K.J. Wright wants to stay in Seattle, but won’t take a hometown discount

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Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright has been saying all offseason that he’d like to stay in Seattle after he hits free agency next month. But he’d also like to get paid what he’s worth.

Wright told Jim Rome that finishing his career where he started it 10 years ago would be a storybook ending.

“That would be a beautiful story if I could ride out with the Seahawks. That’s legendary-type stuff,” Wright said.

But as for taking less money to stay with the Seahawks, that’s not something Wright is interested in doing.

“I do way too much on the football field to take a discount. That makes absolutely no sense,” Wright said. “I have a family and I’m trying to set up long, long-term success for my family. So that’s out of the question.”

So Wright is likely to test free agency, and remain with the Seahawks only if the Seahawks show they value him at least as much as any other team would.

47 responses to “K.J. Wright wants to stay in Seattle, but won’t take a hometown discount

  1. So he doesnt want to stay in Seattle what he wants is the most money and if that’s seattle that’s fine.

  2. Legendary? No mythical – at least in the era of Free Agency & Salary Cap for guys chasing $.

  3. Love KJ, he’s still pretty fast sideline to sideline and still a great tackler,but when he goes into coverage against a RB down field he definitely has lost a step.

  4. Hawks have drafted several linebackers in last two drafts (first and third rounders) so I think they will say goodbye to KJ with gratitude for all he has done. Replacements are on hand.

  5. donterrelli says:
    February 22, 2021 at 6:43 pm
    Didn’t know he was still playing.

    Just played his best season yet.

  6. The Seahawks have been right up there among the top contenders for as long as they’ve had Russell Wilson. So, if Russell leaves, they’ll need another elite QB. The K.J. Wright’s of the football world are fine, but the winning comes from the QB.

  7. Tired of the old gotta feed my babies shtick. Plus, the way most players spend money on status buys and the like, he could end up broke no matter how much they give him.

  8. I’m terribly confused by what I am hearing.
    1 — It is fine and proper for the owner of a team to tell a player that “it’s just business.”
    2 — It is ungrateful and wrong for a player to tell the owner of a team that “it’s just business.”
    Sounds like civil-war holdover mentality — when the projections are that the NFL will get a 100% raise in television revenue with the upcoming contracts — and all that profit should be reserved for owners of caucasian heritage.

  9. KJ has been great…but as a LB who will be 32 in camp…has a history of injuries…no thanks…..

    if he thinks he’s breaking the bank here he has a terrible agent.

  10. I love me some KJ Wright, but at this point in his career… he’s already been paid big dollars once. Just take a year or two at modest money without breaking the bank. Gotta be enough to go around for everyone. Stay in Seattle and retire a Hawk for life.

  11. Respectfully, if you’re at the elite pay level on the market & the Seahawks know that you are now on the backside slope of your career, there is virtually no way you get an offer from the Seahawks that will match free agency. I would not expect K.J. to remain unless he is tagged.

  12. Soooo he really doesnt care if he stays seattle….right? Sooo the only team and/or city he truly “cares about” playing for/in is the one giving him the most money.

  13. charliecharger says:
    February 22, 2021 at 8:38 pm
    The Seahawks have been right up there among the top contenders for as long as they’ve had Russell Wilson. So, if Russell leaves, they’ll need another elite QB. The K.J. Wright’s of the football world are fine, but the winning comes from the QB.

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    Tell that to MVP Rodgers, Mahomes or Brady’s last 2 rings which came from the Ds allowing a combined 12 total points.

    You fancy yourself as a knowledeable fan of the sport, but football is not baseball or basketball. It’s the ultimate team sport.

    Oh, and there is a salary cap, too. As good as Mahomes is, if he’a hurt due to his size at 40 mil per, it may not be that simple.

  14. All jokes aside. Who? This dude gets blown up everytime I’ve seen the one hit hawks. Addition by subtraction.

  15. I don’t think most of the players care at all about the salary cap situation created by covid so we will probably be seeing many good to great players on the market this year that would certainly seem odd in any other given year. Not much loyalty to be seen from either management or player in dealing with this, unfortunately.

  16. Well I guess you will have to put one hand on each cheek and carry your, services somewhere else. Gotcha.

  17. Everyone keeps saying that he’s done, but every time they do he just gets better. Yeah, he’s no burner, but last year he played just a monster season after switching to SAM. That came just a year after being the eleventh leading tackler in the NFL while playing next to the guy who led the league. Production like that does not come from a guy who has one foot out the league. Go get paid, K.J.. The Seahawks are about to learn what it means to have to worry about screen passes again.

  18. He’s not saying Seattle has to be the highest bidder, just won’t take 50% of his highest offer to stay in Seattle.

  19. Ah, the classic “got to set my family up financially” line when it comes to contract negotiations. Wright has earned nearly $50m so far in his career. His poor, poor children!

  20. If you can’t set yourself and your family up for long, long term financial stability with $8 million instead of $12 or 15 million then you aren’t that smart to begin with.

  21. These guys are ridiculous. They’re playing a game for multi-millions of dollars. Please tell us just how much you really think you’re worth.

  22. He may have been a better LB than Bobby Wagner the last 2 seasons but he only gets a fraction of what Wagner is paid. Can’t blame him for wanting more money.

  23. Don’t confuse hometown discount with another team paying a premium for you to leave your team or join a bad team.

  24. Thinking Wright along with many other older veterans are going to be in for a rude awakening . With the salary cap being lowered there’s going to be a flooded market of available players . Not knowing how long the lower cap number will be in place going forward teams are going to be looking for either short term deals for less money because it’s a buyers market or long term deals that look good on paper but will likely be putting a lot less money in the players pockets because the guaranteed money will be reduced .

  25. I think when the reality hits that the offers for a 10 year veteran LB in Free Agency aren’t going to be top end, he will go ahead and sign a reasonable offer to stay in Seattle – maybe 2-year deal. I can see him taking a reduced role even if he does come back.
    Brooks looked better as the season went on with more explosiveness and aggressiveness. I figure if he gets a full off-season of practices and training camp he will have a big year this year and step right into KJ’s shoes.

  26. They’ll let KJ Wright walk.

    The Quiet, overlooked and also underrated Bobby Wagner is the key to their defense

  27. This is exactly the kind of player a championship minded program does not pay. If he’s all business, so should Seattle be, and business says, cya.

    I guess the Seahawks should say, we really really really want you back, but only at a nice price, because we’re “trying to set up long, long-term success” of the franchise.

  28. Those that were watching know, KJ outplayed Wags in a handful of games this year.

    This would be a big loss for the Hawks.

  29. At 8.5 per year for one or two years he would be welcomed back, but a man that gets to play the game he loves for ONE CITY,,cheered on by a million 12,s while getting 50 PLUS million dollars and puts us down with home town crap like only 15 million MORE… thats not businees that’s GREED.

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