Eagles felt Carson Wentz couldn’t handle hard coaching

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Some players rise to challenges and other players shrink from challenges, and the Eagles’ belief that Carson Wentz fell into the latter camp may have precipitated their decision to trade him to the Colts.

A perception has been growing in the Eagles’ facility in recent years that Wentz couldn’t handle hard coaching, according to reports from both Peter King in today’s Football Morning in America and Albert Breer of SI.com.

That reportedly became particularly apparent as Wentz clashed with Mike Groh after Groh was promoted from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator when Frank Reich left the Eagles to become head coach of the Colts.

Groh is now wide receivers coach in Indianapolis, so he’ll be seeing plenty of Wentz, and Reich apparently thinks everyone can get along. Reich knows Wentz well and had success coaching him in Philadelphia. If there’s one coach whose coaching Wentz can handle, it’s Reich’s. If Reich can’t get Wentz fixed, perhaps no one can.

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  1. Man they really must have got fed up with this kid to keep throwing so much mud his way. Ok he’s a spoiled brat. Whatever. Move on. Or maybe it’s just the Philly media muckraking.

  2. The Eagles can’t handle hard truths. Like, Jeff Lurie being a conventional thinker who only became a success in business because of his family. And, Howie Roseman should be managing an H&R Block not an NFL franchise. Wentz will be just fine in Indy. The Eagles are the team in trouble.

  3. do any of today’s players respond positively to hard coaching. From what I’ve seen at the high school & college level kids (and coaches) are getting softer.

  4. And he’s already got drama in Indy with Pittman not giving up #11. This could be fun to watch.

  5. Okay, Philly, Knock it off already, he is out of the building, stop being low/no class and trying to over-justify getting rid of a player. It’s not like he won the super bowl. If he wins one, 2 or 3 in Indy, it’ll be his accomplishment in that city on that team. Changes of scenery can do wonders for players, wish him well and shut up.

  6. Philedelphia, city of Brotherly Love. LOL ! The Eagles have a problem with with perception- they seem to think that most folks trust what comes out of the Front Office these days….

  7. These huge contracts represent an investment in a player. Approaching that with one managemetn technique, hard coaching, is short-sighted. You work with the player to get the best out of them.

    No, I am not advocating everyone a trophy and coddling them. Rather, I am suggesting you search out what motivates them and working with that.

  8. Amazing how this organization wants us to believe it’s all Wentz’s fault. There is enough blame to go around. The one who is most to blame hasn’t lost his job… yet!!

  9. Carson Wentz played behind one of the worst 2 or 3 OL’s in the entire league last year. Sure, it’s trendy to hate on C.W. right now, but give the guy a break – he’s a 4,000 yard/30+ touchdown passer when he’s not getting sacked at David Carr levels.

    The Colts have a top 5 offensive-line. Philip Rivers was sacked 19x last year, the 2nd lowest of his whole career, and the man is a STATUE! By comparison, Wentz was sacked 50x and threw 100 less passes than Rivers. This says more about the Eagles organization than it does about Wentz.

  10. This reminds me of a job I absolutely hated going to with coworkers that were not team players and non-existent management not willing to help or train. Sometimes ya just gotta get outta the mess, he’s going to excell when he’s happy and comfortable in his surroundings again, take it to the bank.

  11. Then bad on Eagles for trading up and drafting him. These leaks to the press just stink to high heaven.

  12. A better OL should help Wentz, but anyone who actually watched him play last year knows that half of his sacks came because he held onto the ball far too long.

  13. The issues with the Carson Wentz situation are both organizational and on Wentz. Whether or not he is uncoachable at times is known only to a few folks. I trust the reporting of the people above that there is some validity to this allegation. But this is not a new story, it has been floated around for awhile. Organizationally the drafting of a quarterback in the 2nd round and the GM stating he was looking at the next Russell Wilson was ill advised. did Carson react well and accept the challenge. As an outsider it does appear so. If you listened to his press conferences after games and he had not played well, he did criticize himself. It was always WE did not play well. Widespread blame.

  14. Well, if he couldn’t handle hard coaching then the organization is at fault here. They were probably soft with him from the beginning, but when times got tough then decided to be tough on him.

    The first rule in any kind of discipline is that you have to be firm in the beginning then ease up as time goes along; not the opposite.

    Either way, as others have already said, the organization needs to stop now. You traded him; he’s gone. Continuing to throw shade isn’t helping anything.

  15. It’s interesting hearing Colts fans try and talk themselves into liking Wentz. He played college ball at North Dakota State for a reason.

  16. I am going to wait and see because Philly is tough place to be and if you don’t have thick skin it can eat you alive.

  17. They spend a fortune to get him, it doesn’t work, they get a comparable pittance in a trade, and now to cover their posterior as best they can the Eagles start leaking negative stuff about Wentz. Meanwhile, Wentz doesn’t say or leak one negative thing about the Eagles publicly. Maybe Wentz is lousy, maybe he can’t take coaching, but at least he has been the one acting with some class.

  18. Eagles fan here. Wentz lost trust in the organization, and not without reason. He has his flaws, but he trusts Reich, who will coach him up to at least his playing level in 2018-19, when Wentz was a top 12-15 QB by most metrics while working with less than replacement level WRs. With even that level of play, Wentz can and likely will take a solid Colts team to the playoffs. There is also a possibility that he can recapture some of his 2017 magic, and that would make the Colts serious SB contenders. So the Colts are very likely going to be OK with Wentz.
    Meanwhile the Eagles will be wandering around in the QB wilderness, looking for one (and it’s probably not Hurts) capable of making them playoff-relevant again.

  19. Wait, the Eagles briefed the media that Carson Wentz didn’t like being screamed at by a maniac? They thought that made them look good?

  20. What will be interesting is when Wentz is a mid pack QB or worse in Indy – will people blame him or Reich?

    Guessing Reich. Unfairly.

    Judge Wentz on who he was on the field, not the film rooms – he’s hot garbage.

  21. OC at practice: Carson, that was not the play I called, Please give me 20 pushups, please.
    CW: No. I’m taking the football and going home.

  22. These leaks are coming from the front office trying to justify against any pro Wentz feedback. Season tickets are now due for payment.

  23. I’m not putting a whole lot of faith in some of the comments in the article……why would one of the best GM’s in the league take a chance on a guy to be coached by a guy who he supposedly disliked given that the Colts just hired him? Also, no hard coaching? This kid had nothing going into college (zero scholarships) yet found a way to get drafted by a team at that time that was close to a super bowl, yet three years later is better than pre-SB? He’s been beaten up badly playing and he’s beaten up badly by those that want him as an excuse….. we’ll take him and be happy if he ISN’T a top five guy….or perhaps even a top 10 guy, as long the team loves him…..

  24. I’m looking forward to Hurts looking to the first read, then tucking the ball and running to his right 20 times or so a game next year.

  25. Amazing all the stories being out out by the Eagles Front Office to disparage this kid. By all accounts he was coached hard under Reich for two seasons and he pushed to be traded there so I guess he isn’t afraid of hard coaching. This is typical Howie Roseman trying to deflect attention from his failures to surround the team with drafted talent. His failure to recognize the impact of drafting Hurts in the second on the psyche of the QB. His failure to recognize that his team wasn’t in a position to draft a back-up in the 2nd round when the team has numerous holes.
    Howie thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and if anything puts that in doubt the Eagles release a blitz of BS PR that the local writers regurgitate because they have an “in” with the Eagles.

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