Report: Eagles to release Alshon Jeffery

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The Eagles receiving corps is continuing to undergo a makeover this offseason.

Philadelphia will release Alshon Jeffery when the new league year begins next month, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

Jeffery was a key part of the Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII, making 12 receptions for 219 yards with three touchdowns in the 2017 postseason. But he hasn’t been able to play 16 games since that year, going from 13 games in 2018, to 10 games in 2019, to just seven in 2020.

Jeffery caught six passes for 115 yards with a touchdown last season. He missed most of the year while recovering from offseason foot surgery.

Jeffery had one season remaining on the four-year, $52 million extension he signed with the Eagles in Dec. 2017. He has 475 career receptions for 6,786 yards with 46 touchdowns between five years with Chicago and four seasons with Philadelphia.

Last week, the Eagles announced they would release DeSean Jackson, which went through on the transaction wire on Monday.

16 responses to “Report: Eagles to release Alshon Jeffery

  1. Yes! This couldn’t come soon enough. The Eagles are wisely shedding not just a poor performer but also a locker room troublemaker who I firmly believe poisoned the locker room against Wentz. He felt jilted because Wentz targeted Ertz far more than him.

  2. Time to release Malik Jackson and Derrick Barnett. Get younger and cheaper. Eagles still in cap hell.

  3. That says quite a bit about what they think of Jeffery because not only will they have over $11M in dead money he will also count ~$3.4M against the cap. When a roster spot is more important than taking a cap hit your career might be over.

  4. I think AJ was the singular guy who broke Xavier Rhodes. Rhodes was a top 5 corner in the league unless he played Alshon Jeffery and that guy just had his number both with the Bears and Eagles. I think after the Superbowl season, he just completely demoralized and shattered X’s confidence to the point a change of scenery was required. Damn shame.

  5. Yes. Get rid of hour 2 highest paid WRs and are left with 2 underachieving 1st round picks. Yes. Wentz was the problem.

  6. Maybe it’s just me but I thought his numbers were at least slightly higher. I had to look it up but definitely disappointing hes had only 2 times over 70 receptions, only twice with 8 or more tds and only 2 times with over 900 yards. He had early success with Chicago in back to back years but he ever lived up to those same standards again.

  7. Fun fact, Alshon and DeSean Jackson were the highest paid pair of WRs in the league last year. They were both done years ago.

  8. AJ will play one or two games for another team and go on the IR…..his favorite spot on the roster.

  9. We don’t get to and win a Super Bowl without you, so thank you, dude. But this is long overdue. Also, I just assumed Alston, who was the source for the anonymous 2018hit piece on Wentz, was wrong about Wentz…guess I was in the wrong!

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