Report: Tiger Woods was on way to meet Justin Herbert, Drew Brees


Tiger Woods was on his way to meet NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert when he crashed his car in a rollover accident in the Los Angeles area Tuesday, Shelley Smith of ESPN reports.

Woods reportedly was running late for a scheduled photo shoot with Brees and Herbert, who were playing golf.

Woods underwent hours of surgery on multiple leg injuries at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

He spent the weekend as host of the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club, though he didn’t play in the tournament. Woods, 45, stayed in town reportedly to shoot a project with Discovery Networks at Rolling Hills Country Club.

Woods appeared in a tweet with comedian David Spade on Monday.

16 responses to “Report: Tiger Woods was on way to meet Justin Herbert, Drew Brees

  1. Rich guy breaking the law speeding and everyone feels sorry for him when he crashes . Ridiculous.

  2. Wonder how bad his leg injuries are. Between that and the multiple back surgeries, he’ll probably hang em’ up.

  3. Just goes to show you the respect Tiger has for others. A lot of big shots wouldn’t care about making people wait. Tiger was trying to hustle. Hope for a full recovery.

  4. At 7:10am it probably wasn’t drinking or drugs. It probably wasn’t speeding alone, but when you text at the same time this is what can happen

  5. I knew you’d find a way to mention this story in Pro Football Talk. I just knew it.


    Maybe because of the photo shoot with the two QBs?

  6. Just told the wife I know what new vehicle that I am buying us. He is a very, Very lucky man to be still living after that.

  7. Used to drive that way on Hawthorne to work and home every working day of the year and I just don’t get it. There is more to this story to surface.

  8. My thinking is he got distracted at exactly the wrong time on an unfamiliar road. Probably going a little to fast like most people do these days. Thankfully, he was wearing a seatbelt and survived it.

  9. Palos Verdes is what pretty much qualifies as rural in relation to LA. We used to go up to PV to make out in high school.

    Seeing where Tiger went off the road, on a virtual straightaway with clear sight-lines in all directions, without braking, tells me he was changing the music, reading or sending texts, or dozed off because of his medication.

    To lose sight that you’re about to go off a cliff makes me vote texting…that could require more time and distraction.

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