J.J. Watt’s cryptic tweet sparks crazy speculation about his next destination

Mitochondrial cristae within a mitochondrion
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J.J. Watt has said that “free agency is wild.” He’s doing his best to make it even wilder.

A seven-word tweet that Watt posted on Tuesday morning has sparked rampant speculation regarding the message he isn’t, or isn’t, sending regarding his future.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,” Watt said.

Some are suggesting that it means Watt will join the Bills. “Mitochondria,” for example, has the same number of letters as “Buffalo Bills.” (That seems like a stretch.) Then there’s the fact that the Mitochondria Research Society is headquartered in Buffalo. (That seems like less of a stretch.)

Fans of other teams are in on the act. For example, Mitochondria has a “C” in it, which means Watt is heading to Cleveland.

Regardless, the situation has sparked enough discussion that “mitochondria” is trending.

Whatever the meaning, even if there’s no meaning at all, it’s fun to wonder where Watt is going next — and whether any team will make a firm offer before the salary cap for 2021 is officially set.

Until then, Watt should tweet more fun facts. Like “the human head weighs eight pounds.”

35 responses to “J.J. Watt’s cryptic tweet sparks crazy speculation about his next destination

  1. Maybe Watt was referencing himself or his own body. Found this headline when I searched for mitochondria: “Mitochondria: New data sheds light on genesis of our body’s powerhouses”.

  2. I hope he comes to Buffalo, he does sound like he has fun in life. Last week he posted a picture of his wife on their wedding day eating chicken wings…he knew that would get the mafia going!

  3. I’m from CLE. I watched LeBron milk the absolute snot in Free Agency twice. I got caught up in it once, then The Decision happened. I don’t get swept up in this stuff anymore. You wanna come to CLE? Let’s do this. You don’t? Cool. Good luck in all of your future endeavors… unless you’re in the Browns way.

  4. A scientific firm that studies Mitochondria is based in England. Could Watt be headed to New England?

  5. Mitochondrial DNA is shared between individuals with the same mother. Obviously, he’s headed to Pittsburgh.

  6. Is there really so much interest in a declining player who likely will be unable to make an impact on a team’s defence as a full time player? Injuries and age have left him nowhere near dominating player he once was.
    Watt’s a good guy, but that means nothing in terms of his worth on the field.

  7. Mitochondria produces energy. They’re the cells Chargers.

    Welcome to LA. (Should still be San Diego)

  8. “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” was a term coined by Philip Siekevitz, a biologist born in Philly and died in NYC. So obviously Watt’s going to the EagleJets.

    And I never wikipedia’d any of that. Wink.

  9. The tweet doesn’t have anything to do with football. JJ is a known Peloton user and he took a recent Dennis cycling class where Dennis talked about how he slept through science class but learned through sleep osmosis that mitochondria is the power house of cells… true story.

  10. Pssssh, this is so easy! Mitochondria, aka “MC,” aka “Music City” and “cell” aka “jailhouse rock” by Elvis….Watt is clearly going to Tennessee!

  11. Regardless of where he lands one thing is certain… some team is going to overpay for him to play like the aging, injury-prone player he is now

  12. It’s from an old meme called ‘what I learned in school’ We all know where JJ Watt went to school. If it means anything it means he’s going home to play for the Packers.

  13. “JJ, this is God. Go to Green Bay” … what has this poor lad done to be sent to hell? He seems like a pretty good guy …

  14. Would not surprise me if he goes to a team the media never metioned.. the Giants, Seattle, cincy…

  15. What is this JJ? A game show? Tell us where you sign, when you sign. Stop with the criptic clues. Not everybody cares.

  16. “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”

    And for a long time, Pittsburgh was the powerhouse of American industry, so I guess that means he’s going to the Steelers. Let’s just wait until it’s announced instead of reading into tweets.

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