Chris Spielman: You fill voids in free agency, can’t buy a locker room

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The Lions are building their first team since hiring General Manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell last month and another new addition to the club shed some light on how that process may play out this offseason.

Chris Spielman joined the Lions as a special assistant to owner Sheila Ford Hamp and president Rod Wood, so he has been part of the team’s personnel meetings as they set the stage for the start of the new league year in March. Spielman didn’t divulge any details of those conversations during an appearance on 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday, but he gave a big-picture view of how he thinks the team should be built.

“I’m sure in free agency, in any philosophy, you can fill in voids in free agency, but you can’t buy a locker room,” Spielman said, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “That’s been a philosophy for a lot of teams. Generally, what I believe, you want to build your team through the draft. It’s kinda draft, develop and re-sign. I think that’s hopefully the direction the Lions will take. Everybody understands that the most successful teams, usually, build through the draft, get your core nucleus of players and you try to re-sign those guys to a second contract.”

Wide receiver Kenny Golladay is at the top of the list of impending Lions free agents and would be an obvious target to hold onto if the team is going to follow the blueprint that Spielman laid down. They can use the franchise tag to help ensure he’s back as of Tuesday, but it remains to be seen just how Holmes is going to operate in his first run as a G.M.

10 responses to “Chris Spielman: You fill voids in free agency, can’t buy a locker room

  1. the proven strategy from actual champions like the Patriots and 2020 Buccaneers is you don’t restrict yourself to one method, it’s all about the BEST TALENT AVAILABLE through free agency OR draft OR trades.

    This philosophy of “building your core through the draft” is outdated. Tom Brady and Gronk were not the core of anything in Tampa yet without them they would not have won the Super Bowl. Utilize ALL methods to acquire players.

  2. This is correct.

    Rebuids can take 2-3 years if done properly. NE started theirs in 2018 and finish up here this spring.

  3. In reference to the Bucs comment, is that, you can’t build a locker room culture through Free agency. With all the attitude Brady brought to the team…and that was considerable…at the end of the day, it was his arm and mind that won the day. And, for arguments sake, let’s say they did buy a culture with Brady and Gronk. That was the exception, not the norm.

  4. The Bucs built their roster via draft excluding the Qb were they clearly failed. that was the reason why Brady chose them.

  5. The Buc’s had a lot of talent delivered through the draft and free-agency. Getting the Goat and his swashbuckling tight end sure helped the locker room and culture but to be clear Brady picked the bucs because of current roster not the sunshine.

  6. I don’t think resigning Golladay is a smart play for Detroit. He’s going to get $15-17m a year for 4 years likely. Since they’re not winning right now, paying him top dollar seems difficult.

    The Lions are DEAD LAST in the NFL for defense, points allowed yards allowed. That needs to be their focus.

  7. Stop with all the bucs talk Tom Brady is a whole dam organization players will run to play with the goat that’s a whole another scenario

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