Court documents link Jeff Bezos to potential Washington minority ownership

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Speculation has lingered for years that Jeff Bezos may try to purchase an NFL team. Speculation has lingered for months that Bezos may try to buy the Washington Football Team.

Via A.J. Perez of, court documents filed in India regarding Daniel Snyder’s lingering defamation claim link Bezos to the outside firm that has been trying to find buyers for the minority stake in the team held by Dwight Schar, Fred Smith, and Robert Rothman.

It’s important to remember, however, that this doesn’t mean Bezos could be buying the team. Instead, at most he’d be buying a limited stake that has no real power over the team.

The bigger question, not addressed by Perez, is whether Bezos would buy the majority stake in the team. Before Bezos could do that, Snyder would have to be willing to sell the majority stake in the team. He’s not, at least not currently.

The wild card becomes the pending investigation regarding various types of alleged or actual wrongdoing involving the franchise and/or Snyder. If Snyder at some point is pressured to sell and if he relents to that pressure, Bezos could swoop in. That’s a separate question from whether he buys a portion of the team from Schar, Smith, and/or Rothman.

28 responses to “Court documents link Jeff Bezos to potential Washington minority ownership

  1. Bezos is probably my third-least favorite person to own the team. My least favorite person already owns the team.

  2. charliecharger says:
    February 22, 2021 at 8:49 pm
    He should buy a baseball team. There’s no salary cap in baseball.

    You say that like it’s good for running a business. Salary caps tie expenses to revenues. It’s there to give players a bigger stake but also to limit the roster cost to no more than a given percentage of certain revenues. Having no salary cap hurts the majority of non-superstar players, hurts teams in smaller markets, and hurts the game by allowing teams like the Yankees etc to go ham and buy anyone they want driving up salaries on players who had one good year. Baseball is suffering and quite a bit of that can be placed directly on the lack of a salary cap.

  3. Im suprised he isn’t buying the Seattle Seahawks. Paul Allen Sister doesn’t really want the team but takes awhile to sort out his fortune he left everything to her. Also with the Situation that’s going in in Seattle they could use an owner.

  4. Hummm! Aren’t His news paper leading th3 charge against Snyder and the Washington football club?

  5. Big WFT fan here. Hope Bezos buys the entire team and frees them from Snyder’s inept interference. Rivera is a good coach, so keep him.

  6. Bezos owns the newspaper that broke pretty much everything about the scandal that has Dan in the situation he’s currently in. I doubt he’d be coming in as strictly a minority owner and having to coexist with Dan

  7. If Bezos wants a football team, why doesn’t he just purchase the Seahawks? They’re a better team. They’re in his back yard. Does Jody Allen really want to own a football team?

  8. I have always been a fan of the Redskins, but if Bezos buys them I will hate them as much as the raiders.

  9. Buyers want to buy but sellers still have to want to sell. Who wouldn’t want to own a nfl team i

  10. There was an interesting nugget it the article about how a lawyer the firm referenced here had over 50 phone conversations Bruce Allen while he was GM here.

  11. If I was Snyder, I would hold onto that team until I was dead. Then, I would pass it to my children with the stipulation that they never sell.

  12. Anyone notice how the fortunes of the WFT changes when Snyder disappeared from the scene this season? The clown show moved to Houston. Maybe if Synder stays in the background and lets football people run thing

  13. What happens when you own multiple corporations, and own the major media markets…. and have influence over several of the highest levels of government….

    Isn’t there a few books about this somewhere?

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