Jamaal Williams: I’d really love to be a Packer all my life

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The Packers have two running backs headed for free agency and one of them said on Monday that his first choice would be to stay put.

Jamaal Williams was a guest on NFL Network Monday and his plans for next month were the main topic of conversation. Williams, a 2017 fourth-round pick who has run for 1,985 yards and 10 touchdowns in four seasons, said he’d like to remain in Green Bay.

“I’m thinking about free agency, but I’d really love to just be a Packer all my life if I could,” Williams said. “They gave me my first shot. I love Green Bay. It’s just a great place to be. But you know, things happen. If things don’t happen, then I’m just ready to take my shot into the free agency and show my skills to any team that’s willing to take that chance on me. I’m just ready to go, man. I’m just ready to play, have fun, be myself, just bring my spark to any team willing to give me that shot.”

Williams’ fellow 2017 pick Aaron Jones is the other impending free agent and it seems unlikely that both will return after the team drafted AJ Dillon in the second round last year. Depending on how the market shapes up, the return of either player may not be in the cards even if it is their preferred scenario.

18 responses to “Jamaal Williams: I’d really love to be a Packer all my life

  1. Jamaal and Dillon and a WR


    Jones and Dillion


    Dillon and a WR


    Dillion and Watt and a WR

    Gotta let Jones walk methinks. If you draft too well, you’ll eventually be penalized in the NFL.

  2. One of the three is definitely a wasted pick not too mention poor contract planning. This organization continues to set such a high bar.

  3. 1,985 yards over 4 years! That’s going to be hard to replace once Williams is let walk so the Packer’s can pay Rodgers new contract

  4. I’ve been banging this drum since the middle of last season.
    Signing Williams to a modest contract is an easy way to keep continuity to an ever improving aspect of the Packers high octane offense.

    He knows it well, he’s proficient in protection and the pass game.
    Never elusive or flashy, but brings his lunch pail every day.
    Over 600 touches with 0 fumbles.

    Obviously, Aaron Jones is clearly the more talented of the two.
    And losing his electricity will sting a bit.
    But with Dillon and Williams in the fold, coupled with Patrick Taylor, maybe a possible mid-round draft pick, and a few UFA to round out the battle for roster spots, the position should be well covered.

  5. I hope he stays too. I hope all the free agents stay, but that’s not realistic. Dillon can replace either Williams or Jones. DeGuara will be featured in the mix somehow too, and they’ll probably draft another running back anyway, they always do. Rodgers will be presented a suitable package for consideration, after all the smoke clears. He’s patient, He won’t say anything, because he knows and understands it’s a business first. He knows it better than most players. The cap isn’t really an issue for any team. Everybody works it out somehow. Much ado about nothing.

  6. Teams don’t usually get into a bidding war over a free agent running back. They usually get the best deal from the team that drafted them. Jones should probably take the offer the Packers have all ready given him. Williams on the other hand, may be able to get a pretty decent deal from another team, and not because he’s better than Jones, but because he will come cheaper.

  7. Hope Williams resigns on a 1 year incentive laden contract. Next year might be the best time to get a long term bigger deal – although they dont seem to be giving those out to running backs lately – look what happened to Gurley Freeman Trent Richardson

  8. He’d better consider retiring soon then, because the reality in this day and age is RB don’t have the ability to draw that kind of team loyalty unless they’ll work for peanuts.

  9. Green Bay gets over 5300 yards and 47 tds out of their 2017 4th and 5th rounders. Minnesota got Ben Gedeon and Danny Isidora. You tell me.

  10. We’d love to have you for life Jamaal! Totally enjoy your smile and attitude in GB. What a class act!

  11. packertruthvspurpleblather says:
    February 22, 2021 at 7:18 pm
    Green Bay gets over 5300 yards and 47 tds out of their 2017 4th and 5th rounders. Minnesota got Ben Gedeon and Danny Isidora. You tell me.
    That is such a juvenile way to compare things, you could nitpick that for every team in the NFL. For instance how many yards and TDs did Justin Jefferson get vs ALL of the packers drafted in 2020.

  12. Maybe we could get Jamaal Williams or Aaron Jones in Minny to upgrade at the running back position.

  13. A lot is going to go on here soon, so discussing any of it now is really pointless. Let it all play out and then see where things are. In Gute We Trust.

    One thing that we know for sure is the high quality individual that Jamaal Williams is. He would love to be a Packer all his life, and #PackerNation would love that as well.

    Let’s wait and see what happens.



  14. Can’t afford Jones and Dillon’s best talent is sitting on the bench hurt. The Pack would be wise to sign Williams as he’s not only good but apparently well-liked in the locker room.

  15. purpleguy says:
    February 23, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Can’t afford Jones and Dillon’s best talent is sitting on the bench hurt.


    Contracting covid doesn’t exactly equal being “hurt”.

    Dillon played 35 games with 845 carries in 3 years of college. He’s no Mike Hughes, in other words (at least not yet).

  16. Jamaal Williams is the kind of guy you pull for even if he killed your team, started dating your sister and eventually married your HS sweetheart. What’s not to love about this guy. I want him on my team and will pay a bit of a premium. He’s a rare bird.

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