J.J. Watt: You’re gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team

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It’s been nine days — and counting — since the Texans acquiesced to J.J. Watt‘s request to be released.

Reports have trickled out since then of this team’s interest or that team’s interest. The Titans even admitted their interest in the defensive end.

The Packers, Browns, Bills and Steelers are others who reportedly are possibilities to land Watt, and DeAndre Hopkins has recruited Watt to follow him to Arizona.

So where does that leave Watt?

Still without a new team, and perhaps without one until teams are certain of the salary cap. A report Sunday indicates the cap isn’t likely to hit $185 million.

That prompted (presumably) a Cardinals fan with the Twitter handle of KylerDhop to ask Watt whether “you wanna sign somewhere or nah?” It elicited a reply from the man himself.

“I scroll through door dash for like an hour before I pick a restaurant man…,” Watt wrote back. “You’re gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team and city.”

Watt, who turns 32 next month, wants to play for a contender.

The three-time defensive player of the year leaves the Texans after 128 starts, 101 sacks, 172 tackles for loss, 282 quarterback hits, 25 forced fumbles and 16 fumble recoveries in 10 seasons.

17 responses to “J.J. Watt: You’re gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team

  1. Blows my mind that he won that many mvps. When I think of other winners big plays come to mind. Watt not so much. Can he start 16+gms? Passing downs only?

  2. Maybe he’s not the one that needs a second. Most likely a team needs a minute or two

  3. How many times do you need to watch Rodgers choke in the playoffs before you realize the young steed Josh Allen is your best ticket?

  4. Steelers lost pouncey and who knows what’s going on with Big Ben; team needs a lot and isn’t contending this year.

    Browns just made the playoffs with 6 games against the Bengals and 2020 NFC East and still had a bad point differential, finishing third in their division. With a tougher schedule in 2021 they look like they will have a worse record and probably won’t get home field if they do make the playoffs.

    Packers have the Wisconsin connection and made it to the NFCCG but they need to take care of guys already on the roster and won’t have a lot of cap.

    The Buffalo Bills have been to the Playoffs 3 out of the last 4 seasons under McDermott, making it all the way to the AFCCG playing with home field. Josh Allen took a huge leap forward in year 3 and will only get better in year 4. Jets are rebuilding, Patriots aren’t great and Dolphins just got absolutely demolished by the Bills to end their playoff hopes. Tua might get better and they could have a good draft but the East is Buffalo’s to lose.

    Buffalo was a game away from making the Super Bowl and is only getting better, with a culture of guys who play hard for each other and have fun doing it. In my opinion Watt’s best fit; he comes in and changes that defense and can play for a ring. Buffalo has an excellent offense with a Top 5 QB, and a defense that is a JJ Watt away from scary good. Watt would be coming in during Buffalo’s win-now window.

    Packers just drafted Aaron Rodgers replacement instead of getting them immediate help to win a championship last year and they went home empty handed so who really knows if they are actually all in to win it.

    Bills have lots of ways to free up cap space with

  5. Watt can choose to continue his career wherever he pleases but if he doesn’t end up with the Bills or Packers out of these interested teams, he’ll be watching the AFC/NFCCG’s from home.

  6. “I scroll through door dash for like an hour before I pick a restaurant man…,”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one…

  7. I like the DoorDash reference. I am suprised JJ ever found a decent restaurant on DoorDash, even after his “hour” search.

    I’ve heard Watt has narrowed his preferred destination to a couple teams. JJ has two teams he is interested in becoming a part of. Now it comes down to which one of those 2 teams is willing/able to sign him.

  8. You want to play for a contender then you head home to Wisconsin,they are pretty damn good and will be even better with you raising hell on the defense.go home young man,just go home.

  9. This dude is leaving Texas at the wrong time. And he should have made sure they traded him and actually gotten something/anything for him instead of demanding his release. Huge diva.

  10. It’s up to him. But if he’s serious about a championship, there’s really only 2 teams that should be considered: Buffalo or GB.
    Any other team, and he just wants money.

  11. Gonna be tough given the cap and the fact that most of the contenders are cap-strapped. If he wants to win, he will have to take less dough, although Buffalo seems to have the best of both options.

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