Report: “Mutual” interest between Dolphins, Aaron Jones

Miami Dolphins v Green Bay Packers
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Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is expected to be the top running back on the free agent market when the new league year begins next month.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, when Jones hits the market the Miami Dolphins will be one of the teams pursuing him.

The report says the interest is mutual with Jones with the Dolphins among the teams he’d consider signing with this offseason

The Dolphins had five different runners start in the backfield last season with Myles Gaskin being the most productive. Gaskin had 584 yards and three touchdowns on 142 carries last year. Gaskin also caught 41 passes for 388 yards and two touchdowns. Salvon Ahmed was second on the team with 319 yards and three touchdowns on 75 carries.

Jones is coming off a second straight 1,000-yard season in Green Bay with a career-best 1,104 yards in 2020. A productive rushing attack could be a nice boost for Tua Tagovailoa as he enters his second season in the NFL as the team’s presumptive full-time starter. Gaskin had a nice season for Miami but Jones would be a significant addition to the backfield.

Free agency is still multiple weeks away and Jones should have several teams interested in his services.

45 responses to “Report: “Mutual” interest between Dolphins, Aaron Jones

  1. Hard pass. Get a running back in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. It’s just better value.

  2. This gives the Dolphins a complete offense. AFC East actually becomes a good division again once Brady heads down south…go figure

  3. Jones is good but RB’s are replaceable. Their real problem is at QB. The Fins better bring Fitzmagic back if they want to make it to the playoffs! He bailed Tua out on multiple occasions.

  4. The Packers still hold all the cards. If they use the franchise tag on Aaron Jones then no team can touch him. With the franchise tag Aaron Jones would cost the Pack about 8 million on the 2021 cap. Not a huge price to keep Jonesy for one more year. If they use the transition tag the cost would be even less.

    We will see what happens.

  5. Green Bay has a very good offensive line, Miami doesn’t.
    Jones will not be as productive. He’ll end up just like Howard, Breida, and Ballage.
    Miami should focus on their oline, not a high priced RB.

  6. I have huge respect for Jones as a player and a person. That said, anything over $10m per year for a running back in this day & age of the NFL is too high.

  7. Aaron Jones is a phenomenal RB. More like a RB/WR if used right. Usually not good to spend a lot on a RB but I’d say he is one of the exceptions to the rule.

  8. Aaron Jones is a special RB. He was helped by the talent around him (excellent OL, Rodgers), but he also did things nobody else in that offense has shown. He deserves to attract attention and I can see why the Fins are interested. McCarthy didn’t realize how good he was (another reason he’s no longer the GB coach) and I wish him well wherever he next plays.

  9. I mean yes it will help the dolphins BUT their not 1 piece away from being a superbowl contender and if your not 1 piece away then paying a rb market value usually means you overpay for your situation.

  10. Well this is a no-brainer.

    Say goodnight to Breida, Breyda, Bree-ada and Jordan Howard.

    Aaron Jones, Gaskin and Salvon puts Miami right up there with the top backfields in the game.

    I’m guessing Miami, like 25+ other teams this year, are planning on going OL heavy in this draft.

  11. The reduced salary cap issue the NFL will deal with this season will scramble the deck for a lot of teams.

  12. The fins definitely need an upgrade at the position. Gaskins is decent, but mostly on 3rd down, and the rest are just practice teamers at best.

  13. Jones is a very, very good RB and will help his new team immensely. Sorry he won’t retire a Packer but $$ won’t allow him to stay. Good luck AJ, hope your health and good blocking continue for you to gash D’s for years to come.

  14. As a Green Bay fan all I can say is bye and good luck. No need to give a running back that kind of money.

  15. Love him but not worth 9-12 million a year. Thanks for the memories 33, best of luck in the future!

  16. Aaron Jones is a beast, but I’d rather use the first of their 2nd round picks drafting one over paying Jones like fifteen plus million over the next 4-5 years…

  17. That would be a great signing for the Fins…… taking yet another step forward in their team building if they get him. Not sold on Tua though…..Miami should not let Fitzy get away just yet.. although I would love to See Fitzpatrick on my team ( New England ) for 2 years as a bridge QB

  18. Dolphin should sign him and draft a stud in the 1st round. Have Gaskin be the change-of-pace guy with some wiggle.

  19. Jones wont have the offensive line talents that opened huge holes for him in Miami,that is another reason running backs dont get 1000 yards every season.Jones was blessed in Green Bay.

