Cowboys hope for long-term deal with Dak Prescott before March 9

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Mike Florio recently explained in a PFT post why the Cowboys need to get a long-term deal completed with Dak Prescott before the franchise-tag deadline March 9. That’s exactly what the team hopes to do, Todd Archer of ESPN reports.

The two-week franchise-tag window opens Tuesday, so the clock is ticking on a new deal.

Bucs receiver Chris Godwin or Bucs pass rusher Shaq Barrett, Lions receiver Kenny Golladay, Chargers tight end Hunter Henry and Broncos safety Justin Simmons are among other candidates for the franchise tag.

Tagging Prescott a second consecutive year would come at a cost of $37.7 million to the Cowboys. Against an expected salary cap of somewhere between $180 million and $185 million, that will tie up a huge chunk of the team’s cap.

According to Archer, Prescott’s representation and the Cowboys already have had discussions, “if not actual negotiations.”

The sides have negotiated almost two years without reaching agreement, so both sides already have a good idea of what the other seeks.

If the sides can’t reach a long-term deal by March 9, the Cowboys are expected to use the franchise tag on Prescott. That would give them until July 15 to continue negotiating.

But the Cowboys would have to carry the $37.7 million tag number on their salary cap until/if working out a long-term deal.

16 responses to “Cowboys hope for long-term deal with Dak Prescott before March 9

  1. If it’s more than a one-year “Show Me” contract that will be a huge mistake. Go for it Jerrah. Put language in that you will sign him to a long-term contract beyond the one year.

    Nothing specific but general parameters.

  2. I like hearing of Jerrah stuck negotiating from a place of weakness and desperation. That’s exactly where he’s gotten them. To think, by holding out over just an extra year duration of contract he’s jacked the price and created uncertainty and potentially resentment.
    He’s normally a shrewd negotiator, but typically needs to strongarm from a place of strength.

  3. Let other teams set his value already, obviously he is not worth what he’s asking for or Jerry would’ve already paid him

  4. Lifelong cowboys fan here. Slap the non exclusive tag on him and let him test the open market. If some team thinks he’s worth top 5 qb money then he leaves and dallas gets 2 first round picks.

  5. Why has absolutely no news outlet, coverage team, talking head, etc. analyzed using the non-exclusive tag? That lets the league determine exactly what Prescott is worth on the open market and if it is too much $$ then Dallas lets him go and gets the picks. If it is reasonable, match it or go over by $1. Win/Win/Win.

  6. I imagine reports that the league is seeking to double it’s take from broadcasters is a good example of why Dak wants a shorter deal. If you are a good quarterback, it might be better to go one year at a time with a player option for year two. Doesn’t leave any money for your teammates, but this is the system the players approved.

  7. So do all their upcoming opponents. I guess they didn’t learn from the Eagles and Rams about giving mediocre QBs monster contracts.

  8. nnagi says:
    February 22, 2021 at 7:02 pm
    Let other teams set his value already, obviously he is not worth what he’s asking for or Jerry would’ve already paid him

    The wedge wasn’t money it was length of contract, Jones wants a 5yr minimum deal Dak wants a 4yr maximum deal. It’s really obvious Dak is trying to squeeze more contracts into a his career hoping the cap would continue to go up the way it was pre-covid instead of 5yr contracts and getting 1 or 2 less contracts in the same timeframe.

  9. The non-exclusive tag is a no brainer, should have done it last year. I think they should let him walk regardless and become a free agent. His salary could go far in filling the holes on defense through FA.

  10. Good, but far from top QB. Deserves good, but not top compensation. The Cowboys would be foolish to pay him elite money.

  11. The best move for the Cowboys is simple! Make him an offer and he either takes it or rejects it! If he rejects it let him go find out what his market really is! Right now they are the only bidder. Learn from the mistakes of the Rams and Eagles who gave out big contracts based on ONE good season!

  12. I would like to see the Cowboys sign Prescott to a 10-year deal. That would mean 10 more years of no Cowboys in the playoffs. Maybe Jones could talk Jacksonville into taking Prescott and the Cowboys first round pick for the Jaguars pick so they could move up to # 1 and take Lawrence or Fields. Or maybe offer the same deal to the Jets.

  13. As a businessman, I just can’t fathom the abject stupidity of signing this broken running QB to a high-dollar long-term deal. A guy who, even before his CATASTROPHIC INJURY, has never shown a consistent ability to be a great player in this league and needs a team full of pro-bowlers around him in order to deliver a winning season. It’s baffling, and someone with Jerry’s background shouldn’t be touching this with a 10-foot pole. I just don’t understand this blind drive to get a long-term deal done in the face of all the available information, and given the fact that there are AT LEAST 5 potential franchise QBs in this upcoming draft, not to mention multiple guys available for trade. It doesn’t make any sense.

  14. Jerry Jones is Jerry Jones, the eternal salesman, the eternal optimist, selling himself as much as anyone, that what he has is GOLD, and that he is just one player away from SB after SB. Bill Parcell’s tried to build the team step by step, Jerry wanted it immediately. After running Parcell’s off , he proudly announced the signing of a RB to a $40mil contract, 20 guaranteed, to a power back with too many miles on him. He lasted 4 games before injuries let him walk away with $20mil. That’s Jerry Jones.

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