Cam Newton: Time I missed for COVID-19 set me back for the whole season

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was the first high-profile player to test positive for COVID-19 during the 2020 season, and although he only missed one game, he said the time he was away from the team set him back significantly.

Newton said on Brandon Marshall’s podcast that he never really felt like he caught up mentally after returning.

“I was one of the first football players to catch it, and it happened so fast,” Newton said, via the Boston Globe. “When I came back, that’s where the lack of an offseason and the lack of time in the system really showed itself. I was behind and I was thinking too much. The offense kept going and I was stagnant for two weeks. It was all new terminology. I wasn’t just trying to learn a system for what it was, I was learning a 20-year system in two months.”

The Patriots were 2-1 and Newton was averaging 238 yards passing and 50 yards rushing a game when Newton went out with COVID-19. After he came back, the Patriots went 5-7 and Newton averaged 162 yards passing and 37 yards rushing a game.

25 responses to “Cam Newton: Time I missed for COVID-19 set me back for the whole season

  1. It did set him back, and it affected his fitness. But for a goal-line fumble and the missed game the Pats could’ve gone 9-7, maybe 10-6 if the Covid hadn’t fogged him a bit after. Given that he only arrived 29th June, given that 8 players tolled inc some big names, and given Edelman was injured and the Pats lacked for pass weapons, many would be impressed they did so well.

  2. Or, Teams had some film on what the Patriots were doing and were able shut Cam down.

  3. He won’t dive on a fumble.. argues with kids at a football camp. Blames Covid. Scam Newton sucks… according to him “I’m Rich”..

    For now.

  4. COVID somehow caused him to throw off his back foot ? The guy throws a football like it’s a gallon of paint.

  5. ok so Covid cost you the ability to find reads 3 through 5 that were wide open the whole season?

  6. I’m not a hater or anything but this guy just has never had it mentally. He has superman syndrome. After the first couple of years, he couldn’t be that anymore (nor can anyone in the NFL). With quarterbacks, the mental part has to start to take over especially when the body changes, there are some injuries, adversity strikes, etc. He’s such a beast in pretty much every area physically…arm strength, accuracy, strength and size, running. It just seems like there has always been something missing.

  7. Throwing sailers and dirt balls has nothing to do with lack of being around for a preseason …

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that COVID set Newton back. First couple of games it appeared that he had had adjusted to playing with the Patriots and the Patriots had adjusted to playing with him.
    After he came back his playing was just dreadful: he seemed slow, he bounced passes to open receivers, and had 0 pocket presence.
    The problem is that after his return there were still a lot of games left and his play did not really improve.
    Was it that he did not know the system well enough? Or was he still suffering of the mental and physical effects of COVID?
    Or is it that he cannot handle a complicated passing offense like the Patriot’s and that at this point in his career he has taken too many hits to overcome physically his shortcomings in the mental game?
    He seems like a really good guy, but the Patriots should and will to move on from him. They just have to.

  9. I can’t think of a single case of someone I know who has had Covid who only took a few days to recover, but NFL players…(you know, the ones in such great shape they do everything in their power to negotiate out of workouts and practices during labor disputes).

  10. Oh, I wasn’t suggesting in my above post that Cam was a long term answer, or that he’d be a lot better, refind his SB form or get Pats that much further. I’m just saying it wasn’t as bad as haters make out. Don’t forget this offense (even with a healthy Edelman) made Brady look mediocre. And on top of that, Belichick used 2020 to clear his cap, get picks and set things up for 2021, he not do any quick 2020 stuff to help Cam, he just used Cam as a sticking plaster.

  11. Covid didn’t make you air mail receivers, throw the ball at the feet of wide open receivers nor fumble the ball in the worst situations.

    Face it Cam, it’s over.

    T least as a starter…..

  12. He looked so different once he came back from COVID-19. Watching at home, we wondered if he had COVID brain fog because it suddenly seemed to take him forever to make decisions, and then his decisions were desperate and poor. I’m inclined to view these more as reasons than excuses. The problem is that there is no way of knowing right now whether he’ll snap back to the pre-COVID guy. I’m not going to be surprised if the Patriots move on.

  13. As a panthers fan having watched cam for years it seems people make more excuses for him than any other qb its never his fault for poor play always he is injured or needs better line or better receiver’s.

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