance. I’d still consider him as vet cover if I was going forward with Stidham or a new draftee.

  13. Guess he isn’t wrong, he is probably better than 3-5 QBs. His downside, he isn’t good enough to make those teams into a playoff caliber team.

  14. I could maybe be talked into taking a flyer on him for a backup spot, if it was cheap and incentive laden. But seriously, even with 12 rushing TDs, he accounted for only 20 TDs passing and rushing. In a QB driven league. And, 8 TD’s thrown?! That’s just terrible. A backup for a team that also has a mobile type QB as a starter. And even then, whatever team that is won’t be making the playoffs if their starting QB goes down early.

  15. streetyson says:
    February 22, 2021 at 10:03 am
    Lot of haters piling on I see. But he’s right.
    Well, let’s peel away your excuses and see what kind of career he has had then. 3 winning seasons in 10. So, 30% of the time, he has a winning season. The only season he didn’t have double digit INT’s was when he only played two games. In reality, he’s had one great season in his career, and two good seasons. And that great season was 6 years ago. Is 6 years a long time ago in the NFL? Yes. Yes it is.

  16. He can keep telling himself that if it makes him feel better. We all saw his 2020 body of work. The number is way higher than 32. However,it wouldn’t surprise me me if Belichick brought him back anyway,as terrible as he is.

  17. The numbers say otherwise. If he were so great why did nobody want him? The Patriots only signed him because they were desperate.

  18. What does coming into camp in late June have anything to do with skipping the ball to a wide open receiver 5 yards out in either flat? That isn’t lack of familiarity with the system, Covid or over thinking. It’s simply poor mechanics that somebody at his point in his career shouldn’t be doing.

  19. I would like to see him return to New England…….as a TE

    He’d be one of the top 32 TE’s in the league!!

  20. bonecity7 says:
    February 22, 2021 at 2:15 pm
    I would like to see him return to New England…….as a TE

    He’d be one of the top 32 TE’s in the league!!
    Nope, not even close. TEs are expected to jump on fumbles. Need I say more?

  21. There’s not a QB in the league that would’ve played well on THAT Patriots team. Talk about a team lacking talent at the skill positions! I know why Brady left NE. He got tired of having nothing around him. Look what he was able to accomplish surrounded by the talent the Bucs had.

    Don’t be too hard on Cam. He made New England haberdashers deliriously happy.

  22. So he is saying there are 31 QB’s better than him? He had an MVP season and a good career. I admire the belief he has in himself, but the last 3 years have been a steep decline in his play and health. I don’t see him magically coming back to life next year. If he doesn’t want to hold a clipboard, it is time to call it a career.

  23. MVP Cam and I agree, but current Cam isn’t even adequate in the passing game. Cam is done, opposing teams no longer have to defend him downfield.

  24. Would rather start:

    Heck, Id start J. Eddelman at QB before I would put Cam on the field. Cam is great at his abs and his clothes. Not so great at playbooks and reading defenses.

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