  20. The Dolphins definitely need an upgrade at RB, but I am still feeling burned from them signing Jordan Howard. I would like to say let’s find our guy in the frat, but you can’t build a team solely thru the draft I understand. However, the draft is a great place to find RB’s now as they don’t command many 1st round picks used. I would rather spend the $ in free agency to a proven WR or above average OL. It is a blessing but also a curse to have the #3 pick; very seldom are you going to have such a high pick, so to me the Dolphins really need to make the right pick. I am 99% confident if they keep #3 they will use it on a WR, and I am not sure that is not the right thing to do, but OT Sewell is pretty intriguing at that spot; though Jones would be a great signing and I am going a bit off topic, I hope Miami can trade down a few spots, still get either Smith, Chase, or Waddle AND get Sewell – see if Sewell is available at #4-8, draft him, and use whatever you got by trading down in conjunction with #18 and then get one of those WR’s in the top 10 or so. If that does not work, get WR at #3 and use #18 for the ‘Bama RB and save $6 or $7 million a year by not signing Jones…and sign top OL via free agency. They don’t make the kind of money so-called “skill” positions make, so if I am going all-out in FA I am signing the very top OL FA’s; every position and contract go towards the cap, so would I rather pay a top skill level FA WR $15 million a year, or a top skill level OL at $5 million a year? No brainer to me. You MUST use the draft for skill positions and free agency for non-skill positions, that is the only way to create a model which allows you to stay under the cap each year and allows a team to make FA signings as needed year in and year out. Now, I am unsure if there are any worthy FA OL in this year’s FA class, if not I am drafting Sewell somewhere but using th erest of the draft on skill positions, and using FA to address LB and secondary depth, and any other areas necessary.

  21. Jones isn’t going to be signing with anyone once the Packers slap the franchise tag on him!!

  22. Jones is the top dog in the GB backfield, but Williams is a good tough runner and they’ve barely kicked the tires on Dylan. There might be a small drop off in production, but GB will be fine without Jones.

  23. Aaron Jones will definitely be missed in GB, on and off the field.
    Unless they decide to tag him, which is still a possibility.
    The RB tag provides the most significant Franchise Tag savings against this year’s shrinking cap.
    More than any other position.
    We’ll see.

    Signing any RB to a lucrative long term contract is just a foolish venture that teams continue to make.
    It’s just bad business.
    The break down and drop off are too severe and frequent.
    I’m fine with picking up fresh legs every four years.
    Unfortunately it sometimes means parting ways with truly great people.

    My gut tells me they let him walk and maybe sign Jamaal Williams to a modest deal, using a mid to late round pick to add another ball carrier.
    The loss of Aaron Jones will sting a bit, but hopefully he’ll get a great deal, giving him the security he’s earned, while allowing the Packers to pocket a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick in 2022.

  24. coachsemanko says:
    February 24, 2021 at 12:47 am
    Green Bay has a very good offensive line, Miami doesn’t.
    Jones will not be as productive. He’ll end up just like Howard, Breida, and Ballage.
    Miami should focus on their oline, not a high priced RB
    If Billy Turner is a good olinmen then he has improved greatly since being with the Dolphins.

  25. With the Dolphins cap situation they could sign him and front end load the contract so they have the ability to cut ties with him later in the contract for little to non money in dead cap. There’s only a handful of teams that can pull this off this year so this may be a thing that will happen.

  26. deannafell says:
    February 24, 2021 at 9:47 am
    Is it just me or do the Dolphins always trade/sign/draft running backs every year?

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    Miami can’t draft.

  27. Everyone knows Super Bowl contenders are built with highly paid running backs…

    Worked just fine for the Seahawks.

    Would have had 2 if they had done the right thing.

  28. Don’t see how the Pack dares franchise him with their cap scenario and flexibility needed to maintain the roster. He’s the #1 free agent RB, and it will be interesting to see what he can get in a tight cap year.

  29. How would they know without tampering?
    Lance Briggs, anyone? 49ers docked draft picks for the same thing.

  30. If Billy Turner is a good olinmen then he has improved greatly since being with the Dolphins.

    He does his job.

    I know you guys are big on that..

  31. No Thx ….Hope the fins keep finding there own kids to play and stay hungry as a team.

    More fun to watch the college youth play hard in the NFL than overpay for a guy to enjoy his Lambo!

    Draft a Back 2nd or 3rd round …..they will be fine.

    OL 3RD PICK Oregon’s Penei Sewell PLEASE!!!!!!!

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