Chris Spielman: I’ve always had a great admiration for Jared Goff

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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While trades are routinely agreed to in this time of year, individuals associated with the teams cannot talk about them until they’re official when the new league year begins.

But everyone knows quarterback Jared Goff is heading to Detroit as part of the deal to send Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles. Goff is expected to be the Lions’ starting quarterback when the 2021 season begins, giving him a chance to develop and improve under head coach Dan Campbell and offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn.

During a Tuesday interview on 97.1 The Ticket, Chris Spielman — special assistant to team owner Sheila Ford Hamp and CEO Rod Wood — spoke in generalities about Goff, drawing from his broadcasting days for knowledge of the quarterback.

“You look at a guy like Jared Goff, when I watched him during my time at Fox when he played for the Rams, there’s a lot of good things you like about him — his accuracy, his toughness,” Spielman said, via Justin Rogers of The Detroit News. “I think that I’ve always had a great admiration for him. He’s a hard-working guy. … Sean McVay, although he might have a little bit of disagreement with him, always saw the potential in Jared.”

That disagreement apparently resulted in John Wolford starting Los Angeles’ wild-card playoff matchup with Seattle. But after Wolford sustained a neck injury, Goff helped the Rams beat their division rival to advance in the postseason.

If the Lions can get Goff at his best, they’ll have a significant haul for Campbell and General Manager Brad Holmes to build through the draft without worrying about the QB.

7 responses to “Chris Spielman: I’ve always had a great admiration for Jared Goff

  1. Rams traded a guy who has won road playoff games and who has been to a Super bowl for a guy who went 0-3 when he needed just one W to make the playoffs, and who has never won a playoff game. And they did this because —- wait for it —- they think they can win the Lombardi with the guy who hasn’t even won a playoff game in 12 years. I still don’t know how the Lions did it but they pulled off one of the best trades in NFL history.

  2. I call BS. This is the ol’ “I have to do SOMETHING with the guy for at least this next season so I have to build him up in public” routine. Spielman wishes they still had Stafford, I guarantee it.

  3. I have a great admiration for anyone who has the talent to suit up for an NFL team. However, within that talent pool, there is a WIDE range….and Goff is in the middle to rear of the pack. I mean come on, what is Spielman supposed to say? “He sucks, but we’re going to roll with him?” This is the same as a band always saying that the album they are currently recording is the “best” they’ve ever done. It’s nonsense.

  4. This deal was a win-win for both teams. The Rams get a QB who can actually read defenses and make downfield completions without being a total liability, as well as offloading that albatross of a contract while the Lions get some picks to help rebuild their team over the next few years with a serviceable QB who will never be “the guy” to fill the spot until they draft their QB of the future.

  5. It’s amazing how quickly people forget this guy was in the SB a couple of years ago coming off of a top ten season statistically. He turns the ball over too much and will have to rectify that, but when he had a good running game and a deep threat he was playing at a high level. The past couple of seasons the Rams Oline has been inconsistent and they haven’t had anyone who can stretch the field and the results have been predictable. The Rams are going to find out that the gap between Stafford and Goff isn’t as big as they think.

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