Chris Godwin: I won’t put myself in miserable situation for a few extra dollars

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Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin is one of a handful of key players from the Super Bowl LV champs that are on their way to free agency next month and he shared some of his thoughts about the situation on Tuesday.

Godwin was a guest on The Pat McAfee Show and said that he thinks the Bucs continue to be headed in the right direction after the successful end to the 2021 season, which makes him want to continue to play for the team that drafted him in the third round of the 2017 draft.

He knows that he can’t close his eyes to the possibility that he’ll wind up playing elsewhere if the numbers don’t add up in Tampa, although he promised that money won’t be the only consideration when and if he hits the open market.

“I want to be here. I love the guys on the team,” Godwin said. “I think we got something special, but, at the same time, you got to consider all the possibilities out there and consider doing what’s best for you and your family. . . . The goal obviously is to get paid, right? But, at the same time, I’m not stupid. I’m not going to put myself in a situation where I’m going to be miserable for some years to come just for a couple extra dollars. I think my happiness is paramount in all of this and part of that happiness is winning.”

The window to use franchise tags opened Tuesday and Godwin is a candidate for it in Tampa. Godwin told McAfee that he’d prefer to sign a long-term deal, but will “revisit later” if that’s what the team decides to do.

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  1. Would love for him to stay. But as nice as it is having him…Barrett and David, I feel, need to be prioritized ahead if him. Not sure Tampa can afford to keep him even at a hometown discount. Hope all works out for him.

  2. The difference with Tampa over the last 5 super bowl champs is that none of them were winning. The team never made the playoffs in 13 years. These guys know what losing feels like so why go to a bad team for some extra money? They have a chance to win for the next 2 years and then can go possibly chase another big pay day. Stack wins and titles now potentially build HOF career and be a legend in a city.

  3. With reduced cap in 2021 of 8-10%, how many teams will franchise player, when franchise amounts are based on past $ amounts (not new reality of lower total cap)?

  4. Franchise tag Shaq again and try to get Godwin on a long term deal. Otherwise, let him test free agency.

  5. Dude…You’re playing football…you’re not in the NBA. You better try and get as much money as you can from these people.
    Because what’s going to happen… they’re going to approach you and ask you to re-negotiate, or take a pay cut, or they’ll decide to cut you before you reach your big money year on your contract. And if you refuse, all the yahoos who comment on here will call you selfish, greedy, and not a “team player”.
    Don’t fall for the “loyalty” or the “hometown discount” okie-doke. Cash in & get your money. Don’t leave any money on the table because they’ll yank the table away first chance they get.

  6. Bucs won’t franchise Shaq Barrett because they franchised him last season. His cap hit under the franchise tag this year is 120% of last year’s number. Meanwhile Godwin’s franchise tag number is a percentage of the cap this year. It’s therefore mathematically a much better deal for the Bucs to use their tag on Godwin, see if that gives them the leverage to get him to sign a long-term team-friendly deal (he’s only 24 and was on pace for 1200 yards and 9 TDs if he didn’t miss four games to injury this year, coming off of a 1400 yard season the year before). Barrett is an aging speed rusher. You can draft an edge rusher and being in a ring-chasing vet (like JJ Watt) on the cheap next year and replace most of his production. As long as Vita Vea is healthy whoever the Bucs throw out at defensive end will be set up for success.

    Finally, for anyone who thinks Godwin is easily replaced look at the Bucs offensive stats with and without him this year. He makes a huge difference because no one else on the team has his mix of skills as a slot guy, deep threat, and screen/run game contributor. Miller is an undersized burner, and AB shines brightest when he’s in Evans’ X spot. Tyler Johnson has potential but let’s not kid ourselves that a guy who caught 12 passes as a 5th round pick is ready to replace Godwin’s production. Brady didn’t come to Tampa to have management get cheap on giving him weapons. He would’ve stayed in New England if he was ok with that.

  7. Smart talk but players usually end-up with the team that offered the most money anyway.

  8. They will need even more luck than they had this year to repeat and they had A LOT of it this year.

  9. Tampa may have lucked out with the reduced salary cap. For some of the players, it might be a good risk to stay in Tampa for another year (maybe with a franchise tag or a one-year deal) and try to go out on the open market next year when all the teams may have more money to hand out.

    Think Brady trusted Godwin as much or more than a lot of the other receivers. He went to Godwin a number of times when the game was on the line. In the Green Bay game, Brady went back to Godwin even after he’d dropped an easier pass..

    Although Evans is the #1 receiver, I think Godwin is a grittier receiver than Evans.

  10. I think it’s safe to say the Bucs can’t afford to keep him however much they’d like to. However, it sounds like Goodwin isn’t going to do what Le’Veon Bell did and take the money to go to a terrible team. Bell didn’t really have any other options anyway but Goodwin certainly will.

  11. The Bucs have the 10th most cap space in the league, not sure why some commenters think they don’t have the money to retain most or even all of their guys. They have about $30 million in cap space right now, and can create more through restructuring Evans contract, extending Brady, or cutting some overpriced backups like Gholston or Brate. They don’t need to do anything crazy to keep the band together if that’s what they want to do. A lot of other teams are in much worse financial shape this offseason and will need to get very creative.

  12. The Bucs will take care of him. He won’t get as much as someone else, but why would he risk putting his career into oblivion for a few million. He will get a whole lot on the franchise tag, and he can break the bank next year with TB or someone else, but they got a great thing going, he’s real close with Evans, and now you just won a SB with Brady, who would really want to leave.

    Also TB gets a discount because obviously SB contender, play with Brady, and no FL state tax. Not to mention being on a winning team and having the exposure they have now, he can get plenty of endorsements and make up that money difference easily. Don’t think that Brady, Gronk, and Evans aren’t convincing him of the same.

  13. Key words here are ‘miserable’ and ‘few’.
    There are other Teams that will pay him ‘more’ and are ‘tolerable’.

    He will go where the money leads him that he is following after just as long as ‘few’ and ‘miserable’ are not connected.

  14. The only sentence that matters here is “gotta take care of my family.” They are stacked at receiver and need to keep the D line together. I’d bet he’s gone.

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